• Show Date: 16/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Debbie Wallwork Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

German Shorthaired Pointer Club

GSP Club Fred Whitworth Memorial Stakes-16th April 2023

Thank you to the committee for the kind invitation to judge the stakes classes and to the exhibitors for a lovely entry.

Junior Dog or Bitch (10,2)

1. Pearson’s Winterwell Lulu Moppet to Ladyhawke JW. 15 month old l/w bitch. What a super balanced outline she has, she flows from nose to tail. Such a feminine head, and kind expression, which is balanced and a lovely dark eye. Muscular neck that flows into her correct front assembly, straight front and good length to her upper arm, which a few lacked. Short backed and standing over plenty of ground, with quality bone and well muscled throughout. Her correct angulation fore and aft enabled her to show off her ground covering movement, even in the small ring, and with correct footfall.

2. Staley’s Jomeel Olivia’s Choice. 15 month old l/w bitch. She also had a lovely moderate balanced outline, with a pretty head, and of correct proportions throughout. Short backed with a slight arch over the loin, correct topline and good set on of tail with a gradually sloping croup. Moved well around the ring, just preferred the movement of 1 today.

3. Bowler’s Winterwell Iggy Inch JW

Postgraduate Dog or Bitch (5,2)

1. Nixon’s Quintana Lunar Eclipse. 3 year old l/w bitch. She stood out in this class for her outline, she is medium sized, balanced and feminine but with substance. Well proportioned head and correct ear, with kind expression. Arch to her muscular neck which flows into her correct shoulders. Strong and straight forelegs and good bone. Very well muscled throughout, she stood over plenty of ground with correct upper arm which enabled her to move with reach around the ring, which she did on a free stride.

2. Stedman’s Indijazz Designer Genes. 5 ½ year old black dog. He is built on a bigger frame overall but has balance in his outline. Lovely proportioned head, which was balanced with his body, and a kind dark eye. Neck flows into his well placed shoulders, good topline, tailset, and rear angulation, preferred the bone and substance of 1. Moved well.

3. McCulloch’s Aytee Nualla.

Open Dog or Bitch (12,4)

Close descision between 1 and 2

1. Staley’s Jomeel Now I’m Here. 3 year old l/w bitch. Loved her balanced outline that just flowed from her head into her neck down into her shoulders and into her correct topline, croup and tailset. She has a well proportioned head, kind eye and a large nose. Correct front assembly which enabled her to stand over plenty of ground and a short back. Deep chest, well sprung ribs, to a short muscular loin. Good bend of stifle and width to thighs. She moved well around the ring on a free stride.

2. Lockett’s Fayemm Forever Together. 4 year old l/w bitch. Another lovely bitch who also exceled in her balanced flowing outline. She was moderate throughout with nothing overdone, balanced head proportions and a kind expression. Correct front assembly with tight elbows, deep chest and great bone. Short back and good ribbing into a short loin. Excellent topline, croup and tailset. She moved steady and true on a good stride.

3. Trow’s Fayemm Treacle Tart with Winterwell JW (AI).

Judge: Debbie Wallwork (Braefell)