• Show Date: 30/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: debbie baston Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/08/2023

North Eastern Chow Chow Club


Thankyou to everyone who supported me, overall the dogs behaved well to say the weather was wet and windy, the noises of the marquee creaking didn't seem to put the dogs off their stride. I hope you all had a good day despite the weather.

MPD [3 entries] 1 absent 

1. Bond. Janqbu Fawkes. Best opp sex puppy

Nearly 9 month old fawn dog in thick puppy coat, a large well developed puppy, plenty of bone for age, small ears well set, broad muzzle, dark oval eyes, good teeth and pigment. Thick well muscled neck, good width and depth of chest, well ribbed with strong hind quarters. would prefer a higher tailset, moved straight in front if a little close behind. Overall a well balanced puppy.

2. Southgate. santicana black ice.

8 month old black dog still in puppy coat, makes a fantastic shape, nice and square. broad flat skull, dentition, and pigment spot on, nicely set ears, good length of neck, straight front with enough bone. A little fussy on move which made him hard to assess.

PD [2 entries] 1 absent

1. Campbell. Kuanyin phantom menace

9 month old black puppy still in puppy coat. Slightly longer than square, enough bone for age. Head broad and flat, eyes dark and oval, good bite and pigment, ears carried a little low, but it was a long day for a puppy. Good neck length and carriage moved ok.

JD [1 entry] 1 absent

NOVICE DOG [3 entries]

1. Southgate. santicana black ice [ second in mpd ]

2. Macdonald. Nichoscandy ice at caristiona

19 month old cream, good size, well boned dog in lovely thick coat, broad flat skull, good teeth and pigment, ears carried a little low today, nicely balanced, well sprung ribs, would prefer more neck to complete outline. A little narrow in front affecting movement.

3. songshijia Bruno

Graduate Dog [2 entries]

1. Sawyer. Clymarian aberdeen dream

2 and half yr old shaded red dog. Lovely head. good teeth and pigment, eyes dark and oval, ears well-padded but carried a little low. Enough bone, excellent tailset. Rear movement let him down.

2. Hunt. Songshijia bruno

21 month old self red boy, didn't seem to be enjoying his time in the ring, hard to assess on the ramp, however his coat is lovely in colour and texture. A little too overdone in the head for my taste. tail carried low. Hard to assess movement but front significantly better than rear.

Post Grad Dog [5 entries]

1 Godber. Lechan luka

22 months blue dog in between coats, lovely large head, carried well above his back leading to a strong, nicely arched neck. His head is masculine but not overdone, broad flat skull, fabulous ears which he used well, deep broad chest, strong well boned throughout, well ribbed, fantastic tailset. lovely in profile with a good amount of leg. moved well.

2 Beavis Booneeks Chewie

26 month old shaded red, smaller than one, but well put together and makes a lovely outline. Head not overdone, broad flat skull, good bite and pigment, eyes a tad round but loved his expression, good length of neck, enough bone, chest broad and deep, stood nice and strong, moved well.

3. Kodak Tunnel Vision

4. Clymarian Aberdeen Dream

5.Songshijia Bruno

Limit dog [4 entries] 2 absent

1 Foy. Ramannire Romeo

nearly 2 year old, shaded red, lovely head, flat broad skull, well padded ears, good bite and pigment. chest deep and broad, well boned and muscled throughout, carried his tail perfectly. lovely and straight in front, would prefer more leg to achieve balance, moved ok, very attentive to handler.

2 Hunt, songshijia bruno

Special AOC open dog [2 entries]

1 stewart. Ch bojinghai zeus B.I.S. .. B.A.O.C

6.5 yrs old black dog, fantastically balanced dog has everything in the right place. His head is masculine without being overdone with well placed padded ears, pigment and teeth spot on. He stands perfectly square in profile with enough bone for size. Nice and short in back, strong hindquarters, strong and straight in front, tail carried perfectly over the back. movement on this dog is perfect, he's straight to and away with perfect pendulum action when assessed from the side.

2. Godber, Lechan Luka

Open Dog {2 entries]

1. Adlingtons Foolangs feeeling good R.B.I.S

2 yr old Black dog, smaller in stature than 2 but well put together. masculine head piece not overdone, broad flat skull, lovely well placed ears, teeth and pigment good. Makes a lovely outline, nice and square in profile. fantastic movement, tail carried well over his back, lovely neat feet with enough bone throughout.

2.Mccallum. Burlesk enter the dragon.

 4 and half yr old ,This dog makes a fantastic outline in profile, upstanding and square. He has a masculine head, a little loose in jowls for my taste, but lovely ears used well. and dark oval eyes, teeth and pigment good, well off for bone, nice and short in back. well off for neck and stands proud. movement ok.

Smooth dog/bitch[1 entry]

1. Campbell. Kuanyin roque warrior

21 month black dog. Flat skull, broad across top lacking padding undereye and width across muzzle. Eyes are nice dark and oval, good amount of leg, but a little unbalanced overall, excellent length of neck and carried nicely, tail carried well over back A little narrow in front but moved well behind.

Vet bitch/ dog [3 entries] 1 absent

1. Clucas. Hiswin star dreams Best Veteran

Nearly 8 yrs old shaded red bitch . This girl never put a foot wrong, enough bone for size, broad flat skull with lovely well placed ears. Eyes are a little round if I'm being picky, neck nicely arched, well ribbed, tail carried well over back. Moved well in front if a little close behind.

2. Hunt. Mossspark blue spangle.

9 year old blue bitch, looks nowhere near her age, lovely coat, head feminine, with lovely oval eyes, ears are a bit high on head. Enough bone, nicely arched strong neck, not as balanced as one, moved ok behind, a little narrow in front.

MPB [2 entries] 1 absent

1.Beaconpride fairytale Best Minor Puppy/ Puppy

6 month old shaded red, nicely balanced puppy, neat ears well placed, dark eyes, broad flat skull, sweet expression. Good amount of bone for age with nice tidy feet. |Good width to front, arched neck with good length. Short coupled, tail carried correctly. Moved well, lovely to see her enjoying her time in the ring

Puppy bitch [1 entry]

1. Irwings . Tanlap timeless touch at beaconpride

9 month old shaded red puppy between coats, nice head, well padded with flat skull, ears well set and thick, eyes a tad round but dark. Sufficient neck length, enough bone for size, well sprung rib, tail set perfect, moved ok.

Junior bitch [3 entries] 1 absent

1. Irwings. Chifidos shenyin at beaconpride

13 month old self red, in coat change, head needs more padding overall, but still young, ears nicely set and carried correctly, lovely dark oval eye, well sprung rib, tail carried well over back. Nice and straight in front with enough bone. Moved ok.

2. Rhodes, A glimpse of faith

13 month old blue bitch with a shorter coat than one. Skull flat, ears small and padded would prefer them set wider apart though, well padded muzzle, a little light in eye. Also mouth lacking pigment. Nice high tailset, moved ok in front, close behind.

Novice bitch [1 entry]

1.ellis. Bojinghai cherry bomb

20 month old self red bitch in lovely thick coat. Skull flat and broad, ears well padded, good teeth and pigment, head a little overdone for me. Strong and straight in front with ample bone, well ribbed, tail carried well over back. Very fussy on the move, but what I saw looked ok.

Graduate bitch [1 entry]

1. Southgate. Yuki with santicana reserve best bitch

19 month old fawn bitch, feminine head, with neat small ears, dark oval eyes, good teeth and pigment. Lovely strong arched neck, nicely boned front, strong and straight. Well ribbed, level topline, well balanced and solid with good length of leg. Moved straight in front if a little close behind

Post grad bitch [1entry]

Allen. Clymarian blue illusion- withdrawn.

Limit bitch [3 entries] 1 absent

1.squires , Kyong kleverbugga

3 yr old light shaded red in lovely full coat. Nice well padded head, flat broad skull, dark eyes, good bite and pigment, ears set a little low. Ample bone, good deep broad chest, well carried strong neck. Nice size strong bitch with correct tailset. Would prefer a little more leg for balance . moved well.

2.Hunt mosspark blue spangle

Special open AOC bitch [6 entries] 2 absent

1.hollies and carr. Lechan Livia Best Opp Sex and best opp sex AOC

21 month old blue bitch. Lovely head and expression, loved her ears and the use of. Well padded muzzle and undereye. Her length and carriage of neck is excellent, well boned with a straight front, strong bitch with a level topline. Excellent balance with, moved straight front and back.

2. southgate. Yuki with santicana

3.IR Ch Kuanyin shes a rumin

Res. Mosspark blue spangle

Vhc. A glimpse of faith

Open bitch. [2entries] 1 absent

1.Hunt . Mosspark blue spangle.