• Show Date: 20/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Dean Cordwell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/09/2023

Kent County Canine Association

Kent County Canine Association

Sunday 20th August 2023

Class 73; Junior (0/0)

Class 74; Post Graduate (1/1)

1st: Staggan’s Luck Be A lady, Mrs C, Mr M R and Mrs K L Fairburn, Hughes and Hughes

Grey and white 5-Year-old Bitch, Super medium foxy Head with keen but slightly mischievous expression. Lovely almond eyes, set correctly. Moderate stop. Close fitting lips. Correct Bite. Lovely arched neck of correct length. Shoulders well laid back giving excellent front angulation. Strong pasterns and correct feet. Super chest depth and shape with well sprung ribs. Height to length ratio is correct and balanced. Lovely tuck up and loin length, would have preferred a little more arch to loin. Rear angulation is balanced and matches the front. Well set Foxy Tail of correct length. Lovely return of stifle leading into straight hocks. Excellent effortless reach and drive on the move whilst holding a solid topline, pleased to give her top honours. BOB

Open (1/1)

1st: Nordicface Aurora Yukon At Staggan, Mrs C, Mr M R and Mrs K L Fairburn, Hughes and Hughes

Dilute Black and White 6-year-old Male. Well-proportioned head in length and width. Correct Ear set. Moderate stop. Lovely well set Hazel brown eyes with a very chilled expression. Correct Bite. A good length and arch to neck. Good Front assembly with a well laid-back shoulder, would have preferred a little more Elbow to ground. Strong pasterns and well furred feet. Chest of correct shape and length. Good length of back with equal proportions between front and rear. Good length of loin. Correct tail length. Good return of stifle, Hocks of good length and straight. One settled, plenty of drive on the move and held a good topline. Straight on the out and back.