• Show Date: 05/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Williams Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/01/2024

Dovey Valley Canine Society

Dovey Valley Canine Society

Limited Show

Sunday 5th November 2023

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for their invitation to judge, also the exhibitors for entering. It was a pleasure to judge here today, overall the exhibits were of a high standard and very well presented and handled. The show was very well organised and the catering was excellent with plenty of cake.

AV MPB (2,1)

1 Webb’ Alolfrana Whole Lotta Love With Redeshka, Irish Setter, feminine head with lovely expression, in good coat and condition, lovely colour, moved well.

AV Puppy Bitch (2, 1)

1 Hughes’ Pipes Of Peace At Nantmelan, Affenpincher, good colour, nice eye with sweet expression, nicely presented, moved well.

AV J (5, 3)

1 Lewis’ Kidenoan Behind Marek Von Trannon, Welsh Springer, male, masculine head with lovely eye and expression, in good coat and condition, nicely ribbed, moved well.

2 Thomas’ Glebrows Cameo, Hungarian Vizsla, sweet bitch with a lovely expression, stood well, in nice condition.

3 Harnett’ Redeswell Sweet Serendipity, Field Spaniel.

AV Y (3,2)

1 Beasley’ Marlyoak Just A Little Bit, Tibetan Spaniel, good head with nicely placed ears giving a sweet expression, in good coat, moved and stood well.

AV SVD (3,2)

1 Jones’ Alkimadus Ruben James, American Cocker, 7 year old male with a good expression, stood well, in nice condition.

AV SVB (3)

1 Williams’ Layways Now And Forever Bodlon, Whippet, very nice feminine head and expression, stood well on table, nice feet, good turn of stifle, moved and handled well.

2 Rees’ Beyonce Crystal Ice At Parcauwen, Chinese Crested, very well presented, moved well.

3 Beasley’ Chenrezi She’s A Star At Marlyoak.

Beagle O (2,1)

1 Cornell’ Felinoak Danny Boy From Bronllys, very nice headed male with good expression and topline, good feet, in good condition, nicely muscled, moved well. BOB, G4

Dachshund MSH PG (2,1)

1 Lewis’ Trixhund Bumblebee, feminine headed girl with a sweet eye and expression, moved well.

O (1)

1 Lewis’ Trixhund Miss Honey, a very similar girl to my previous class winner, she was a little more sure of herself on the table and move, again a very sweet expression. BOB, G2

Dachshund MLH PG (4)

1 Paterson’ Marius Undaunted, a good headed male with a mischievous expression, good topline, nice condition, moved well. BOB

2 Paterson’ Parisa Momento Of Talia, feminine girl, well presented and handled.

3 Boloman-Davies’ Timshaws Platinum Dragon NAF

O (3)

1 Paterson’ Mauritz Incognito, well conditioned male, stood well on the table, nicely handled.

2 Boloman-Davies’ Timshaws Silver Spirit, very well presented girl, moved well.

3 Paterson’ Prisca Pride And Passion.

Whippet PG (2)

1 Williams’ Bodlon Rumour Has It, very nice feminine girl, with a sweet expression and good topline, well ribbed, good turn of stifle and good feet, moved well, very well conditioned and handled. BOB G1 BIS

2 Evans’ Cobyco Catch A Falling Star At Annabec, stood well on table, nice topline, moved well, nicely handled.

O (2,1)

1 Layways Now And Forever Bodlon.

AVNSC Hound PG (2)

1 Hughes’ Alishan Sensa Una Donna At Nantmelan, Afghan Hound, lovely feminine girl, stood well, nice outline, very well presented and handled.

2 Lewis’ Ravensbeech Raindance At Trixhund, Dachshund MWH nicely presented girl, with a lovely head and expression, moved well.

AVNSC Hound O (3,2)

1 Jones’ Grande Raven At Tufterslodge, Dachshund WH, lovely headed male with kind expression, lovely to go over, very nicely presented and handled, moved well. BOB, G3

2 Thomas’ Mischran Asherah At Mournebrake, Borzoi girl with sweet expression, nice top line, in good condition, moved well.

Jack Russell Terrier O (3, 2)

1 Bailey & Huseby’ Hunterhawk Mrs Flinstone, nice feminine headed girl with lovely expression and nicely placed ears, good top line, moved well. BOB G1

2 Bailey & Huseby’ Hunterhawk Bjorn Borg, very nice male with great expression, very well presented and handled, lost out today on the move to my first place.

Norfolk Terrier O (2)

1 Ward’ Littlemount Celyn Y Mor, masculine headed male with lovely expression and good ear carriage, in good coat and condition, very well presented and handled, moved well. BOB G2

2 Ward’ Littlemount Mackmyra, feminine girl, stood well, in nice condition.

Pointer O (2)

1 Skinner’ Raigmore Could It Be Magic At Juennerfly, very nice girl, lovely outline, in good condition, nice feet, a joy to watch on the move. BOB, G1

2 Crowhurst’ Raigmore Faith Restored, another very nice girl, again lovely outline, well presented and handled. BP, PG1 RBP in Show.

Welsh Springer O (2)

1 Lewis’ Kidenoan Behind Marek Von Trannon BOB previously seen in AVJ.

2 Lewis’ Kidenoan Mark Up Von Trannon, masculine headed male, wicked expression, nicely handled moved well. BP

Irish Setter O (1)

1 Webb and Danks-Kemish’ Alolfrana Azzaro Beside Redeshka, feminine headed girl with a lovely expression, very well presented, good outline, in good coat and condition, excellent on the move. BOB G2

Hungarian Vizsla O (1)

1 Thomas’ Glebrows Cameo BOB G4

AVNSC Gundog PG (2)

1 Harnett’ Redeswell Sweet Serendipity, Field Spaniel, nice headed girl with lovely expression, in nice condition, moved well.

2 Jones’ Truly Mine Teddie, American Cocker, masculine headed male, nice outline, handled well.

AVNSC Gundog O (2)

1 Mantle’ Almanza Ain't Nobody's Business At Rhiewvalley, Flat Coat Retriever, very nice girl with a sweet expression, good coat and outline, nice feet, very well presented and handled, moved well. BOB G3

2 Siddons’ A Foxy Gozer UUT’T Vossebeltseveld, Large Munsterlander, a lovely headed male, in good condition and coat, nicely presented, stood well, a joy to go over, moved well.

Poodle (Toy) (2,1)

1 Walsh’ Bielcee Bedazzled, lovely headed male, very well presented, in good condition, lovely outline on table, handled well.

BIS Williams’ Bodlon Rumour Has It, Whippet

RBIS Connor’ Ringablok Diamond Star, Boston Terrier