• Show Date: 26/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Robson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Billingham Synthonia Canine Society

Billingham Synthonia Canine 26/02/23

American Cocker Spaniel

P (1,0)

1. Morris’s NORRASHAYS MADAM CHOLET AT MYCALLEYS – 7 month old promising puppy of good construction. Lovely outline when stood. Pretty chiselled head of correct proportions with round skull. Well placed ear with good covering. Good body proportions. Balanced angles which showed in her effortless movement when settled. BP

PG (2,0)

1. Mould’s NASSAILLEEN NIGEL – 18 mth old male in super condition. Correct height to length ratio. Pleasing head with good ear placement. Well muscled. Nice tight feet. Moved well with a co-ordinated gate. Pushed hard in the challenge.


O (2,1)

1. Morris’s CHURCHILL MOSER DOG AT MYCALLEYS (IMP) – 4yr old male. Typical head with a lovely expression. Great tight feet. In good coat and condition. Looks a picture in profile. Balanced front and rear angulation. Correct length of back with short strong loin. Moved smoothly around the ring. BOB

Hungarian Vizsla

P (1.0)

1. Maycock’s VIZELLVEN EKS VELVET – 7mth old b. Very raw puppy. Pleasing head with a cheeky expression. Very unsettled today and gave her handler a hard time but was enjoying herself. Moved OK when settled. BP

O (1,0)

1. Legg, Scott and Watson’s OAKSWARREN PURE MAGIC – Lovely girl with correct noble looking head with a gorgeous expression. Strong arched neck flowing into level topline. Good body proportions with brisket well down. Balanced angulation. Well muscled. Nice wide thigh and good turn of stifle. Tight feet. Moved well. BOB

Cocker Spaniel

P (2,0)

1. Bacon’s TIMBRIC DORIS DAY 7 mth b. A very smart compact puppy of good body proportions. Gorgeous head with square muzzle and kind expression. Flowed from neck through solid topline. Well angled front. Nice thigh and bend of stifle. Smartest of feet. Moved with style and presence along with a constant waggy tail. BP, PG3

2. MacFarlane’s COOLEELA ELECTRA – another very nice puppy. Pleasing head. Well placed ear of good length. Balanced in outline. Moved well. Just preferred topline and movement of 1.

J (3,1)

1. Cox’s KIMAPA KUNE KINCH Pleasing young lady with correct head proportions and good earset. Balanced in profile with correct ratios. Good feet. In good coat. Moved well

2. Duncan’s EASTRIDING BLUE AMBITION Another nice youngster. Balanced shape. Pleasing masculine head with kind eye. Well placed ears. Good bone. Moved well. Just preferred overall balance of 1

PG (3,1)

1. MacFarlane COOLEELA AS SWEET AS YOU ARE Solid black very feminine bitch. Gorgeous head and expression. Good length of neck. Well angled both front and rear. Well proportioned body. Great feet. In excellent condition. Moved with style.

2. Proudler’s KIMAPA KOCKA KAIA Compact bitch in good coat Sweet head. Good ear placement and length. Nice tight feet. Moved well

O (3.0)

1. Lowery’s AMAROANNE APOLLO Very balanced dog in great condition. Masculine head with a kind expression. Well placed shoulder. Good angulation fore and aft. Well sprung rib. Level topline and strong loin. Moved well with good drive. BOB

2. Dolan’s WILANORAH NEVER SAY NEVER Nice male of good shape. Pleasing masculine head of good proportions. Another with a good spring of rib and correct firm topline and short loin. Moved well with a good stride. Just preferred movement on 1.


Clumber Spaniel


1. Pickering’s WYMESWOLD VERDEJO AT GREENCOURT (IMP NLD) Good sized bitch with a good shape. Pleasing square head with a kind eye. Well shaped ear. Good depth to flews. Strong neck flowing into strong level topline. Well angled front. Good length to back. Wide well developed thigh with a well turned stifle. Good coat. Moved well when settled. BOB

Labrador Retriever

P (2,0)

1. Smith’s HURSTMEON HEY LOOK ITS ME AT FLYENPYG Chocolate 11 mnth old bitch with quite a lot to like. Pleasing head with a gorgeous expression. Strong neck which flowed into well placed shoulders. Good angles. Nice tight feet. Moved well with drive. Loved the constantly wagging otter tail.

2. Smith’s FLYENPYG AMY SWINEHOUSE Another nice bitch from this kennel with similar attributes just not as together as 1.

O (1,0)

1. Smith’s FLYENPYG PORKY PIG JW Substantial yellow dog. Masculine head with good eye colour. Strong neck. Level topline. Well ribbed. Good bone Tight feet. Moved well just preferred movement of the puppy for BOB.

Irish Setter

P (1,0)

1. Nevitt’s JOAODAWS STARGAZER Such an elegant young lady who is so together for one so young at 8 month. Gorgeous feminine head with a melting expression. Low set ear. Well angled front with complimentary rear angulation. Great feet. Moved with style around the ring despite having a different runner. So pleased to award her BOB, BP and PG2

O (1,1)

English Setter

PG (1,0)

1. Taylor’s KANIETTER KOKOA 2yr old dog. A little unsettled. Pleasing head. Level topline. Deep chested. Moved OK

O (1,0)

1. Lawson’s WANSLEYDALE DORIAN GRAY JW Well constructed male. Correctly proportioned head with correct skull and pleasing expression. Correct low set ear od good length. Strong neck flowing into level topline. Well balanced front and rear. The best of feet. Good depth of chest. Free mover with plenty of drive from the hock. BOB and so pleased to hear it was his final point for his Sh Cex.


P (2.0)

1. Roffey’s CAMUSMOR CA CANNY WITH ACANUCK – smart young girl of 7 month and showing some promise. Pleasing slightly wedged feminine head with kind eye. Well high placed ear of correct shape. Balanced angulation both front and rear. Nice feet. Moved well for a baby. BP Considered her in the puppy group

2. Stait’s AFONBACH BALERION another smart baby just over 7 month. Nice shaped head of good proportions and kind eye. In good coat. Good bone and feet. Gave his handler a real hard time but enjoying his day.

PG (1,0)

1. Copeland & Knowles’ EUSANIT IT’LL BE REET AT MENSTONIA – almost 3 year old upstanding dog. Broad wedged head with a pleasing eye. Level topline. Deep chested and well sprung rib reaching back into strong loin. Good coat. Moved well with good tail carriage.

O (2,0)

1. Copeland & Knowles’ CAMUSMOR BRING ME SUNSHINE TO MENSTONIA – 5 ½ yr old substantial with a lovely balanced outline. Typical head with a kind expression. Well set ears. Strong slightly arched neck. Level topline. Good front assembly. Wide muscular thigh. Moved well with correct tail carriage BOB

2. Stait’s ACADIABYRNE THE BAKER’S SON 3yr old male. Smaller than 1 but with everything in the correct proportions. Nice head and eye. Well balanced body with good angle. Moved well just preferred the tail carriage of 1.


P (2.0)

Two litter mates who were very raw and difficult to assess. It was their 1st show and a bit overwhelming for them but with some ringcraft and patience I’m sure they’ll settle. Just preferred the overall outline of the dog.

1. Bowman’s SHARRALE MAXYMILLION 6mth dog.

2. Bowman’s SHARRALE CALLIE ROSE 6mth bitch.

J (1.0)

1. Bliss’ MILLIES MEG 15 month old solid liver bitch. A bit taller than I prefer but put together well. Correctly proportioned head with a nice expression. Nice tight feet. Moved OK

PG (3,2)

1. Cox’s CUSHATLAW ATHENA JW Compact bitch. Pleasing head with a gorgeous expression. Well placed ear. Strong arched neck into sloping shoulders. Good front angulation. Deep at brisket. Tight feet. Good coat texture. Moved well.

O (3,2)

1. Thurm’s SH CH DAPPLEDELE FIRST DATE AT BRYBURN Gorgeous bitch who just ouzes quality. Feminine head with a melting expression. Good bone. Strong slightly arched neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Level topline. Correct front angulation. Good depth of chest. Well ribbed with strong loin. Great tight feet. Well turned stifle with a lovely wide thigh. Moved so well with style and plenty of drive and reach. BOB and so pleased to award her G1.

Italian Spinone

P (1,0)

1. Whittingham, Wright and Bexon’s DIGGMERE CORTONA SOFIA DEL RICCINI 9 month old O/W bitch who just shouts out ‘Look at me’. Correct shaped head with correct planes. Absolutely gorgeous cheeky expression Good depth of muzzle. Strong neck. Well placed shoulders. Brisket well down. Well ribbed. Well angled front. Good oval bone and correct slightly sloping pasterns Good topline with correct gentle slope then rise to croup. When settled she moved very well with both reach and drive. Loved her naughty character. BPIB, PG1 and so pleased to see her go BPIS.

PG (1,0)

1. Duncan’s DIGGMERE TIGER SWALLOWTAIL Upstanding male with lots to like. Masculine head of correct proportions. Head planes diverging as expected. Strong neck. Typical topline for the breed. Great spring of rib and strong wide loin. Good depth to brisket. Well angled front and rear. Correct slight slope to the pasterns. Excellent movement with plenty of reach and drive. BOB. Disappointed he couldn’t stay for the group.

O (1,0)

1. Repeat of PG


O (1,0)

1. O’Conner’s SH CH KARLEJAY GUMP THEY LIVE IN YU (AI) – 3yr old dog I’ve judged and admired before. Fully matured now and a completed package. Masculine head with a kind expression. Strong neck into well placed shoulders. Well ribbed body of good depth. Top quality coat. Good bone. Nice feet. Moved really well with good reach and drive. BOB, G4


P (1,1)

1. Barker’s FLINTHILL HOT SHOT Nice young lady. 7mth old with plenty of potential. Feminine head with correct stop. Muscular neck flowing into slightly sloping topline. Good front assembly with correct oval bone. Nice feet. Moderate turn of stifle. Moved ok when settled.

PG (2,1)

1. White & Keith’s CODNORHAWK DOLLY DAYDREAM 16 mnth old bitch built on heavier lines but still very smart. Well proportioned head with the slightly dish faced appearance required. Well placed ear. Long muscular neck. Deep in brisket. Strong in loin. Nice tight feet moved well.

O (4,2)

1. Blower’s FOWINGTON LAR TI DAR AT DEADAWAY Loved this lady’s shape with gentle sloping topline. Gorgeous feminine head of great proportions with a kind eye. Correct oval bone. Nice tight feet. Moved the best today. BOB

2. Barker’s CAITHPOINT MAIA AT FLINTHILL Another smart lady. Well proportioned feminine head with correct stop. Good length of neck flowing into good shoulder placement. Sloping topline. Brisket well down to elbow. Just preferred the movement of 1.

English Springer Spaniel

PG (1,0)

1. Calvert’s CALVDALE PURE THEATRE . A young girl with a balanced feminine head. Good length of neck. Well angled front construction.Good wide thigh. Well developed depth of chest In excellent coat condition. Nice tight feet. Moved well.

O (1,0)

1. Calvert’s SH CH CALVDALE SCARAMOUCHE JONES JW – A quality L/W male with a fabulous masculine head. Good width and length of ear. Strong neck of good length flowing into a level topline Balanced in angulation both front and rear. Tight feet. Presented in excellent condition and coat. Moved with a free gait and driving from well let down hock. BOB G2


PG (2,0)

1. Wood’s CHANDERHILL EAGLE EYE (Spanish Water Dog). Smart young man with lots to like. Correctly proportioned head with flat skull. Short neck of clean lines. Well angled front assembly with straight legs. Deep chest with well sprung ribs going well back. Good turn of stifle. Very balanced in profile complimented with a good coat. Moved well.

2. Mowbray’s CRUMBLEDOR BELLA LESTRANGE (Sussex Spaniel) 2yr lady with a feminine head. Wide slightly curved skill. Well placed ear. Strong arched neck flowing into well placed shoulder. Good length of body. Nice width of thigh. Moved well.

O (1,0)

1. Mowbray’s GAINSMILL LILLY LUNA POTTER AT CRUMBLEDOR (Sussex Spaniel) 3 ½ bitch of good construction. Feminine in head with gorgeous kind expression. Moderate muscular neck flowing into level topline. Good depth to brisket. Well sprung rib going well back into strong loin. Shown in tip-top condition. Moved well with a distinctive roll as required. BAVNSC

Gundog Group

1. GSP

2. ESS

3. Golden Retriever – Foster’s EAU MY GOLD V D CORNER BROOK FOR AURISTELA (Imp NLD) – Beautiful feminine bitch of quality construction. Gorgeous head with pleasing eye. Good body proportions. Excellent coat. Lovely tight feet. Low on the hock which showed on her driving action around the ring.

4. GWP

Gundog Puppy Group

1. Italian Spinone

2. Irish Setter

3. Cocker

4. Golden Retriever – Clarkson’s DRUMKILTY YOURS TRULY Lovely headed b of 7 mnth. Good reach of neck. Level topline. Balanced angles fore and aft. Well ribbed for one so young. Nice feet. Moved well.

AV Gundog

P. (8,4)



3. Tower’s ALIBREN MAJESTIC DAWN (Golden Retriever)

J (7,5)

1. Bell’s HOAALOHA AHYOKA (Golden Retriever) Pleasing pale bitch of just over 1yr. Balanced in profile. Well chiselled feminine head with a kind eye. Good length of neck leading into level topline. Well ribbed with short strong loin. Moved well.


PG (13, 9)

1. CHANDERHILL EAGLE EYE (Spanish Water Dog)



O (6,3)


2. Proudler’s KIMAPA KOCKA KAIA (Cocker Spaniel) – 3rd in breed class. Liver Roan b. Clean outline. Balanced in angulation. Moved well


Veteran (4,1)

1. Taylor’s STORMFORD HONEYSUCKLE ShCM (Golden Retriever) 10 years young and still as sprightly as a puppy! Nice golden coat. Gorgeous feminine head of good proportions. Kind eye. Good length of neck. Level topline. Balanced angles which saw her moving around the ring with reach, drive and the vigour of one much younger. So pleased to see her go RBVIS.

2. Smith’s FLYENPYG SNOUT LIKE IT (Labrador Retriever) Another girl belying her 9 years. Lovely feminine head with a kind expression. Good body proportions with a clean outline. Well sprung rib and good depth to brisket. Moved well with good tail carriage.

3. Proudler’s KIMAPA KRAZEE KRITTER (Cocker Spaniel)

Dave Robson (Judge)