• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Robson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Eastbourne & District Canine Society

Eastbourne & District Canine Society – 25th June 2023

I’d like to thank Kerrie and the committee for the invitation to judge at the well run show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. As the heat was so intense all day and there was no shelter I made the decision not to run the dogs at the beginning of the classes and I thank the exhibitors in accepting this decision.

AV Gundog Vet (13,3a)

1. Wilson’s Hameldowntor Music of the Night – Flatcoat

Loved this lady as soon as I set eyes on her. Well proportioned feminine head with a gorgeous expression. Well placed shoulders and front assembly. Nice level level topline and well sprung rib. Well turned stifle. Good feet. Very happy lady, all topped off with a lovely shiny coat. Moved with reach and drive. BV and pleased to award her G1

2. Bavin & Austin’s Rojoys Chase The Dream JW ShCm VW – Cocker

Another very pleasing lady enjoying her day. Not showing her 8.5yrs at all. Well balanced in outline. Very feminine head with a pleasing expression. Well placed ears of good length. Good angles both front and rear. Correct topline which she held on the move, wagging her tail the whole time. Another one I liked very much G2

3. Pett’s Lady In Red De Ambersclan of Rumwood – Golden Retreiver

AVNSC Gundog

J (2,1a)

1. Searles’ Cravessa’s Bottoms Up – Sp Water Dog

11 month old dog. Balanced in profile. Correct coat with good curls. Pleasing head shape. Strong arched neck which flowed into well placed shoulders. Balanced in angulation front and rear. Moved well with good reach and drive. BPIB


1. Searle’s Adormidera Apache Rose at Cravessa – Sp Water Dog

Dam of my junior winner and similar attributes apply. Lovely head and expression. Good ear placement. Arched neck. Good front assembly. Moved very well with good reach and drive. Good coat texture. BOB


1. Stirk’s Stanegate Hey It’s Bianca JW – IWS

A 2 year old B who is constructed well. Gorgeous head of correct proportions and a lovely expression. Long ears placed well. Well angled front and rear. Good coat texture. Well boned. Good feet. Moved well despite the heat but not the positivity of the PG RBOB

Imp Reg

O (2,1a)

1. Kifford’s Huntingtales Dappled Willow – Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer

Stood alone. A young 13 mnth old. Still very raw and gave the handler a hard time. Pleasing head of correct proportions. Good reach of neck. Level topline. Moved well when settled.

Bracco Italiano

J (1,0a)

1. Webber & Sladden’s Valcor Killer Queen

Lovely 10mnth old b with so much to like about her. Correctly proportioned feminine head. Diverging head planes as required. Ears of good length. Well angled both front and rear with good bone. Topline with the required slope and rise. Well ribbed and strong loin. Moved so well with purpose. So happy to award her BP, RBOB and PG2

PG (1,0a)

1. Sladden’s Valcor the Confessor at Canemamans

Well sized male of great proportions. Looking a picture of masculinity and strength.

Well shaped head with correct planes. Strong neck into well placed shoulders. Good depth to chest. Well off for bone. Balanced in angulation fore and aft. Good spring of rib of good length and strong loin. Good feet. Well muscled and moved with such reach and drive around the ring despite the heat. BOB

O (1.0a)

1. Sladden’s Bushwacker Dangerous Dave at Canemamans JW

Balanced in profile showing correct almost square shape. Masculine head of good proportions. Strong topline. Good spring of rib. Good wide thigh. Well let down hock Moved well but not with the enthusiasm of the other class winners.

Am Cocker

J (5,2a)

1. Tadhunter’s Taramount Pure Imagination

17 mnth old b. Well rounded head with correct stop and proportions. Square in muzzle. Pleasing round eye. Well placed ears of good length, Body length and height proportions correct giving a balanced outline in profile. Good angulation. Moved well with drive.


2. Weller’s Sabisabi Apache Tonka At Geenawell

9 month old dog enjoying his day. Broad deep muzzle.correct rounded head. Leathers of good length and well placed. Arched neck which flowed into a slightly sloping topline. Good body depth for a youngster. Lovely coat. Good front and rear assembly. Moved well. BP PG3

O (3,2a)

1. Kirton, Stanton & Dackombe’s Sabisabi Iroquois Eyota

Buff and white male shown in immaculate coat condition. Very pleasing head with pronounced stop and rounded skull. Nice dark nose Good length of ear. Strong neck of good reach. Correct slight slope to topline. Balance angles front and rear. Good depth. Nice feet. Moved with a lovely stride around the ring. Noticed it has the same Dam as my BP and I could see. BOB


J (2,0a)

1. Clarke’s Harbethol Look Magical Tyme

11 month old d. Fabulous male head of good proportions and showing no coarseness. Good length of ear with good covering. Arched neck flowing into stong level topline. Nicely angulated front. Good depth to chest and spring of rib. Strong loin. Well turn stifle. Moved well. BP.

2. Griffin’s Griffial Make It Count

13month old b. Lovely feminine head. Well placed ears. Level topline. Good depth to brisket. Strong loin. Well angled. Lovely tight feet. Moved well and pushed hard for the class but just not the sparkle of 1.

PG (5,3a)

1. Blackkley & Salero’s Wightroche The Bee JW

2 ½ yr B with lots to like. Feminine head with a gorgeous expression. Good leathers. Arched neck leading into well placed sloping shoulders. Good front assembly. Compact body covered with a superb black coat in excellent condition. Good turn of stifle. Moved with an easy stride. RBOB

2. Steven’s Honest George

2yr old dog who gave his handler a hard time. Well constructed with a pleasing head and kind expression. Balanced in outline with good level topline. Moved Ok when settled.

O (4,2a)

1. Bavin & Austin’s Rojoys Chase The Cream JW ShCM VW

(AV Vet 2nd) BOB G2

2. Blackley & Salero’s Cooleela Operation Dynamo Wightroche

Another very nice dog of good proportions. Liked his head a lot. Good length to ear. Balanced angulation front and rear. Good coat condition. Moved out well. Just preferred the drive of 1 and that of the PG.

AV Bred by Exh (27,na)

1. Whitton’s Haggatty Calisto (Beagle)

7 Month old puppy b which took my eye on my 1st scan of the lineup. Loved her feminine head with kind expression and slightly domed skull. Good depth of chest. Level topline. Well angled at both front and rear when standing correctly and not overstretched. Moved well around the large ring

2. Wallis’s Wallensis Soul To The Smiter (Min Schauzer)

18 month old b. Very smart in profile. Nice head with good furnishings providing a keen expression. Neat well shaped ears correctly placed. Good body with slightly sloped topline as required. Moved with style around the ring.

3. Wasowska’s Viadua Tamatoa’s Treasure (Std Poodle)

AV Yearling (42,na)

1. Barnett’s Dippersmoor Daquiri at Sonsprit (Shetland Sheepdog)

I just loved this 2yr old sable dog. Gorgeous head with a lovely expression. Good ears with good placement. Good reach of neck. Well place shoulders as part of a good front assembly. Correct body proportions. Lovely coat with a correct undercoat. Moved well.

2. Maple’s Polinac New Miracle (Irish Setter)

Gorgeous 17mnth old B with a stunning shining coat. Sweet feminine head with a melting expression. Low set ear. Long flowing arched neck. Good front angulation complimented with good turn of stifle. Lovely firm topline. Brisket well down. Moved with such reach and drive.

3. Wasowska’s Viadua Tamatoa’s Treasure (Std Poodle)


1. Wilson’s Hameldowntor Music of the Night – Flatcoat

2. Bavin & Austin’s Rojoys Chase The Dream JW ShCm VW – Cocker

3. Thorogood’s Anbrook Don’t Stop Me Now at Harrifield Clumber

A very smart dog. Typical square head with a good expression. Powerful neck flowing into level topline. Good bone. Well constructed front. Great feet. Well turned stifle with a well let down hock. Moved extremely well.

4. Upton-Lovett and Upton’s Sh Ch Gunalt Lustrous with Roydack Weim

Well made feminine lady who I’ve judged before but last time seemed to be carrying a bit weight. She’d dropped that today and was on form. Typical feminine head of correct proportions. Good height to length ratios. Arched neck which flowed nicely into a good front assembly and level topline. Good muscle. Moderate turn of stifle. Handled well. Moved with purpose going and coming as well as in profile with reach and drive.

Puppy Group

1. Sandiford’s Hernwood Love Potion Gordon Setter

My notes start with WOW. I loved this 11 month old b as soon as I set eyes on her. In tip top condition. Fabulous feminine head of correct proportions. Dark eye set well. Good ear set. Great neck which flowed seamlessly into a level topline. Deep brisket. Well placed tan markings set in gleaming black shining coat. Balance in outline and angulation. Flowed around the ring telling me to pick her, so pleased I did as she went BPIS

2. Webber & Sladden’s Valcor Killer Queen Bracco

3. Weller’s Sabisabi Apache Tonka At Geenawell American Cocker

4. Brooksmith’s Millpoint Golden Pippin Pointer

A very sweet young lady who wasn’t too sure of herself in the adult group but settled down in this group so I managed to get to assess her better. Gorgeous head with a fab expression. Correct stop. Good oval bone. Nicely angled front and behind. Good spring of rib and strong loin. Moved well for a youngster with reach and drive.

 D Robson