• Show Date: 16/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Pike Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 20/09/2023

Isle Of Wight Gundog Club

Isle of Wight Gundog Club.

Saturday 16th September 2023

Autumn Picnic Open Show.

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of the club for organising such a well-run friendly show. I was very lucky to have a good quality entry. I was really pleased with my quality line-up for Best in Show with some hair-splitting decisions.

Irish Setters


No Entries

Special Yearling 3

1. Bridgwater’s Bridgella’s Jubilee Queen: - I judged this junior as a minor puppy nearly a year ago and she has more than lived up to the promise expected. Her head has broken to give a soft gentle expression and eye. Striking outline and a beautiful overall shape. Good rear angulation and straight front. Covered the ground with positive movement.

2. Rorke’s Zakhan’s Diamond Queen: - Oval skull from ear to ear without any coarseness, good foreface and skull in equal measure. Correct dark almond shape eye. Strong neck into well placed shoulders, with a pleasing gentle sloping topline. Good front construction. She has a lovely rich dark coat. Very close decision between the first two.

3. Harris’ Zakhan’s Rough Diamond by Konakakela

Post Graduate 2

1. Goldsworthy’s Melmara Giullita: - This bitch presented an excellent outline when stacked and did not disappoint when you went over and moved her. Head nicely balance not course in any way with soft gentle expression. I would have preferred a slightly darker eye. Correct reach of neck with good lay of shoulders. Powerful hind quarters with short hocks which she used to her advantage when covering the ground.

2. Rorke’s Zakhan’s Diamond Jack: - Attractive dog, head nicely balanced, with correct stop, lovely reach of neck flowing into well placed shoulders. With nice angulations. Need time to fill out and body up.

Limit 1

1. Rorke’s Zakhan’s the Red Le Baron: - He has a lovely head and expression. Good body properties but I would prefer a little more return of upper arm. Covered the ground well.

Open 2

1. Harris & Hoeksema’s Blazing Bronze Happy Clappy Sings Konakakela (Imp NLD) JW: - A well balanced dog with good head planes of equal proportions, dark eye, good ear set good quarters and bend of stifle and width through first and second thighs. Was presented in good condition. Moved with drive and purpose. BOB

2. Rorke’s Zakhan’s Queen of Hearts: - A very close decision between 1 & 2. She just demanded attention from the moment she entered the ring, absolutely stunning outline nothing overdone or exaggerated. Feminine head of good proportions foreface to skull with adequate stop, pleasing eye shape with, dark eye, Clean in neck into well laid shoulders and excellent return of upper arm. Res BOB.

AV Gundog Minor Puppy 1

1. King’s: Linthwaite Mathilda (AI): - (Labrador Retriever) 7 ½ month old yellow with good construction, clean neck and shoulders, very good bone, moved soundly.

AV Gundog Puppy (Dog) 1

1. Bellamy’s: - Wightash Performer (Labrador Retriever): - Excellent puppy. Good clean lines, most handsome head and expression well off for bone with excellent construction carrying the right amount of weight, no exaggeration giving a picture of balance moved well.

AV Gundog Puppy (Bitch) 1

1. Wallace’s: - Dreammake for Tiaja (IMP DNK) (Labrador Retriever): - A very attractive bitch with a good head, good angulation at both ends, and a good rib cage and loin. Moved well.

AV Gundog Veteran 7 – 9 years 10 (2)

1. Drakes’s Clamerkin Bohemian Queen: (Pointer) - Ultra-feminine with a gorgeous dark eye, so elegant throughout, nothing out of place anywhere, good front with good pasterns, balanced angulation each end. Best Veteran in Show

2. Bellamy’s Bochilbarley Blue Moon (AI) Sh CEx (Flat Coated Retriever). Head of good shape with kind expressive eye and correct bite. Good reach of neck onto well laid shoulders with nice amount of fore-chest. Forelegs straight & well boned on good tight feet. Good depth of chest with plenty of heart room. Res Best Veteran in Show

3. Smith’s Indijazz Young Love at Abbeyaire (GSP)

AV Gundog Veteran 10 years & over 2 (1)

1. Miller & Millichamp’s Curlabull Iron Lion Zion ShCM: - (Curly Coated Retriever) Correct wedge-shaped head with small well-set ears. Dark eye with soft expression. Clean neck leading into well laid shoulder. Well-made hindquarters. Moved well on a good length of stride.

Best in Show

1. Harris & Hoeksema Bridgella’s First Edition with Konakakela JW. ShCE xOSW (English Setter): - Excellent head and expression, dark kind eyes, long neck sweeping into well laid-back shoulders, great depth of chest and spring of rib, strong topline, well angulated quarters, strong round bone, tight padded feet. Beautifully presented, moved with drive covering the ground well, head held high when moving with lovely slashing tail action. BIS

2. Whiting’s Locksheath Princess Tiana JW (Gordon Setter): - Presented in beautiful condition. Feminine head with lively expression, elegant arched neck of correct length. Super shoulders and return of upper arm, firm topline over well sprung ribs of good depth and with lovely forechest. Strong loin leading to excellent rear angles and good width of thigh. So easy on the move showing free ground covering action. Res BIS

3. Allum’s Sh Ch Marcarica Fair and Square JW. (Italian Spinone): - Super head with lovely soft expression. Divergent head planes. Correct earset. Short strong neck into gently sloping shoulders. Good front with prominent sternum. Well bodied with good spring of rib. Short coupled. Lovely topline which she held on the move. Strong angulated hind quarters with well let down hocks. Coat of good texture. Covered the ground freely.

4. Bowen’s Clandrift Destiny (Field Spaniel): - Liver dog, presenting a good outline. In great condition. Good head and expression, good front, strong back maintaining topline on the move. Good fore and aft angulations. Well-muscled second thigh, moved with steady controlled gait.

Best Puppy in Show

1. Tribbeck’s Braccorions Zigga Zig ARH (Bracco Italiano): - Good outline. Excellent feminine head with lean cheeks and chiselling beneath the eyes short neck. Deep chest. Well ribbed back. Strong hind quarters. Good bone and feet. Moved well fore and aft and in profile. BPIS

2. King’s Linthwaite Mathilda (AI) (Labrador Retriever): - 7½ month old yellow with good construction, clean neck and shoulders, very good bone and correct double coat moved soundly. Res BPIS

3. Blenkinsop’s Palizolla Protostar (Golden Retriever): - Pleasing head and kind eye, well made and balanced body, level topline, standing on well boned limbs and good feet, moved well.

Special Working Gundog 1

1. Bowen’s Candiliz Funky Monkey at Clandrift RKCWGC: (Flat coated Retriever) - A very well-balanced bitch of excellent proportions. Gorgeous feminine head with a soft expression, clean neck, excels in front construction, well ribbed, correct rib/loin proportions, strong loin, moved accurately.

Owned by Island Resident 5 (1)

1. Baxandall’s Sharbae Prettiest Star (Chesapeake Bay Retriever) - In excellent coat, nice head and expression with good ear set, nice neck onto well angled shoulders, good depth of chest, good loin onto well angled rear. Good tail carriage, moved out well.

2. Brown’s Tillybirloch Rosa (Brittany): - Short coupled and feminine Tricolour. Most feminine of heads, good clean neck, correct front and strong topline which she held on the move, good feet and excellent angulations, fore and rear.

3. Andrew & Trickett’s Asterlily Tofino by Aftonmarsh (NSDTR).

Owned by Mainland Resident 7 (3)

1. Whiting’s Locksheath Princess Tiana JW (Gordon Setter)

2. Bowen’s Clandrift Destiny (Field Spaniel)

3. Whiting & Cop’s Locksheath Black Ice (Gordon Setter)

4. Trickett’s Cfyre’s Spellbreaker at Tollpepper (Imp Can) (NSDTR)

Bred by Exhibitor 6 (4)

1. Baxandall’s Sharbae Prettiest Star (Chesapeake Bay Retriever)

2. Wallace’s Tiaja Love in The Sun (Labrador Retriever): - Pretty headed bitch with a kind eye. Straight in front, deep in brisket, has strength in body and moves well.

Special Beginner 2

1. Blenkinsop’s Palizolla Protostar (Golden Retriever): - Lovely puppy with a feminine head, balanced. Good length of neck and correct shoulder angulation. Straight front and neat feet. Not over-long in the body. Level topline and tailset. Needs to tighten up, but I’m sure that will come as she matures. If the owner perseveres and works with the dog I think she will have some fun with it.

2. Hudson’s Lunarmists Autumnal Glow (Flat Coat Retriever): - Very pretty head with dark eye, clean over neck and shoulders. Needs time to body up.

AV Gundog Junior 3

1. Bridgwater’s Bridgella’s Jubilee Queen (Irish Setter)

2. Bowen’s Clandrift Bring Me Sunshine JW (Flat Coat Retriever): - Lovely head with such a soft, gentle expression, neat ears, and good reach of neck. Good front construction with nice length of body and strong hindquarters with moderate bend of stifle. On the move he really showed himself off and had lovely reach and drive.

3. Hudson’s Lunarmists Autumnal Glow (Flat Coat Retriever)

AV Gundog Yearling 6 (2)

1. Trickett’s Cfyres High Tea AT Tollpepper JW (Imp CAN) (NSDTR): - Pleasing head and expression correct ear-set. Excellent angulation fore and aft. Well let down hocks, with a good bend of stifle, used to advantage on the move.

2. Wainwright’s Goldenmajko Make Believe (Golden Retriever): - Symmetrical, short coupled and balanced. Broad skull and strong foreface. Straight forelegs with good bone. Standing foursquare with beautiful turn of stifle, good second thighs and strong hocks. Short back. Level topline Moved soundly fore and aft and in profile.

3. Hudson’s Lunarmists Autumnal Glow (Flat Coat Retriever)

AV Gundog Graduate

1. Andrew’s & Trickett Asterlily Tofino by Aftonmarsh (NSDTR): - Super wedge-shaped head with well set triangular ears, good length of neck leading to well laid back shoulders and excellent fore angles. Straight forelegs with good bone substance and neat feet. Well sprung ribs and a lovely level topline held on the move and free standing. Good length of strong loin and a well set on tail. Good rear angulation and super muscle tone throughout.

2. Andrew’s & Trickett Asterlily Black Velvet for Aftomarsh (NSDTR): - Sound, typical movement with nice head and tail carriage. Lovely head shape with sufficient width of muzzle. Nice ear set and carriage. Good coat, neck, ribs and bend of stifle.

AV Gundog Limit

No Entries

AV Gundog Open

1. Wainwright’s Amirene Baby Be Mine (Golden Retriever): - Well chiselled, good stop, correct eye, ears well set on, good length neck, super balanced angles, fore chest, deep brisket, nice bone, cat like feet, moved well,

AV Gundog Open Bitch

1. Bellamy’s Rafthouse Cygnet of Stonedragon (Pointer): - Attractive head with good definition, nice dark eyes. Long muscular neck. Well balanced overall, straight front, strong body, good width of thigh. Not over angulated. Happy positive mover.

2. Hunt’s Wakaduze Wapa (NSDTR): - Pleasing head and expression, correct eyes, nice neck, adequate front angulation, excellent bone, well sprung ribs, level topline, correct tail, good second thigh, very smart mover covering the ground with ease.

Brace (6)

1. Whitting’s: - Gordon Setters

2. Blackley & Salero’s: - Cocker Spaniels

3. White’s: - Labrador Retrievers.

David Pike