• Show Date: 28/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/11/2023

Northern Counties Whippet Club

Northern Counties Whippet Club Limit Show 2023

An enjoyable day in a warm and friendly atmosphere. A good entry of 90 from 66 exhibits. It was really good to hear the applause for all of the winners. There were several promising youngsters here today. It will be interesting to see how they develop.

Puppy (7,2)

1 Morris, Waddell, Mycroft and Mitchell’s Crosscop If I can Dream

Nine months youngster with a super head, good reach of neck and super front. Good depth already and well ribbed back. Strong quarters showing good muscle definition. Best Puppy in show. Should go on to do well.

2 Searle and Rawlinson’s Reffton Tibalt at Whipsearle

At nine months is a lovely size and balanced through. Good neck with well laid shoulders. Firm topline. Good width to his quarters. Moved freely. Best Special Beginners in Show

3 Blenkarn’s Penwincoed Major Morth

Junior (3)

1 Mould’s Warden William

14 months with good head, well placed ears and bright eyes giving a lovely expression. Clean in neck with good shoulder angulation. Well ribbed back. Good width to his quarters. He moved straight and true.

2 Furniss’ Jazzellie Reach for the Sky

Upstanding 13 months old. Lovely head with strong jaws and long neck. Well angulated quarters with width to his second thigh. Just needs time to fill out. Moved Ok but did tend to pace at times.

3 Ellams’ Pagarnis Kiss Me Red

Novice (3)

1 Mould’s Crosscop Waterloo Sunset

15 months. Shown in good body and condition. Strong but balanced in head. Well laid shoulders, straight front of good width. Well angulated quarters. He moved well covering the ring easily.

2 Penwincoed Major North

Third in the puppy class. Nice type with a balanced head and correct front leading to neat feet. Well angulated quarters with correct stifles. Just needs to steady on the move.

3 Campbell’s Willowash The Magnificent

Special Beginners (7,2)

1 Reffton Tibalt at Whipsearle

2 Warden William

3 Penwincoed Major North

Graduate (2,1)

1 Crosscop Waterloo Sunset

Post grad (3,1)

1 Winup and Paipala’s Rogansrock Harvest Moon

Up to size but blanched and moderate bone. Lovley shape to his head. Long arched neck. Straight front with elbows close to his chest. Well ribbed with deep brisket. He was well muscled through. Edged this class on his head and front.

2 Hunter’s Collooney Was Meant To Be At Sulahmara

Smaller type of 20 months. Pleasing in head with good ear placement. Correct feet. Good width of rib and depth to his chest. He has good rear angulation and moved steadily. Close decision.

Open (1)

1 Morris, Waddell McMillan and Irving’s Crosscop My Boy

Rising two. A bit wary in this hall today but patient sympathetic handling worked well. He has a well-shaped head with strong jaws and bright alert expression. Clean neck of good length leads in to well laid shoulders. He is well ribbed with good tuck up and firm back. Well angulated quarters show good width to his thighs. He moved well especially going away from me. Best Dog

Veteran (4,1)

1 Smith’s Rivarco Jack Daniels

Upstanding 8 year old. Classic head with long neck and nicely sloping shoulders. Well developed in body and so good to go over. Well turned stifles and short below the hock. He moved well, especially in profile. Reserve best Dog. Best Veteran in Show.

2 Wilkinson’s Rowangarth Wind Of Change by Fletchgate

At ten years is a credit to his owner as he too looked well. Good head with lovely ears. He has a firm top line and good rear angulation. He moved well enough but just preferred that of the winner today.

3 Searle’s Quick Silvers He’s The One for Whipsearle


Racing and Lure Coursing (4,3)

1 Campbell’s Willowash Comedy of Errors

At 5 is so fit and well with herself. Lovely head proportions, well-shaped ears and good length of neck. Balanced in body with enough width and depth. Firm over her top line. She was well angulated behind and used this to advantage on the move.

Veteran (7,2)

1 Mason’s Veredon Geeoer Gawpin at Aphrael

Lovely outline standing and good to go over. This 8 year old has the desired long lean head, muscular neck and sloping shoulders. She is correct in front and has well-turned stifles. In good body condition for her age.

2 Meakin’s Oakbark Miss Bossy Boots

Almost 8 and much to like here as well. Pleasing in head with long neck and straight front legs with correct bone. She has well-turned stifles and hocks are well let down. Close up but the winner just edged it on movement today.

3 Winup and Paipala’s Wakebarrow Weeping Willow Cum Rogansrock

Puppy (3,2)

1 Wilson’s Willowash High Maintenance

At 9 months is showing lots of potential. Balanced in head with well-placed ears. Good bone without being overdone. Lovely depth for her age. Well angulated quarters she moved well showing good reach. Well-muscled through and in good body.reserve best Puppy in Show.

Junior (4,2)

1 Mason’s Veredon Laurent Perrier for Aphrael

16 months, feminine and presented a balanced outline. Pretty head with alert expression. Good neck and firm in top line. She has good depth and strength over her quarters. Moved well from any angle.

2 Clewes’ Shardbeck Kick Up A Storm

Another good one. Plenty to like here as well. Lovely clean neck leads to straight front of correct width. Good length of body. Her quarters are well angulated with good width of second thigh. Just preferred the depth of the winner here but she was giving a bit away in age.

Novice (4)

1 Shardbeck Kick Up A Storm

2 Mallinson’s Edenwhip Vera

The young handler got the best out of this 2 year old here. Pretty and feminine. She has A good front, deep brisket and well angulated quarters. Moved at the correct speed.

3 Riding Smith’s Cobyco Cream Sundae

Special Beginners (9,4)

1 Willowash Comedy of Errors

2 Abbott’s Kentwone Darkest Star

Good headed 2 year old with sloping shoulders and good rear angulation. She moved straight both ways. Just tended to exaggerate her top line at times.

3 Edenwhip Vera

Graduate (7,3)

1 Wilson’s Edenwhip Prime Suspect at Willowash

Lovely sized two year old. Good head with well shaped eyes and good length of jaw. Straight nicely boned front legs. Strong over her quarter with good turn of stifle, hocks nicely let down. She moved well covering the ring easily.

2 Wilkinson’s Silkridge Saffron

Another lovely headed girl with lovely eyes. Looked well stacked and shows good depth and well angulated quarters. She moved well going away from me.

3 Cobyco Cream Sundae

Post grad (6,2)

1 Service and Poole’s Crosscop Proud Mary

This was the best class so far today. Found this one to be of good size and well balanced through. She has a well-shaped lean head with alert expression and small fine ears. Clean neck leads to well angulated shoulders and well ribbed body. Well-developed quarters with good width of thigh. She moved well in profile.

2 Winup and Paipala’s Rogansrock Love Me Do

Larger type but still balanced through. Lovely head, muscular clean neck and good return of shoulder. Well bodied with enough width and good depth. She moved truly both ways.

3 Willowash Comedy of Errors

Limit (7,4)

1 Morris, Waddell, Mycroft and Mitchell’s Crosscop You Are my Destiny at Ardencote

Impressed on first inspection and did not disappoint at all today. What a super outline. She has grace and strength. Balanced in head with well shaped eyes. Strong neck of god length leads to straight front and correct pasterns. Well proportioned in body with firm top line and muscled over her loins. She has good rear angulation. Moved well behind carrying her tail correctly. Best Bitch and Best In Show. I will watch her progress with interest.

2 Meakin’s Oakbark More Than Magic

Another good one challenging for top honours today. Lovely head with good length of jaw and well shaped ears. She has a good length of neck and sloping shoulders leading to a correct front. Well ribbed with good depth of brisket. Good width to her quarters She has well developed second thigh. Moved well.

3 Winup, Paipala and Furness’ Pagarni It’s Snow Joke Cum Rogansrock

Open (8,1)

1 Wilkinson’s Citycroft Starfall

Well balanced with super profile. Good to go over and did not disappoint on the move. She is well angulated in shoulder and over her quarters and stands on good feet. She moved well here and again in the challenge to take reserve best Bitch and then reserve Best In Show.

2 Morris, Waddell, Mycroft and Mitchell’s Crosscop Just What I Need

Another good one, just splitting hairs here. Super head with clean neck of good length, well-constructed front. Balanced in body She is strong behind and was moved to advantage.

3 Murray’s Falconcrag Queen Bee

David Howarth