• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Howarth Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/08/2023

Retford Canine Society

Whippets. What a privilege to judge such quality and quantity. I really was spoilt for choice.

Puppy (4, 1abs)

1 Head’s Harmonia Alberta of Demerlay

Very pretty nine months b. Long neck with well laid shoulders. Good length of rib with nice tuck up. Well-turned stifles, hocks are well let down. She was presented in good muscular condition and moved to advantage. Should go on to do well. Best Puppy

2 Ryan’s Sylleka Firebird at Riocife

Larger type but balanced through. Lovely head with bright expressive eyes. Straight in front correct bone. Good width to her quarters. Hocks nicely let down. Moved well in profile.

3 Elam’s Demerlay Angel Eyes

Junior (3)

1 Myers’ Supetas Taste the Rainbow with Astrazone

13 months with feminine head and good length of muzzle. Balanced in outline with good layback of shoulder and well turned stifles. Such a neat type. Nothing exaggerated. She moved soundly and truly both ways.

2 Gordon’s Batnoir Lady Victoria

17 months. Showing a good length of neck and well placed shoulders. Sloping pasterns. Good depth of chest. She moved steadily and easily.

3 Higginbottom’s Dizzy bear at Dawnsafon

Post Grad (9, 1w/d)

1 Morris, Waddell and Mycroft’s Crosscop Candle in the Wind to Supeta

Super outline and well-handled to get the best out of her. Feminine head of lovely shape and proportion. Long neck leads into well laid shoulders. Super front assembly. Well-developed chest of good depth and well sprung ribs. Well-constructed quarters with good bend of stifle and width of thigh. Moved to advantage.

2 Lipscombe’s Selinko Cherise

Another good one with lots to like here. Super head with alert expression and small ears. Balanced in body with depth and correct top line. Moved well but just lacked the reach of the winner.

3 Ryan’s Sylleka Sashay Away at Riocife

Open D (5)

1 Hambling’s Mossbawnhill Bit of a Dandy with Chaseover

Another out of the top drawer! This 3 year old presented a super outline, showing power and grace. Well shaped head with clean neck of good length. Shoulders are well laid back with elbows nicely placed. Sloping pasterns and lovely feet. Good depth of rib and nice tuck up. He has good width to his quarters and well-turned stifles enabling him to move well showing power and ease.

2 Daniels and Bridgman Lewis’ Elmanash Glenburgie

Mature boy in good body and condition. Lovely head with good ears and bright eyes. Well ribbed in chest and strong over his loins. He has good rear angulation and moved well here.

3 Rayner and Booth’s Rogansrock Vital Quest

Open B (4,1) Three top quality exhibits.

1 Mycroft’s Ch Supetas Little Darlin

Had to be good to top this entry and was on top form today. Refined feminine head of good length. Long arched neck and well laid shoulders. Super front and correct feet. She has good depth to her body. Length of rib and correct topline. Strong quarters with good bend of stifle. In lovely muscle tone. Moved so well to win this class and Best of Breed. Delighted to see her go on to Best In Show out of 1100 dogs entered today. Well done!

2 Blake’s Silkridge in a Moment at Mazargo

Another quality whippet. Super head with good neck and so well put together. Deep in body with good tuck up and correct top line and tail set. Strong behind and moved well away. Well put down.

3 Lipscombe’s Selinko Honeysuckle

A pleasure to judge some breeds and the Gundog Group at this well supported and well organised show. The group was particularly strong.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Junior (2)

Two promising babies, both 8 months old.

1 Warren’s Afonbach Dreamfyre at Shorrocks

Balanced and expressive head, good length of neck and nicely sloping shoulders. Well developed in body for age and good rear angulation. Moved the better which gave her the edge today. RBOB and Best Puppy.

2 Roffey’s Camusmor Ca Canny with Acanuck

Another full of promise. Good neck and well laid shoulders. Correct topline and well angulated quarters. Moved well in profile just a bit loose coming towards me.

Post grad (3)

1 Burland’s Eusanit Lily the Pink

Lovely head with flat cheeks. Good shoulder angulation with well-developed ribs and good depth of body. In good coat and moving soundly.

2 Copeland and Knowles’ Eusanit It’ll be Reet at Menstonia

Four-year-old with good head, straight front legs and decent layback of shoulder. Well sprung ribs and level in topline. Moved steadily.

3 Robinson’s Gaberlunzie Comet

Open (3, 1)

1 Copeland’s Camusmor Bring Me Sunshine to Menstonia

Mature boy, up to size but so well balanced and in good body. Good width to his head and correct stop. Strong neck of good length. Firm over the loins and well developed quarters. In lovely coat. Best of Breed

2 Gaberlunzie Comet

More settled in this class and showing better. Pleasing head with well shaped eyes and alert expression. Good width to his ribs and well coupled. He moved well once settled.

American Cocker

Open (2,1)

1 Dummett’s Almondsbury The Pop Kids

Really liked this one when I judged her a few months ago. No reason to change my mind here. Super head with plenty of shape. Correct in front with good layback of shoulder. Nicely developed body with good spring of rib and slightly sloping topline. Good rear angulation used to advantage on the move. Presented in good coat. Best of breed.

Italian Spinone

Junior (4)

1 Bovio’s Ilsolo River Island

Pretty 11 months old. Feminine through with good balance to her body. Well-proportioned head with large nostrils and correct ear placement. Strong neck leads to well angulated shoulders. Well-developed body for her age. Moved true both ways. Shows plenty of promise.

2 Culling’s Lucoru Blown Over

Just 12 months. Well bodied with good head Strong neck leads to shoulders which slope nicely. Well ribbed with length and width and firm over his loins. Correctly angulated quarters. Not over done in any way. Not as together on the move as the winner today but should go on to do well.

3 Glazik’s Ellisbell Piaggio

Post Grad (1)

1 Turner’s Ilsolo Work from Home

Well headed three year old with kind expression. Pleasing head with good depth of muzzle and low set ears. Well boned front. Well sprung ribs and firm over the loins. Sloping croup leads to correct set on of tail.

Open (5, 1)

1 James’ Inostricani Fianna

Lovely three year old showing plenty of quality. Correctly balanced head with diverging planes and good depth of muzzle. Muscular neck and well developed in body. She is correct in front and firm over the loins. Quarters are moderately angulated with nicely let down hocks. She moved well showing good reach and holding her topline well. Best of Breed.

2 Culling’s Lucoru Fairy Tale of New York

Another good one. Strongly made 4 year old boy with masculine head of good proportion with good length of foreface. Strong neck and well laid shoulders give correct front assembly. Well ribbed back and showing width over his quarters. Moved well both ways. Needed a larger ring to do himself justice.

3 Wagh’s Sh Ch Prottino Del Vera by Dewdhala

Hungarian Vizsla

Open (2)

1 Mellish’s Vizslanya Manya

5 years, feminine and well balanced through. Adequate bone, in good coat and condition, held her topline well on the move. Best of Breed

2 Hardcastle and Bradley’s Vizslanya Sziena

Good to go over with typical head and correct front. Good angulation. Just preferred tail set of the winner.

Large Munsterlander

Junior (1)

1 McLellan’s Raycris Fields of Glory for Saranden

Looking well for 8 months. Flashily marked with a lot of white in her coat. Straight, well boned fornt. She was in good body and coat condition. Moved freely. Promising.

Open (3, 2)

1 Ogle and Suchett Kaye’s Ch Raycris the Temptress

So good to go over. Well-proportioned head, strong neck, well ribbed with good width through. Well angulated quarters enabling her to move so well, covering the ring easily. Best of Breed.

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy (2, 1)

1 King’s GWP Gilleyfield Cosmos of Valkaiser

11 months and well proportioned. Feminine head with enough strength and typical expression. Good layback of shoulder, plenty of length to her ribs and firm couplings. Well-turned stifles and hocks well let down. Moved steadily and true.

Junior (5,3)

Two promising youngsters who should both go on to do well.

1 Sanderson’s Bracco Whitgun U’Cant Touch This at Walwal

Well-shaped head with good proportions and good length of muzzle. Well laid shoulders. Correct top line with good rear angulation. Carried herself so well on the move showing great reach and extension. Best NSC. Group 2 in a quality group.

2 Pipes and Groves’ Bracco Bushwacker Demetrio

Another good one, being larger framed, will take a bit longer to come together. Balanced in head with strong neck of correct length. Well-proportioned body and good rear angulation. Moved well.

Post Grad (2,1)

1 Whitgun U’Cant Touch This at Walwal

Open (2,1)

1 Allen-Line’s Sussex Marquell Torshca Chaos

4 years old. Pleasing in head with that typical expression. Super neck and well angulated shoulders. Good length of body. Firm in top line. Good width to his quarters. He moved steadily and true. Presented in good coat.

Import reg Gundog

Open (1)

1 Adams’ Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Achouffe Philanderer

Sound and honest 3 year old. Strong neck of good length, well boned straight front. Firm in topline and good depth to his ribs. Well-developed second thigh and nicely turned stifles. Moved freely and truly.

AV Gundog Veteran (6, 1)

1 Green’s IRWS Sh Ch Zendarric Heart Shaped Box with Viszaset

Seven years old and full of quality. Good head with defined stop and well placed ears. Strong neck of good length leads to well-placed shoulders. Balanced in outline. He was presented in good coat and firm condition. Moved to advantage.

2 Dunn’s pointer Meadowpoint Spirit of Love

One I have admired before. Now 8 and still looking well. In good coat and well muscled through. She has good breed type and is free from exaggeration. Close decision.

3 Fawcett’s Cocker Helenwood Cool Breeze

Gundog Group

1 Dunn’s Pointer Caithpoint Kora at Meadowpoint

Super example of the breed. Moved with style. A pleasure to award her this strong group.

2 Whitgun U’Cant Touch This at Walwal

My BoB earlier, moving even better in the large outdoor ring.

3 Walker and Roberts’ Flatcoat Gloi Dubh Just One Look

Well-constructed and shown in good body and coat, moving to advantage.

4 Hodgkinson Rutherford and Rutherford’s Sh Ch Zorrazo Hey There Yogi Bear

Another quality gundog, balanced in body, fit and well-muscled. So honest and true on the move.

Gundog Puppy Group

1 Eastwood’s ESS Eastfalla Rocking My World

Quality baby, took my eye immediately. Super head and expression. Balanced through and carrying himself so well. Will be interested to see how he progresses. Went on to BPIS. Congratulations.

2 Broadhead’s Golden Ret Strathlon Spirit of Ecstasy

Just right for age. In good body and coat. Moving well especially in profile.

3 Matthews and Adams’ Pointer Carofel Wings of Hope

Well put together and forward for his age. Firm in body with good rear angulation. Looked well.

4 Holland’s WSS Ferndel Starshine over Flatcharm

Another promising youngster showing good depth and firm couplings. In good coat. Showed well.

David Howarth