• Show Date: 27/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Higginson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/11/2023

Tyne Wear & Tees Boxer Club

Tyne Wear and Tees Boxer Club – Open Show – Sunday 27th August 2023

Thanks to all exhibitors who remained after a delay in the judging before and then the horrendous rain just before judging was about to start. Fortunately, the rain cleared just after I started judging and we were able to go outside and use the large ring. Thanks to my steward Gavin Brough who kept things going in very trying circumstances and of course the indoor crew.

Veteran Dog – 4

1st Rameleon Nights in Harlem

Excellent type. Classic outline when posed. Substantial male, correct topline, good rear angulation and well let down hocks. Good width and depth of chest, visible forechest. Excellent bone and feet. His head is well proportioned with good balance between muzzle and skull, good eye shape and lovely expression. Best Veteran in Show.

2nd Barbarossa Bugsy Malone

Good type. Also a substantial male, rear angulation good. Crested neck, well-proportioned head with good balance and good eye shape. Excellent jaw width which was also nice and straight.

Minor Puppy Dog – 1

1st Newlaithe Respect

Tall rangy puppy. Lovely crested neck, good topline and well angulated rear. Nice eye shape and good head proportions.

Puppy Dog – 2 (1abs)

1st Marbelton in the Mix

Tall dog with a square outline, lovely crested neck, good angulation front and rear and visible forechest. His head is well proportioned, good muzzle and nice eye shape. Best Puppy Dog.

Junior Dog – 4

1st Sulez Scorcher at Glenauld

Eye catching substantial male who showed his socks off. Crested neck, adequate angulation front and rear, lovely short hocks. Excellent condition and well muscled, moved steadily. Head well proportioned with a lovely eye.

2nd Yeteb Totally Charming

Nice and square with lovely shoulder placement, depth of brisket and spring of rib. Nice neck flowing into a good topline. Well proportioned head with good eye. Would prefer a little less wrinkle.

Novice – 3 (1abs)

1st Ulverbox Magic and Mayhem

3rd in previous class. Nice shape with a good topline. Good shoulder placement although a little short in upper arm which resulted in a lack of forechest. Nicely proportioned head with good eye shape, would prefer more chin.

2nd Britesparke Norman Moon

Nice shape but not so well angulated in shoulder. Nicely proportioned head, lean skull with a good eye shape.

Post Graduate Dog – 5

1st Boese Jiggerlardo JW

Tall male with good shape, well laid shoulder and upperarm giving excellent width and depth of forechest, good rear angulation, nice short hocks. He had a nice eye shape but could do with more chin and less wrinkle on skull.

2nd Kevanor In the Summertime

Nice clean head which is well proportioned with a good eye shape. Good outline but not the substance or excellent angulation of the winner.

Limit Dog – 5 (2abs)

1st Sultash Prince of Hearts

Nice square shape with short loin. Good shoulder angulation with lovely depth of brisket and evident forechest and crested neck. Good bone and feet. Well proportioned head, expression slightly marred by loose eye.

2nd Newlaithe Absolute Bug

Taller and rangier but also with a good square shape. Typical head could have better balance between muzzle and skull.

Open Dog – 2

1st Sultash Cunco

Lovely and square, nice neck flowing into good shoulders. Evident forechest, good rear angulation, lovely short hocks and excellent bone, all of which gave him a beautiful classic outline. Beautiful head with a few grey hairs but still lovely and clean, all bone with no excess padding, so balanced with beautiful eyes and expression. He went purposefully round the ring with drive and reach. It was a close decision but I when I went back for a final look, I looked into his face, he looked gently back at me and melted my heart, as only a boxer can. Best Dog and Best in Show.

2nd Norwatch Sunhawk Good Time with Chribanna

Taller more stylish male with a square outline and good angulation at both ends. Lovely clean head, free from excess wrinkle, giving a lovely expression. Excellent condition and musculation. Also moved round the ring with drive and reach. On his toes, pulling out all the stops and looking right back at me, saying pick me, pick me. I very nearly did. Reserve Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show.

Veteran Bitch 3 (1abs)

1st Alexval Dance in the Moonlight

Showing her years with but retains a nice square shape with good angulation both ends, good depth of brisket with nice short hocks.

2nd Younger bitch who was playing her handler up. Also had nice angulation with short hocks but slightly longer cast.

Minor Puppy Bitch 3

1st Jimbren Destined for Love with Sultash

 Golden brindle bitch with good substance and bone. Nice height with a short back, short hocks and good feet. Nicely proportioned head with a lovely eye.

2nd Cherryforge Hint of Russian

 Dark brindle nice and short. Nice neck with good shoulder placement, level topline. Nicely proportioned head with a nice eye. Just needs to fill out which will come as she matures.

Puppy Bitch 6 (1abs)

1st Willow Irish Mist

 Very attractive puppy with a beautiful head which is well proportioned, lovely and clean, free from excess wrinkle. Beautiful eye and expression and evident chin. Good shoulder with depth of chest, good feet, and nice short hocks. Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Show and Best Bitch.

2nd Diddle on Newlaithe

 Very smart stylish puppy with good shoulder placement, nice topline, lovely short back. Nice head with good proportions.

Junior Bitch 4 (1abs)

1st Thorpaige What a Kerfuffle

 Nicely shaped bitch with no exaggerations. Well placed shoulder, good topline, and depth of chest with visible forechest. Nicely proportioned head with nice expression.

2nd Chribanna Good Timin’

 Good square shape, good topline with short hocks. Looked a little short in forearm. Nice head with good eye and visible chin.

Novice Bitch 4 (2abs)

1st Carkennar Brainstorm

 Golden brindle bitch with a substantial body. Good forechest, bone and feet. Good rear angulation with well developed second thigh. Well proportioned head with good eye though a little over wrinkled.

2nd Thorpaige Chasing Rainbows

 Square stylish bitch with good shoulder placement. Very clean head, with good chin and a nice eye. Could do with more padding under her eyes and a little more work in her head.

Post Graduate Bitch 8 (2abs)

1st Winuwuk New Tricks at Limubox

 Nice shape with good angulation both ends, short hocks and a level topline. Nicely proportioned head, good eye and expression with a visible chin.

2nd Sultash Charisma

 Nice square bitch with good rear angulation. Good depth of forechest. Good head, visible chin and big nostrils. I found her expression a little harsh.

Limit Bitch 2

1st Yeteb Little Miss Nonsense

 Lovely cobby bitch with good rear angulation with lovely short hocks. Good shoulder with good depth of chest. Blocky muzzle with nice eye shape. Head a little over wrinkled.

2nd Sultash Enable

 Well up to size. Good shoulder placement with depth of forechest, nice topline, but over angulated behind. Nice clean head with good eye shape, clean head with evident chin and lovely big nostrils.

Open Bitch 1 (1abs)

David Higginson, Judge