• Show Date: 11/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Northumberland & Durham Labrador Retriever Club

Open Show - Saturday 11 February 2023

Thank you to the N&DLRC for affording me the honour of the invite to judge the Club’s centenary open show. I was

thrilled with the excellent entry of quality dogs, and I was really well looked after by the committee all day. Thank

you to everyone who brought their dogs for my consideration, and to my steward Pam for keeping everything on

track so well. Just one small thing I would like to point out as a non-specialist judge, if you don’t mind, and that is

that I found there to be quite a few bad feet in some of the dogs which could probably be improved with road walking

and better nail care. The temperaments of all the dogs were second to none and it was a pleasure to go over so many

happy dogs enjoying their time in the ring.

Veteran Dog (2)

1 Sh Ch Ramsayville Rock Festival at Farbrae. Well this young chap belied his years for sure! Fit and very up for

the job, her certainly kept his handler on his toes with his vivacity and zest for life. Really appeals in outline and in

all conformational points throughout. Smart headpiece with balance of skull and muzzle. Excels in forehand angles,

with firm topline and well set on tail. Balanced behind, he produced a strong tidy action on the move. 2 Steeleigh

Blue Print JW. Another in good form for his years, even if he didn’t quite have the energy of the winner on the move.

Lovely head of balance and useful proportions throughout. Well angled in front, well ribbed back and strong in loin.

Used his well set tail to advantage. Presented in excellent coat.

Minor Puppy Dog (3,1)

1 Exelby Ellison. Tidy looking young chap who is well grown and quite forward in his development for his age which

gave him the edge in this class. Head needs time but has the desired proportions with a lovely expression from good

dark eyes & tidy ears. Strong in neck and topline, and ribbed well back. Excellent coat and well set thick tail.

Presented in very fit condition. 2 Medowline Heartbreaker. Good head and eye on this youngster who is just at a

stage of development where he wasn’t quite as balanced in profile as the winner on the day. Has useful angles at both

ends and with maturity and time he will develop nicely I’m sure.

Puppy Dog (3,1)

1 Wynfaul Reprint. Well made balanced and compact youngster with good bone. Head is coming on and will no

doubt finish well; his eyes and ears are well shaped and set. He is moderate all through and was very together on the

move for his age which clinched the win here today. Appealed in leg length to body length balance. Will watch this

youngsters future with interest. BPD. 2 Brigburn Perigrine. This youngster appealed in balance of skull with useful

length and strength to muzzle. Shade larger than 1 and not quite so firm in feet and pasterns at this stage. Has a lot of

breed attributes and with maturity and tightening up all through he will do well.

Junior Dog (5)

1 Sudeo Standard Bearer. This is an upstanding young d who is quite the showman and has real look at me attitude

and presence. Head is coming along nicely. He has a strong reachy neck and good lay of shoulder, which he puts to

good use on the move. Well ribbed back and strong in loin, he never stops using his well-set thick tail! Stands strongly

over his hocks and uses them with accuracy on the move going away. Has good footfall and maintains his outline on

the move, and was well handled to show his virtues to best advantage. 2 Farbrae Rockafella. Slightly smaller framed

than the winner, this young man didn’t seem to want to have his head on the job today and was being rather

teenagerish! He has a masculine head with good clean eye, well set ear, which leads to strong neck and firm topline.

Well muscled and presented in fit order, he stands on excellent feet and has a very endearing temperament. 3 Wynfaul


Yearling Dog (3,1)

1 Lonicerium Jack Sparra. Upstanding yellow d with good length of leg and decent proportions all through. Has a

keen-ness to his expression, and a very happy attitude towards the job. Usefully constructed throughout with strength,

and presented in good coat. Stands on good feet but needs to tighten up in his front action coming towards to complete

the picture. 2 Steeleigh Lucky Day. Longer cast and stronger all through than 1, this d has a lovely attitude and stood

up attentively demonstrates the breeds wonderful temperament so well. Presented in dense coat, he has a good tail.

Needs to firm up and strengthen in hind action.

Novice Dog (5)

1 Bogarie Gunner. Attentive 3yo who was well shown, and with a kind even temperament. Well angled fore and aft

he presented a balanced picture of angles stood up, which he used to best advantage on the move. Has excellent feet,

a super coat, and a well set and shaped tail. A shade longer than I’d prefer, but the most together in this class, and

presented in superb fit, muscular order. 2 Wynfaul Reprint. 3 Exelby Ellison.

Graduate Dog (1)

1 Westerulston John. The only one in this class, but a useful looking sort with good construction and balance

throughout. Head has good proportions, neck is well set and strong, and this leads to a firm level topline which he

held well both standing and moving. Produced an economic action going around.

Post Graduate Dog (2)

1 Steeleigh Love Machine. Larger framed male, but with good proportions and balance and athleticism about him.

His balance of construction showed in his movement which was accurate and demonstrated good footfall away and

back. Strong well set tail and presented in excellent coat. Appeared to be a tad ignorant towards his handler at times

as his mind wanted to be elsewhere, so could do with some training to get him more focused on the job. 2 Flyenpyg

Pie Eyed JW. Smaller sort with shorter legs, presented in good coat and with kind eyes, well set and shaped ears, and

a good tail. Needs to firm up in pasterns to complete the picture.

Limit Dog (4,2)

1 Shaymiloney Schinus Afinmore. Larger framed male but his freedom of action and overall fitness must be

commended. He has strength all through, but nothing to excess, and presented a balanced outline and useful shape.

Showed himself off very well standing up, and used every inch of his construction to advantage on the move.

Presented in first class coat and condition. 2 Antonine Abercrombie. This lad has a well placed shoulder and strong

topline. Another who was in very fit order and showed himself off well with his lovely temperament. Not quite so

good as 1 in the feet and pasterns department.

Open Dog (6,2)

1 Albian’s Athos Cum Claychalk. This is an athletic well made d of good proportions and balance. Appeals in skull

and muzzle balance, with kindly eyes and well set and shaped ears. Reachy strong neck and a well laid shoulder with

useful length of upper arm. He is well ribbed back and strongly made with moderate angles behind. Stands up well

over his ground and produced an excellent action on the move where he really scored today. Very well handled to

show off his attributes to best advantage, amidst some very strong competition in the shortlist he couldn’t be denied

RBD. 2 Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW. Another usefully constructed d of good type and balance throughout. Super

shoulders, topline and strong loin. He is well ribbed back and has a neat action in front coming towards. Would prefer

a stronger tail, but his many other attributes outweighed this. 3 Sleddarwood Sako Flyer Over Steeleigh JW.

Special Open Working Dog (3 - 0)

1 Ch Wynfaul The Wizard JW. This is a really smart upstanding d of excellent type, proportions, and balance all

through. He is moderate and nothing is exaggerated; fit, athletic, and up for the job. Appeals in head with a delightful

expression from his dark expressive eyes. His well laid shoulder gives rise to an excellent, strong, neck, and his upper

arm length completes his correct front angles. Well sprung and long ribs lead to strong couplings and then on to a

moderately angled, very well-muscled hindquarter with well let down hocks. From all angles he continually stood

up square over his straight legs, and never let up showing at any point. He commanded attention to claim BD, BVD

BVIS & BOSIS. 2 Afinmore Alain JW ShCM. Another useful sort who is well constructed with balance of angles

and proportions throughout. He was close up to the winner, however 1 was just a shade shorter in body length for my

preference. This d has many positives and was presented in excellent order. 3 Shork’s Prediction WGC.

Veteran Bitch (5.)

1 Westerulston Bola. Well shaped head on this lady, who showed herself to advantage. Moved around the ring very

well using her balanced and moderate angles to advantage both going around and away and back. Has a well shaped

head of useful balance, good shape and strength all through, and was presented in fit order. Stands on good tidy feet.

2 Sh Ch Sekada Miss Bianca. Nicely headed b of balance, with a good shape and well angled fore and hind quarters.

Not the feet of 1, her nails could do with some attention to improve things in that department. 3 Hop Off

Newfoundland Coast WGC.

Minor Puppy Bitch (6)

1 Etlantis Afinmore Arosalven. Very much the baby in this class, and a shade long for her height at the moment, but

she has lots of time to grow and develop and overall her sound movement and balance of action took her to the win

in this class. Has a very sweet feminine expression with lovely dark eyes. Nicely angled front and rear, she used her

angles to advantage on the move and produced a particularly tidy action away and back. 2 Afinmore Alamosa. Sound,

honest, useful sort, who just needs to develop in head but there is more than plenty time for that. Another who was

in excellent coat with a good tail. Lots to like with both 1 & 2 in this class, I shall watch their progress with interest.

3 Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse.

Puppy Bitch (7,3)

1 Wynfaul Carbon Copy At Beskerby. A well constructred young b of substance, with lots of breed type and correct

conformation throughout. Lovely head of balanced proportions, and gentle expression. Liked her forehand angles

with well laid shoulder and good length and angle of upper arm. Has strength in neck, topline, and loin. She is already

well developed in ribbing. Well turned stifles and low, squarely set hocks, which she used to advantage on the move.

Already demonstrates good length of leg to body, and stands up well over her ground at all times. To be uber critical

I would prefer her to be less proud of her tail, but as the whole package she couldn’t be denied today and as such was

awarded BPB & BPIS. 2 Hurstmeon Hey Look Its Me At Flyenpygy. Smart outline on this youngster who looks to

be growing on and maturing nicely. Not quite so together as 1 in front coming towards, but with time that will easily

improve. Shown and handled well, and another with a lovely happy temperament. 3 Shork’s Ingens.

Junior Bitch (2)

1 Afinmore Allium At Murlaggan. This is a well made and muscled b with an athletic outlook and balance of angles

in her construction. Her well laid shoulder and nicely angled hindquarters produced a neat pattern of movement going

around where her freedom of action clinched her the win. Very sound away and back, and shown well. 2 Burnthorn

Blithe Spirit. Shorter and more compact in outline than 1, this b is well ribbed and has a good tail and was in good

coat. Rather splayed in her feet which spoilt her front action coming towards.

Yearling Bitch (7,1)

1 Claychalk Costa Taka. Smart outline on this well made chocolate, who looks to be maturity on nicely with balance

throughout. She has good front angles, and balance in the hindquarters, which produced a very sound free action

going around with accurate footfall away and back. Presented in fit order and good coat with neat feet. 2 Lonicerium

Black Pearl. Close up to the winner, another with a lovely clean outline and a well laid back shoulder. Very fit, shown

well, and moving out with drive and accuracy holding her outline at all times. Another with good feet. 3 Exelby


Special Beginners Bitch (5,3)

1 Shork’s Ingens. A longer and rangier type all through, this b was presented in very good body condition and correct

weight, with good muscle. Well handled to show off her virtues to best advantage. 2 Rhythm Lacey. This chocolate

looked to have a nice outline and good balance, however was carrying too much weight for me which showed in her


Novice Bitch (5,2)

1 Wynfaul Carbon Copy At Beskerby. 2 Afinmore April Mist. Athletic type with useful construction and good leg

length. Yet another from this kennel who was presented in first class order and in the peak of fitness, with perfect

muscle and weight. Stands on excellent feet. 3 Millbraden Doroteja

Graduate Bitch (4,2)

1 Afinmore Allium At Murlaggan. 2 Exelby Court Jester. This youngster was presented in excellent coat and has a

very good tail set and shape. Liked her expression and eye shape and colour. A bit longer in body and lower on the

leg than 1, her feet could do with some work to tighten them up.

Post Graduate Bitch (5,1)

1 Wynfaul New Years Eve JW. What a smasher! A really lovely sort with so much to like all through. This young

lady really captivated me with her many breed attributes and her wonderful temperament and showmanship. Grand

headed with balance of skull and muzzle proportions, this leads on to her strong neck which flows neatly over her

very well laid shoulder into a strong topline. She has a well shaped and spung, long ribcage, and short strong loin.

Scores in moderate hind angles with a well developed first and second thigh and well let down hocks. At all times

she stood foot-perfect and certainly didn’t disappoint in the move; free and easy in action with accuracy of footfall.

To round it all off she is presented in immaculate order and shown very well. I couldn’t deny this top quality young

b RBB & RBIS is some very tough competition today. 2 Burnthorn Barleytwist. This b presented a typical outline

and has balance with strength and moderation. Not the condition of 1, she could do with firming up all through to

really take her to the next level. 3 Lulukella’s Hometown Glory.

Limit Bitch (7,2)

This was a real challenge of a class as the 5 presented all had differing proportions and virtues, and could likely easily

all change places on another day. 1 Rochevale Fairytale, clinched this class as I felt she had the best overall outline

with clean forehand and ground covering movment. Liked her head shape and expression, ear set, topline, and tail. 2

Sudeo Roxy. This b has lovely type with balance in angles fore and aft, and a compact neat tidy outline. Close up to

the winner, she has a good coat and tail but just wasn’t quite so forward on the move today. 3 Burnthorn Box Office

Open Bitch (4,1)

1 AM GCHG CH Tampa Bay & Eagle Pond’s Kisses Sweeter Than Wine. This b is real quality, and was so lovely to

go over with everything fitting into place perfectly. She is balanced, strong, sound and moderate all through. Scores

in head and expression with skull and muzzle balance, well set and shaped dark eyes, and neat ears. Excelling in front

angulation, her well laid shoulder gives rise to a strong clean neck, and fits neatly into her strong short topline. She

is well developed in rib, strong in loin and couplings with clean underline. Behind she is balanced in her angles

completing the picture, and is well developed in first and second thigh. She stands straight over her hocks at all times,

and when coming to a stop all four feet stand sound and square. Her movement was quite exciting, covering the

ground freely and easily with a very accurate stride, holding her topline and using her tail. I was quite captivated by

this exciting b as you can probably tell, and she was therefore BB & BIS in very good company. I will watch how

well she is received in the UK; I was later told this was her first show on British soil – good luck! 2 Sh Ch Rochevale

Once Upon a Time. Lovely headed mature b of quality and good construction. Lovely shaped head with good eyes

and ears, strong in neck and topline with well set on short tail. Moved out with drive.

Special Open Working Bitch (4,2)

1 Afinmore April Moon. An obvious athlete, with a rangier outline, this b was presented in first class order and stands

on excellent feet. In the very best of muscletone, this was evident both standing and when moving as she produced a

strong driving action from the rear. 2 Hop Off Newfoundland Coast WGC. 11 years young, and still showing very

well indeed. In excellent coat and overall a lovely sort and good type.

Brace (4,2)

1 Miss C. Rowe with two well matched yellows of good type who were very much moving in unison and working

well as a brace. 2 C.M. Smith with another good pairing, who went well with much enthusiasm!

David R. Alcorn (Judge)