• Show Date: 23/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

York Canine Association

York Canine Association Open Show – 23rd July 2023

Thank you to all the exhibitors who braved the weather and attended the show. The Committee have to make various last minute changes to ring arrangement because of the continual rain, and it was marvellous that they managed to accommodate everyone indoors. Some of the exhibits struggled with the flooring in the foyer, which was reflected in some placings.

Border Terrier

Y (6) 1 Manorcroft Johan at Brumberhill. Smart young chap, usefully constructed at both ends and presenting a balance, moderate, typical outline. Appeals in head which has strength with lovely expression. Scores in length of neck and corresponding layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. Has length of rib and strength in topline. Has well angled quarters with low hocks and is already well developed in first and second thigh. Carries himself confidently and purposefully around the ring.2 Borderush Clementine for Ardenholm. Shade longer in profile than the winner, but a good mover who has an athletic feminine outlook and balance of construction throughout. Head developing well. Has good length of leg and super feet. 3 Nottorg Nekesa.

O (3,2) 1 Ch Brumberhill Back T’Future JW ShCM. A very smart dog who is typical throughout. Workmanlike, sound, honest, well balanced, he is lovely to go over and doesn’t disappoint on the move. Grand head and expression, with a mischevious air! Flows smoothly through the neck and shoulder junction into his topline and along to well set short tail. Well angled quarters with let down hocks allow him to move off with purpose. As always from this kennel, presented in first class order – skin, coat, muscle, everything presented to the minute. BoB.


O (2,1) 1 Lionscourt King Kahekili. Well grown three and a half year old male presented in good coat and with superb body and condition. Appeals in outline and in head proportions. Moved out well and coped admirably with the surface. BoB.

Siberian Husky

P (3,1) 1 Atlanticbreeze Bailey by Lupinemoon. Tidily made young male with typical outline already, who looks to be developing along the right lines. Liked his head shape, neat ears, and keen expression. Good neck length from his well laid shoulder, and has strength in topline standing and moving. Well muscled rear end produced a sound action going away, and his balance in construction produced an economic stride. BP. 2 Withdrawn as extremely nervous and unhappy with the surroundings, and unable to be assessed.

PG (2) 1 Kentwone Shooter at Lupinemoon. Workmanlike in outline, with substance. Keen in expression with well shaped and coloured eyes. Excellent firm topline and well set on tail. Well ribbed back and presented in superb coat and excellent condition. 2 Withdrawn as extremely nervous and unhappy with the surroundings, and unable to be assessed. assessed.

O (5,3) 1 Lyfearon Off With Her Head. Feminine in outlook, but with plenty of strength and substance, you could well imagine this two and a half year old b doing a job of work. Smart headpiece of balanced proportions and small neat ears. Excellent conformation throughout; balanced, unexaggerated, and sound. Uses herself to great advantage on the move with plenty of ground coverage and accurate footfall from her straight limbs. Her handler has obvious talent; this pairing work away quietly together and he dissolves into the background letting his dog shine through. Their performance was flawless in the breed to take BoB, and they both stepped it up a gear to claim G1. 2 Arcticskies Fernando Avec Kessem JW. Larger frame overall on this d, who didn’t appear to be entirely at ease with the flooring, sadly. Has a pleasing masculine head of balance, and a well laid shoulder. Would prefer better feet. Moved out well enough given the conditions.


O (1) 1 Emsart Rocketman JW. Smart chap with an imposing outline, and handler gets the very best from him at all times. Really liked his large square head with well filled cheeks and strength in jaw. Has balance in angulation both fore and aft, which shows in both his static and kinetic balance. Went out with some purpose and has surprising lightness of foot for his mass. Would just prefer better feet. BoB.

Alaskan Malamute

P (1) 1 Black Stripe. Brand new baby who was at his first show, and did well enough to cope with the surroundings. His handler had a lovely way with him and encouraged him along, and when he started going he moved out with a happy action.

PG (3,1) 1 Snow Legend Zenith of Fame Nordicwinds. Upstanding outline on this young male who looks to be coming into his own. Presents and imposing outline with a very much look at me attitude, but has a wonderful temperament to go with it. Liked his head and expression from his dark almond eyes. Stands up well over his ground, has good shoulder, topline, and turn of stifle. Presented in excellent coat. Moved out well, just needs to tidy up in hind action. 2 Paha Sapa Mals Blahnik Via Kaytoo. Smaller frame and a little short on the leg for me. Scores in topline and ribbing – ribcage extends well back and topline is firm and straight both standing and moving. In excellent body and wonderful coat, and stands on super feet.

O (5,1) 1 Nordicwinds Grtest Showman. This young man is quite a character and his handler does really well to keep his exuberant temperament in order! He has a real zest for life which becomes even more clear when he moves, as he uses every inch of his construction to best advantage. Smart headpiece of balance, with good eyes and neat ears. Has correctness of static balance, standing on well boned straight limbs and good feet. Excellent side profile when going around. BoB. 2 Okinastar I’m The Man. Another who produces an excellent length of stride on the move and covers plenty of ground with ease. Just not quite so settled on the away and back as the winner today. 3 Kaytoo Antarctic Kuma.

ANSC Working

P (4) This was an excellent class with lots of promising youngsters who were all a pleasure to judge. 1 Disaranto A Perfect Match. Upstanding Newfoundland with clean and impressive outline. Flows all through and has wonderful balance and symmetry. Liked his head with short square muzzle, and small clean dark eye. Strong and clean in neck, and has well laid shoulders. Deep in brisket and well ribbed back, he has strength of topline and loin. Hind angles are entirely complimentary and he stands squarely over his hocks. Comes alive on the move and certainly doesn’t disappoint; has freedom of action, length of stride and accuracy of footfall. I’m sure there will be many exciting times ahead for this great prospect. BP & PG1. 2 Newfangled Confidential. 3 Korifey Reckless.

Y (2) 1 Primus Party Like Gatsby. One whom I have appreciated recently. Has soundness throughout. Sound, strong, straight well boned limbs and tidy fee. Presented in good order with well developed muscle. Moved out on an easy stride. BNSC. 2 Aibrean All That I Know. Cheeky young Dogue with lots of character as showmanship. Presented in fit order, nice to go over, and another who moved out well.

Working Group

The group was claimed by the gorgeous Siberian Husky, who was shown so perfectly. G2 went to the upstanding Malamute who continued to perform well and moved out nicely. G3 Britespark Norman Moon, Boxer. Lovely headed red brindle male with a grand front assembly. Holds his topline well standing and moving. Nicely made quarters which were well muscled. Stands on neat feet. Moved out very well to take his place here. G4 the powerful yet sportsmanlike Bullmastiff.

Working Puppy Group

Only three present today, and the group was topped by the outstanding Newfoundland puppy, the lovely Siberian had to settle for a credible second in this excellent company today, whilst the Alaskan Malamute baby was third.

AV Working

P (2, 1) 1 Atlanticbreeze Bailey by Lupinemoon. 2 Newfangled Confidential. 3 Korifey Reckless.

V (4,1) 1 Siberiadrift Adrian’s Start of Zimavolk. This was a very athletic Siberian Husky with powerful outlook and really purposeful stride. Scores in the head department, which is of balance, cleanness, and with good eyes and ears. Has strength in neck, topline and croup. Well balanced front and rear, this young lady moved out with power and ground cover with tidiness of footfall. 2 Nordicwinds American Dream. Nicely presented Malamute and another who moved out very well, coping admirably with the surface today. In excellent coat and condition.

David R. Alcorn (Lourdace/Comalegy)