• Show Date: 03/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/10/2023

Wolsingham & Wear Valley Agricultural Society

Wolsingham Open Show 3rd September 2023 Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at this buzzing, well organised, show. It was an extremely hot day so I moved dogs less than I perhaps would normally, to allow for the extreme temperatures we were all enjoying but the dogs were not. There was a good public attendance who seemed to enjoy the array of breeds on show. Thank you for the marvellous entries in the terrier breeds which made for a very enjoyable day indeed. Border Terrier P (5) 1 Valicetarn Vivanetta Blue. A useful youngster maturing along good lines. Lovely head shape with correct expression. Well laid shoulder and has strength in topline, and well muscled quarters. Feet need to improve. Good coat for age, BP. 2 Stineval Sasha. Decent head and coat on this youngster, just a shade higher on the leg than the winner and not quite so tidy in front action at the moment. 3 Beaconpike Caelus. J (3) 1 Normbar Maggie May Quite taken with this typical youngster who possesses a lovely head an expression. Balanced and moderate in construction throughout, with soundness. Moved out with confidence and purpose to take this class. Presented in first class order and really fit condition 2 Otterpaws The Thunder Rolls. Another with a good head, and another presented in excellent condition with good coat and well developed muscles! Just a shade longer cast than 1 at present. 3 Tyneotter Bolt From The Blue. PG (10,4) 1 Nottorg Nekesa. Useful size on this nicely made youngster. Scores in head, front and rear angles, topline and overall outline and balance. Really impressed on the move, with an accurate and ground covering easy stride. Fit & well conditioned. 2 Otterpaws The Thunder Rolls. 3 Micustins Little Owl. L (5,1) 1 Micustins Little Tiger. Smartly made sporting outlook on this chap who really appealed overall and in all department. Good head with length and strength in muzzle. He has a strong neck, cleanly leading to a well laid shoulder and strong topline. Well ribbed back and strong in loin, he has a neat well set on tail and well angled and muscled quarters. Doesn’t disappoint on the move, where the moves out with reach and drive covering plenty of ground with ease. BoB & G2. 2 Valicetarn Velvet. Good enough for type, but not so strong in topline at present and needs to firm up when on the move. Nicely headed and good for body and pelt. Nice head and expression. 3 Staynorwood Rambler. O (7,5) Two good sorts in this class, who each have attributes to appraise. Both present typical outlines when stood up and have balance of angulation fore and aft. Preferred the front angulation and straighter front action of 1, but preferred the more otter like head of 2. Both easily spannable and presented in good order. A close decision. 1 Beaconpike Dionysus. 2 Stineval Lambert. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Always a pleasure to judge this lovely breed, with extremely sporting exhibitors who have a great attitude and super camaraderie. You are a credit to pedigree dogs and many breeds could learn from you all! PG (7,1) 1 Northstaff Thunderstruck at Durhamstaff. Shapely b of excellent proportions and strength with femininity. Clean in outline all through and in really fit order, a proper little powerhouse. Appeals on the move with straight strong action away and back and a powerful action from her well muscled rear going around. Presented in first class order and gleaming coat and great skin. 2 Rachamos The Few. All male, and a really fit chap in first class order – his fitness is immediately apparent as he is rippling in hard muscle, evident in his agility of action on the move. Masculine clean head and dry neck, well balance fore and aft. Well handled. 3 Niatona Miss Batty. O (11,4) Superb class of quality. 1 Diamondstaff Wee Mac At Durhamstaff. A super example of muscular agility with strength and substance without coarseness. Scores in head, which is masculine, clean, dry, and with well filled cheek. Strong in both fore and hind quarters with balance of angulation and nothing to excess. Well ribbed back and strong in topline with well developed brisket. Extremely fit and shows development of first and second thigh. Moved out with such soundness and freedom of action, he couldn’t be denied BoB, and later G1 & RBIS. Congratulations. 2 Auchdaran My Meggue Sue. Close up to the winner and for all that the winner is a picture of masculinity she is a picture of femininity. Neat feminine head and keen expression. Lots of the same remarks apply as 1, she pushed him all the way today. I am sure neither of these two will be far away from top awards on a regular basis. 3 Geordiestaff Nee Botha. Bedlington Terrier J (2) 1 Janmark Man In the Middle. Well grown youngster up to size for age, and presented in first class order. Well schooled and performing well, this young d put on such a good performance with his skilled handler. Lovely head with strength in jaw and good big teeth. A sound steady mover. 2 Little Bristle Charmer. Raw and rangy looking at the moment and needs time to fill in and develop. Has good big clean teeth and strong jaw. Nicely muscled. Handler needs to be more attentive. PG (7,3) This class was quite mixed and each of the exhibits presented possessed breed attributes. 1 Mactufts Kindred Spirit. Went the best of the class on the move and put on a good show, working well with handler. Presented in really good coat and muscular condition and used her moderate angles to best advantage on the move. 2 Eyes Of Angel Di Nepi Masai Mara. Larger frame and not wanting to play ball with her handler today! Well presented but could make better use of her good construction on the move. 3 Durhamites Unzip Avamay. O (5,2) 1 Mactufts Nanny McPhee. A very decent sort of useful shape and size all through and with strength and good bone but with femininity throughout. Good shape of head and balance of skull to muzzle, with strength in jaw and good teeth. Firm in topline and well ribbed back to strong quarters. The best moving here today producing a tidy sound action on the move. BoB. 2 Janmark Je Ne Sais Pas Avec Mickleview. Another of tidy shape and pleasing outline, and useful size. Well presented and handled but not moving so strongly from the hocks today. 3 Trevelyans Unzip You Got The Look. Scottish Terrier O (3) Thank you to the single exhibitor for their support of this class, we don’t see enough of this lovely breed at open shows! 1 Ch Carisco Follow Your Dreams. Presented the best outline in this class with balance of body and leg length proportions and sufficient ground clearance. Good length of head, neck, and back, with well set on tail. Moved out with a purposeful stride and presented in good order. BoB. 2 Carisco Equinox. Decent headed and of good breed type, but preferred the leg length and overall proportions of 1. Presented in fit order and with excellent coat. Well handled to show to advantage too. 3 Carisco Colour Of The Wind. Fox Terrier (Wire) O (4,2) 1 Kentwone Boston To Ivyjewel. Sparky sort with a clean pleasing outline and balance in angulation. Grand head with strength and good length. Strong neck and excellent lay of shoulder. Short strong topline leading to well set on tail. Well developed in rib and strong in loin. Hocks are well let down and used to advantage on the move. Produces a strong sound action on the go, and has great attitude with it. 2 Wyregait Queen of Gold. Just a youngster but with lots of appeal and many breed qualities. Head coming along nicely, just needs to balance up in leg length to body length. Not quite so strong in movement as one would expect, given her age, so had to bend her paw to her kennel mate today but her time will come. Fox Terrier (Smooth) O (1) 1 Tynefox La Vida Loca. Feminine headed b who stands on straight legs and good feet. Shade long in body and in tail for me, but well enough muscled and performed very well moving out with purpose and a good even stride. Nice to handled on the table and in good coat. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier PG (1) 1 Eblanahalls Kiss Curl. Judged this lovely youngster recently and in a short time she has matured and got even better! Really lovely sort of balance and with good angles front and rear. Feminine head but with strength of jaw and keen expression. Excels in angulation, particular in front with a well laid shoulder and useful length of upper arm. Strong in topline and well ribbed, she is fit and well muscled behind with good development of first and second thigh. BoB & BP & PG1. O (1) 1 Eblanahalls Good Limerence. Another from this exhibitor presented in immaculate condition and first class order, a credit to their owner. Free stands very well to show off her soundness of construction and good static balance. Moved out with a sound action away and back, but just preferred the front angles of the youngster when it came to the decision for BoB today. West Highland White Terrier PG (1) 1 Maxmadadh Mila Mariposa. Felt a bit sorry for this youngster today as she was rather overawed by the surroundings and whilst she wanted to work with her owner she didn’t really get it together as she needs time and a lot of confidence building. She free stands well and when she did have moments of getting her act together, she had lots of attributes to admire. Keep working with her! O (2) 1 Maxmadadh Midsummer Mist. Feminine headed four year old who presented a decent outline, but is just coming back from having had puppies I understand. A credit to her owner for getting her back so well so far. Moved out with a positive stride. BoB. 2 Maxmadadh Madness of Muse. Another with a good head but wasn’t settled to the job today which is where 1 scored. All three presented from this kennel had a similar outline, make, and shape. Thank you for bringing them! AV Terrier NSC P (1) 1 Calavey Abu. Decent type to this JRT youngster who was up for the job and putting on a really good show with enthusiastic attitude. Has good topline and well set tail, well developed first and second thigh and stands on good feet. Moved well out and back. O (10,3) 1 Droverlaw Messie Bessie. Robust looking rugged Cairn of good type and very typical outline. Appeals in balance of skull and muzzle with strength in jaw. Strong topline and well set tail, and in good coat with great body and ribbing. Moved very well but handler could make a better job of the duo to get more from her. 2 Chandlimore Pass The Buck To Mycalleys. Very good moving JRT who eats up the ground on the go around. Liked his head and overall outline, coat and muscletone. Shade wide coming towards today. Terrier Group This was a very good terrier group with many exhibits still showing very well in the intense head. After consideration, I couldn’t deny giving group 1 to the Stafford, Diamondstaff Wee Mac At Durhamstaff, who was still giving it his all and then some. A grand dog and deserving winner today. His edge of showmanship just pushed him ahead of the excellent moving Border Terrier Micustins Little Tiger. The sprightly wire fox terrier Kentwone Boston To Ivyjewel claimed a credible third in this good group and fourth place was awarded to the Cairn Terrier from NSC Droverlaw Messie Bessie. Terrier Puppy Group A pleasing group of puppies for sure, with lots of stars of the future, I am sure! Winning from this group of youngsters was the SWCT Eblanahalls Kiss Curl whose handler was still getting 100% from her at the end of a long hot day. Puppy group 2 was the b/t Border baby Valicetarn Vivanetta Blue who just edged ahead on maturity to be placed second, over third place WFT Wyregait Queen of Gold with the fun-loving JRT Calavey Abu coming in to puppy group 4th today. Good luck with all of these youngsters in the future! AV Terrier O (8,4) 1 Northstaff Thunderstruck at Durhamstaff, still moving well and putting on a great show. 2 Rachamo’s The Few. This chap was still working well with his handler to take his place here. 3 Birselaw Ruby Slippers. V (9,5) This was a grand class, what a credit all of these dogs were to their owners – and to pedigree dogs! Congratulations to you all with your lovely veterans. 1 Raleniro Second Time Around. Smart upstanding Border of grand type and super condition for age. Has useful body proportions and length of leg, completing the balanced picture. In super coat, well muscled, and moved out with strong driving action and good ground coverage. 2 Dymanti Roman Warrior at Nottorg. This chap is just awesome for his age, I truly can’t believe his is over 12 – what a credit to his owner, breeder, and the breed. Went so well, with verve and great attitude, striding out and covering the ground with such sound action. A real ambassador for his breed. 3 Geordiestaff Luv Bobbiedog. David R. Alcorn (Lourdace/Comalegy) (Judge)