• Show Date: 23/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Eastern Counties Poodle Club

Eastern Counties Poodle Club

Open Show – 23 April 2023

The Committee of ECPC clearly work very hard to run an excellent open show. I was so well looked after from start to finish and had a very enjoyable day with two great stewards - thank you for the invitation to judge at your lovely show. I really hope, as with all poodle breed clubs in the UK, that owners and exhibitors realise they must use them, or lose them!

Poodle (Standard)

MPD (1) 1 Back To The Fushia. Just fresh out today at his first show, and just six months old. Not the most confident at being handled, but came back to himself on the move where he produced an active stride going around. Has length of head and development of chin, and was presented in good clean coat.

PD (1) 1 Viadua Monstro The Maneater. Well grown white male with lots of poodle character. Strongly made all through, he is masculine but not coarse. Has dark eyed and well chiselled skull, strong neck and good shoulder placement. Strong in topline with well set on tail. Needs to develop on body understandably, but presented in excellent coat and first class order. BD & BPIB.

PD AOC than black (2) 1 Viadua Monstro The Maneater. 2 Back To The Fushia.

LD (1) 1 Jaspalie Ghost. Upstanding sort who has bags of character and a real poodle attitude! Has a good eye shape and colour, with length and leanness of skull. Shade straight in his front angles, but well ribbed back and well angled and muscled quarters. Stood on decent feet. RBD.

OD AOC than black (1) 1 Jaspalie Ghost

MPB (1) 1 Outflash Rumour Has It. Small black who is just a baby and needs a lot of time to grow on and develop. Rather small all through, but with a feminine head and good eye colour and shape. Coat is well cared for and presented. Needs to settle on the move.

PB (1) 1 Viadua Tamatoa’s Treasure. This b has a pretty head with endearingly defiant expression! Has a good forechest and is very well bodied with good covering. Shade short in rib and long in loin, presenting a bit of a longer outline, she moved out very well with a sound action away and back. BPB.

PGB (2) 1 Janavon’s Summa Breeze. Petite feminine bitch with a nice outline. Has nice eye shape and colour giving her a very nice feminine expression. Has balance in her construction which shows in her ability to free stand very soundly indeed. Moved out very well and presented in good coat of excellent texture. RBB. 2 Alisiane I Will Survive. Longer cast than 1 and not so good in head or feet. Has a pretty head and good eyes. Tended to pace every now and again which handler needs to watch. Good tailset and shape.

LB (1) 1 Janavon’s Amazing Grace. Rather unassuming in outlook, whilst this pretty b doesn’t immediately strike you with a very look at me attitude, she is very nice to go over and has many breed attributes. Well made at both ends under her very nicely textured coat. Moves out on a sound and easy stride covering the ground with ease. Her handler is – dare I say it – quite relaxed in her attitude, but gets the best from her both standing and moving. BB & BoB & RBIS.

OB AOC than black (1) 1 Janavon’s Amazing Grace.

Poodle (Toy)

LD (1) 1 Montelle Talking Picture To Langstrath. This gassy young chap was lovely to go over on the table and moved out with verve and bags of attitude. Has dark expressive eyes, plenty of work in his head, and good chin. Shade wide in front coming towards, but good ground coverage when going around the ring with drive from his strong quarters. Presented in great coat and condition. BD & BoB

JB (1) 1 Karamouche Dirty Dancing With Roonis. Very pretty youngster who is lovely to go over with lots to like. Feminine head with plenty of work and good chin. Balance in angles fore and aft, but needs to body up in between which is understandable at this young age. Moved out with style. BB.

OB AOC than black (2,1) 1 Dikatanya Devoted Dana. Coming up six years old this apricot didn’t quite have the confidence I would expect on the table, however went around the ring with a little more confidence. Presentation could be better, feet need attention, and she needs more body on her. RBB.

Poodle (Miniature)

MPD (2) 1 Arrowflight Harvest Moon. Smashing young quality brown with lots of things to like. Super to go over on the table, I really liked his head shape, chin, eye shape and colour, and length and balance of skull. Well laid shoulder and excellent ribbing for his age. He is well angled behind and stands on superb feet. Appeared to be a little tender on a foot in the class, however he clearly got over this in the challenge and was on top form by the end of the day to take BP & BPIS. 2 Dikatanya Super Trooper. Longer rangier sort who was lacking body and confidence today which was a shame. Has lovely dark eyes.

PD (1) 1 Lowashton Craster Shore. Well presented young d, large in size and hopefully done all his growing. He has a masculine head and is well bodied and conditioned. Stands on good feet. He has a good coat which was well presented. His handler needs to gain confidence.

PD AOC than black (1) 1 Arrowflight Harvest Moon.

LD (1) 1 Raeannes Hidden Liaison. This is a very sound d who is lovely to go over on the table. Has a nice head shape in profile with good chin and correct bite. Good length of neck, lay of shoulder, and development of ribbing. Has well angled quarters and stands on good feet. Produces a balanced and economic action on the move with good ground cover and accuracy of footfall. Particularly impressive on the free stack where he always stands with all four feet facing forwards! BD & BOB & BIS.

VB (1) 1 Ch Myhaven Chocolate Fancy JW ShCM VW. What a classy veteran, with so much verve and character. Feminine headed, nicely constructed under her will presented and tailored coat, and presented in great order. Moved out with such style and vivacity, what a super veteran. BVIB & BVIS.

MPB (1) 1 Dikatanya Sweet Surprise. This young b has a lovely feminine head and a great coat of super texture. Unfortunately she was completely overawed by the proceedings and uncharacteristically and decidedly unhappy, which her owner(s) must work on outwith the show environment to get her much more confident in herself.

PGB (2) 1 Michandy Love Of The Game. Decent headed b with lovely dark clean eyes and good development of chin. Rather tense to go over on the table, she is soundly constructed but thankfully comes alive on the move using her many attributes to good advantage. BB. 2 Ooh La La at Dikatanya. Presented in good coat, this b gave a decent account of herself and her skilled handler did a very good job of getting the absolute best out of her with his patience and kind attitude. RBB.

David R. Alcorn – Lourdace/Comalegy (Judge)