• Show Date: 01/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/10/2023

Otley Canine Society

Otley Canine Society Open Show – 1st August 2023 You can always be guaranteed of a really great time at Otley Show, and this year was no exception – even if the weather didn’t play ball all day. This Show is like a proper old fashioned agricultural show, where the whole committee put their best foot forward and represent their society admirably. As a judge you are extremely well looked after from start to finish; I had great stewards all day, excellent sized rings, some smashing dogs to judge – and probably the best lunch on the show circuit. I hope your show goes, deservedly, from strength to strength. KC JW Qualifying Heat This class was as feast for the eyes and a great challenge to judge. There was such depth of quality throughout – to select only six at the end took a lot of consideration indeed. Good luck to all of those who have qualified. 1 Sharnphilly Sugar Plum. Curvy, typical, lemon & white pointer who never put a foot wrong. Appeals in construction throughout, and is presented in first class order. Standing she is clean in outline, and on the move she is correct and uses her angles to great advantage covering the ground very well. A worthy winner of this really excellent class today. 2 Danluke Drag On A Dime. Moderately curvaceous whippet with graceful outlook and classy lines. Appealed in all departments, particularly balance and fitness. Moved out so well and with perfect footfall. 3 Violis Struts Her Stuff. Ultra smart miniature schnauzer with strength and balance all through. Has composure stacked and moving, retaining a clean outline at all times. Poodle (Toy) Y (1) 1 Denroma Roses Are Red. Decent headed youngster with a good coat which was presented in fine order. Nice to go over on the table and with good body, however needs to relax in topline a little and improve in feet. Moved out with confidence. L (1) 1 Lynchams Nimble Naomi. Feminine headed but could benefit from a little more chin to complete the picture. Nicely constructed at both ends, this young lady was quite full of herself, standing and moving out with such poise and attitude. O (2) 1 Montelle Talking Picture to Langstrath. Upstanding young man with a really gassy attitude and so full of himself, he cannot be overlooked. Clearly loves his job and never stops showing! Smart headpiece of balance and with good chin. Nicely constructed and well bodied, he really uses himself to great advantage on the move as he powers around. BoB. 2 Denroma Roses Are Red. Poodle (Miniature) P (4) 1 Joleena’s In Excelsis with Navarre JW. Left her competition standing today as she rather blew them all out the water with her beautiful outlook and fabulous attitude! Smart feminine headpiece with appealing wicked eye. Soundly constructed fore and aft, she has balance and moderation. Well ribbed up and good for body she is also in really fit condition. Presented in first class order and handled to advantage to take BoB, BP, G3, PG1. 2 Unbelievably Beautiful From Dikatayna. Smaller and not as forward in maturity as 1 today, however goes around the ring with a sound action and confident attitude. Lovely headshape and eye. Well presented and handled. Y (1) Kimedee Hot Love at Vadisma. Lovely sort with lots of breed attributes to appreciate. Well balanced skull shape, but would prefer more chin for perfection. Strong neck and topline, well set on tail. Super body and ribbing. Moves out using her balance of angulation to advantage. RBoB. O (5,3) 1 Lorics Midnight Majesty at Godpeakiki. Not in the happiest frame of mind today which was a shame, as she was rather tense on the table and perhaps a little reserved in movement. Presented in excellent order and well off for body, however feet could do with some attention. Nice mover when settled. Akita P (1) 1 Colmillos’s Rising Sun. 10 month old but didn’t really have her head on the job today which made her handlers job rather tricky at times! Decent head proportions and in good coat, but needs to firm up all through and compose herself on the move. Y (1) 1 Colmillos Still As Mountain. Larger outline and well grown on, presented in good coat and decent muscle tone. Stands on good feet. Let herself down on the move unfortunately, where more schooling and conditioning is required. L (1) 1 Colmillos Still As Mountain. O (3) 1 Tazfuli’s Liberion Girl. Presented the most typical outline here today, and was in good order and coat. Lovely headshape with pleasing expression. Steady enough in action on the move but not moving as positive as one would hope from her hindquarters. BoB. 2 Whatif’s Infinity. Larger outline than 1 and higher on the leg. In excellent coat and standing on good feet. Confident attitude. AVNSC Utility P (1) 1 Chequerpei Jive Talkin. Smart and upstanding young shar pei with a great attitude and keenness for the job! Lovely clean outline with moderate wrinkle and nothing to excess. Clean in eye with neat small ears. Strong topline, well bodied, excellent muscle and good harsh coat. Moved out very well – really impressive. One to watch! BNSC & BSC & PG2. 2 Tanlap Timeless Touch at Beaconpride. Nicely presented chow chow in good coat and with lovely body and muscle. Stands on good foot and made good use of herself on the move. Y (1) 1 Ryuukia Danu. Upstanding Akita Inu who needs a little more training as she really made her handler work hard! Broad in head, has good length and strength in limb. Excellent coat condition and well muscled. Needs to come together on the move. O (2) 1 Peter Parker at Namrohy. Black chow chow with dark pigments and good clean eyes. Extremely sound in construction throughout, which showed in his sound and purposeful action on the move. Very well coated and with good body and muscle. 2 Int Ch Clarmers Talking Mischief With Kelmorespitz. Tidy and useful sort with a lovely balanced head and keen expression. In good condition and coat given that I was told she only whelped ten weeks ago, well done! AV Utility P (12, 4) 1 Winklestar Regulus. Shapely Keeshond of great type and with presence and showmanship. Standing up he stands well over his ground on four strong limbs, and doesn’t disappoint on the move. Sound away and back with great carriage and kinetic balance. 2 Glocken’s Everybodys Talkin. Very smartly headed miniature schnauzer who is lovely to go over as in excellent coat, body and condition. Moved with a strength in action and accuracy of footfall. Y (15, 10) 1 Tibbiestars Time Lord. Cheeky young Tibetan Spaniel with endearing attitude! Smart shape with good body proportions and balance on angles fore and aft. Produces a very sound action going around and maintains his outline and topline well at all times. In excellent condition. 2 Glockens Let It Be. Has good shoulders and balance on hind angles, each of which were used to advantage on the move. Smart headpiece and keen expression from dark eyes. In great coat. 3 Ryuukita Danu. L (7) 1 Clonnysmush Lapicolina. Neat and tidy French Bulldog who was pleasing to go over as she is presented in good clean coat, fine skin, is well muscled and has a good attitude. Doesn’t disappoint on the move and made good use of her angles going around. 2 Winklestar Daphnis. Another good Keeshound with appealing balance of outline and happy temperament. Moved well enough but could be a bit more together behind. 3 Tibbiestars Storm Lord. O (4) 1 Dvjoica Excuse My French at Dalfin. Athletic, fit, upstanding dalmatian of useful type and balanced construction. Appeals in balance and cleanness of head and width and length of skull. Sound throughout, has balance of angles and strength in topline. Moved out very well and presented in first class order. 2 Peter Parker at Namroht. 3 Tibbiestars Shady Lady. V (11) 1 Calmaric One For The Money. Beautifully headed miniature poodle who belies her years for sure! Extremely well coloured for her age, jet black coat, presented in first class order. Excellent body proportions throughout and well bodied and ribbed. A very good moved with strength from her powerful quarters. 2 Dalmanti Ice Ruby. A very fit example presented in beautiful order. Stands up well on straight strong limbs and moved around with soundness of footfall and good coverage of the ground. 3 Tibbiestars Moulin Rouge. AV Utility Imported Register Breeds P (2) A bit of a challenge in this class with these two Mexican Hairless, as neither were putting on their best performance on the day a I suspect they were a little affected by the weather. 1 was just a little more together on the move which gave her the edge today. 1 Alchez Simply Radishing. 2 Alchez Pumpkin To Talk About Utility Group This was a really good utility group, and we had a large ring to let the dogs move out to their best advantage – and even the sun decided to shine! Group 1 went to the classy and super smart Boston Terrier, Ivyjewel Dare To Dream, sent through by Frank Whtye. Presented a typical outline all through, is balanced and moderate, clean and well presented and in superb order. A great mover with grace and carriage holding her outline well. A super example and worthy winner who just edged ahead of 2, the extremely smart and powerful miniature schnauzer Violis Storm Tracker. Lovely headed junior dog with many breed attributes. Loved his headpiece with length and strength, power in jaw and medium sized dark eye. Moved out with soundness and drive. Group 3 went to the lovely Miniature Poodle whom I appraised earlier and a very credible group 4 in this good company was awarded to the shapely, lovely headed Keeshond, Zandvoort Up An Purrsonal. Lovely compact ouline, short in body but with decent leg length. Has confidence in temperament. Foxy expression, balanced in angulation fore and aft, he moved out very well. Utility Puppy Group Lots of exciting youngsters here showing bags of promise, it was a contest to the end! In the final go around I couldn’t resist the BoB winning Miniature Poodle, Joleena’s In Excelsis with Navarre JW, who – despite having had a long day and being asked for so much – was still giving it her all with that typical poodly gassy attitude. Close up to her and into PG2 was the Shar Pei, who never put a foot wrong and still really appealed. Third in this good puppy group was the Boston Terrier Ivyjewel Put A Spell On You. Another from this kennel presented in immaculate order and handled to advantage. This young b has a pretty, clean, well defined headpiece. Strong in topline, with well laid shoulder and complimentary angles front and rear. Strong sound mover. Settling for fourth place today was a the lovely Dalmation, just a baby but with lots of like – Dalmanti Duke’s Legend. A super mover with a really balanced stride and excellent footfall for a youngster. Will have a bright future I’m sure. Utility RBoB 1 Dalmatian, Dalmanti Caesars Palace. Upstanding chap of good type who headed up this good class or RBoB winners. Of good type and with balance throughout. Presented in excellent coat and good order with excellent definition of muscle. Whippet Thank you for this really excellent entry of 35 lovely whippets, which were a real pleasure to judge. Quite a few of the whippets here today could do with having a manicure! P (6,1) 1 Starceylon Regina Di Quadri. Lovely outlook on this shapely youngster. Sweet head of good length which will only improve with time, and has strength in neck and topline. Deep enough in brisket and well ribbed back. Has excellent width and strength behind. Scores on the go around, covering plenty of ground with minimal lift. 2 Demerlay Ebony Eyes. Taller and rangier in outline than 1, and needs to develop somewhat in head. Has a clean curvy outline and stands on super feet. In good fine coat and skin and moved out well. 3 Starceylon Dancing Master. J (6,1) 1 Wentvalley Divine Diva. Liked the overall outline and shape of this b and her size really appealed as she isn’t overly large as I found some can be. Has a clean and shapely outline with balance of angles and nothing to excess. Lovely to go over as presented in first class order, great coat and skin, and superb development of muscle. 2 Reffton Tibalt at Whipsearle. This is an appealing chap with great character! Understandably raw at the moment with some filling in to do, which will come with age, he has all the essentials and moved out very well on the go around. 3 Nevedith Gold Glow of Demerlay. Y (6) 1 Danluke Don’t I Know It. The best mover in this class with accuracy of footfall and length of stride, whilst maintaining her elegant feminine outline at all times. Beautiful to go over on the table, so soundly constructed and well made. Excellent balance of angles fore and aft, and clearly afforded plenty of exercise and free running and she is superbly conditioned. Particularly excellent hindquarters with large well defined thighs. RBoB. 2 Pursenet New Gold. Smaller in outline than 1 and very feminine throughout with lots to like. Clean pleasing outline all through. Balanced proportions standing and moving, just needs to settle on the move. 3 Elmanash Glenlossie. PG (6) This was a bit of a challenge of a class as there were a variety of shapes and sizes, and the inclement weather did have an effect on some of those in this class. 1 Silkridge Saffron of Fletchgate. Stood better and more relaxed in outline as the class went on to show off her attributes to better effect. Made the best use of her angles in this class on the go around with useful length of stride. Strong drive from well muscled quarters when moving away. 2 Elmanash Gala Queen. Smaller and finer than 1 all through but also presenting a shapely flowing outline. Close up to the winner today. 3 Pagarni It’s Snow Joke Cum Rogansrock. L (6) 1 Elmanash Grecian King. Not the largest of males, but in this class he moved the best on the go around and coped very well with the conditions today. Decent headpiece with lovely eye. Strong in neck and topline with clean underline. I excellent muscletone which showed in his strong driving action. Stands on good, well maintained, feet. 2 Indian Chief at Tarward. Another good mover here, who used his angles to best advantage on the go around today. Presented in excellent order and standing on lovely feet. 3 Rogansrock Love Me Do. O (7) 1 Silkridge In A Moment at Mazargo. Shapely neatly curved outline on this well constructed b who appealed in all departments. Well grown, she has a pretty feminine head and appealing expression. Has strength in neck coming from her well laid shoulder, and is well ribbed back with plenty depth to body. Balanced in angulation in the hindquarters, her construction allowed for excellent development of first and second thighs. A great mover when asked, producing soundness of action and coverage of the ground. BoB. 2 Citycroft Starfall. Not the front of 1 which showed in his movement as he wasn’t reaching quite so well in front today. Nice to go over and in fine coat and good skin. Well muscled throughout. 3 Rogansrock Lucky Charm. Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petite) P (1) 1 Erylan Poos De Senteur for Nottorg. Smashing youngster who ticks all the boxes, and as well as great type and sound construction, has a lovely happy attitude and disposition. Needs time to mature of course, but the foundations are there. A confident mover. BoB & BP. Y (2) Not much to separate these two, but I now see they are littermates so that isn’t surprising! Both were well bodied and nicely presented being in fit order. Preferred the condition and feet of 1, but preferred the eye shape and colour of 2. 1 Valefell Savannah Journey. 2 Valefell Moonlight Tides. Bernese Mountain Dog O (1) 1 Ch Valentinn Vom Durrbachler Wald. Just goes to prove you don’t need a large entry to get a good one – what a cracker! Lovely type with great bone and substance throughout, but nothing to excess and everything in moderation. Lovely head and expression. Strong neck and topline with well set on tail. Excellent depth and length to rib with short strong loin. A very steady and purposeful mover indeed, with accuracy of footfall and soundness all through. Presented in first class order, excellent coat, skin and extremely well muscled. A pleasure to judge. Surprised not to see him representing the working group in the BIS line up. BoB. David R. Alcorn (Lourdace/Comalegy) (Judge)