• Show Date: 14/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/01/2024

Westmorland Canine Association

Westmorland County Agricultural Society Dog Section – Open Show

Thursday 14 September 2023

I was honoured to be asked to judge within the canine section at one of the country’s most highly regarded agricultural shows, and their canine section certainly didn’t disappoint. The committee looked after us very well all day, and I had many lovely dogs to judge. Thank you to David Howarth and his team for putting on a great show. On a side note, entirely outwith the shows control, I was horrified to see judges officiating in jeans which showed little respect for the occasion, the show, or the exhibitors!

Border Terrier

A superb entry for a mid week show, thank you all for supporting the show.

J (3) Three nice youngsters with things to appreciate, but all of them decided they would give their owners a bit of a challenge in the ring today! 1 Keebank Platinum Queen. Presented in good coat, this 9m b put on the best performance in this class to show off her attributes to best advantage. Needs to balance up in terms of height to length balance, but plenty of time for that. In good coat and fit order. 2 Bonosue Lee Van Cleef at Spanwise. This chap is a little on the tall side but has a pleasing temperament and outlook. Needs to come together in hind action but did enough to gain his place. 3 Homelyne Dashby Douglas.

PG (7,1 withdrawn) 1 Raedwulf Nightfall JW. Rather stood away in this entry for his type, balance, and overall proportions. Whilst not that long out of junior, he is maturing on very well and has many breed attributes to appraise. Well proportioned head with strength and length of muzzle. He is strong in neck and firm in topline with well set tail. Scores in body and ribbing, with well muscled frame. His great appeal is that he free stands so nicely showing off his sound construction with nothing to hide. Presented in first class order. BoB. 2, Havencroft Emerald via Kewhaigh. Usefully constructed blue with lots to like. Particularly commendable on the move where she moved out with soundness and length of stride covering the ground well with accurate footfall. Well muscled and presented in great order. 3 Nottorg Nekesa.

O (4) 1 Keebank Just In Time. Very decent sort who was particularly sound on the move which appealed to me greatly in this class. Could do with more length of foreface and less length in loin, but overall presented a balanced outline with useful angles fore and aft. Lovely body condition and muscletone. 2 Hightarn Nightfall at Roseghyll. Another lovely mover with excellent head proportions. In good coat, very close up to the winner today but just didn’t quite have the same front reach on the move so was pipped to second place by a whisker. 3 Goldenmill Illusion at Vandamere.

Fox Terrier (Wire)

J (1) 1 Wyregair Queen of Gold. Lovely clean feminine outline on this immaculately presented youngster who appeals for general outline and body proportions. In first class order which showed in her overall fitness and obvious vitality. Moved out very well with quite the attitude! BPIB.

PG (2) 1 Brocolitia Clementia at Ivyjewel. Certainly brought some attitude to the party today and had that endearing terrier spark about her! Good headpiece of balance and in proportion to body. Has strength with femininity all through, and a very well laid shoulder giving clean outline. Moved very soundly in every direction with power and ground cover. 2 Oh La Kamee Nickers at Duchmorn. Not quite the confidence in deportment of 1 which showed on the move today. Has length of skull and strength in muzzle. Could be firmer in topline.

O (3,1) 1 Kentwone Boston To Ivyjewel. One I have judged recently and still appeals for outline and balance in angulation all through. Super head of strength and length. Well balanced in construction with length and layback of shoulder. Moved out with some confidence and verve, his true terrier attitude shining through and giving a hint of defiance. BoB and a well deserved G2. 2 Winning Colours at Duchmorn. A good steady mover who covered the ground with purpose. Decent headpiece with length and strength, clean eyes and neat ears. Well bodied, carrying a bit too much timber at the moment, and with well laid shoulder.

Irish Terrier

Thoroughly enjoyed judging this lovely breed today.

J (2) 1 Niddrua Lightning Bolt. What a cracker! Loved everything about this youngster who really was active and lively with a classic racy appearance. Has great length of head of balanced proportions, with strength in muzzle and jaw. His dark eyes screamed mischief and attitude! Superbly constructed at both ends with everything in balance and moderation. Firm in topline and well ribbed back, with well set on tail. Moves just as his construction would suggest with soundness all through and economic gait and accuracy of footfall. BoB & G1. 2 Bonosue Glorious Song at Spanwise. Good headed youngster with many pleasing attributes but just not quite so forward in development as 1 at this stage. Very well muscled and presented in first class order, there is lots to like and with time she will go very well. BP.

O (1) 1 Bonosue If’s An Illusion. Substantial sort with lots of body and evident masculinity. Good length of head but would prefer a little more strength in underjaw. Standing he has a solid topline and well set on tail, and is well muscled and in good coat. Needs to firm up a little on the move.

Parson Russell Terrier

J (2) 1 Plunkett Woody at Kylini. Well shaped head of balance and in good coat and overall condition. Strongly made all through and masculine in all deparments, he worked well with handler and showed in a positive manner. BP. 2 Midlen Mitexi. Well shaped head and strong jaw with excellent teeth and bite. In great coat and super muscle. Needs to come up on the leg a little to balance up her outline, but with maturity will only improve.

PG (2) 1 Drailam Foxtrot. Decent headed b of balanced proportions all through. Strong level topline and well set tail. Stands on excellent feet and was presented in good coat and condition. Very sound in action away and back using her moderately angled quarters to advantage. 2 Plunkett Woody at Kylini.

O ( 1) 1 Ch Mindlen Hendricks at Caddjoebar. Very nice type indeed with keen and alert disposition. Liked his overall proportions very much, balanced and unexaggerated. Excellent head, and scores in topline and length of rib. Moved with positivity in stride and accuracy of footfall to take BoB.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Again I must commend the sportsmanship in this breed, which is so encouraging to see. Thank you all for affording me such an excellent entry of lovely dogs.

J (7) A good class of promising youngsters! 1 Tropical Red Rum at Almostaffs. 2 Kahamaia Circle of Fire. Two really lovely younsters topped this lovely class with very little to split them. Each have very typical heads and outlines and there is no denying what breed they are! There was very little to separate them as both had so many positive attributes and were extremely good movers. 1 just edged ahead slightly on the move today as her slightly elder age just gave her the edge on maturity by a hair’s breadth! Good luck with both of these lovely young ladies. 3 Sikaistaff Cask Strength.

PG (2) 1 Sikaistaff Cask Strength. A very credible third in the last class and I was pleased to be able to appraise this young b’s attributes in this class. Has excellent breed points all through and many things to like. Settled to the job a little better in this class on the move to demonstrate her sound strong action on the go. Very well muscled and excellent in topline with well laid shoulder and well set on tail. 2 Dusklight Ring of Fire. Another well muscled exhibit presented in fine form and good skin and coat. Not quite the head of 1, but overall presented a neat and useful package with good construction. Needs to firm up in hind action.

O (3) 1 Sikaistaff All Of Me at Kamiflo. Excellent clean outline overall and lovely headpiece on this nicely mature two year old. Balance in angulation fore and aft, her overall soundness showed in her sound powerful agile movement. Has depth and width of skull with well fleshed out cheeks. Strong in neck and topline, with short loin. Strong in hindquarters and standing square over her hocks at all times. Presented in gleaming condition. Moved with drive and panache to take BoB and a credible G3. 2 Tillcarr Fire Inigma. Shade longer in profile and with good with of skull, .this was another two year old bitch moving with real purpose and drive. Another who was in such fit order and with great coat and skin. 3 Brave Spirit Hurricane Nadia.

Welsh Terrier

J (1) 1 Bolhaus Royal Riot. Good in outline, scores for type all through with good proportions. Good flat skull, clean small eyes and has length and strength of jaw. Has soundness of construction throughout which was evident on the move. Goes out on a free and easy stride with accuracy. Very well muscled and presented in first class order.

PG (1) 1 Jodean Commado at Bolhaus. Not the most forward going at the moment, a little hesitant on the move and didn’t seem to want to give his best today which was a real shame. Presented in good order, well muscled.

O (1) 1 Ch Jodean Sunflower. A grand sort of lovely make and shape and characteristic outline. Has strength all through, nothing to excess, and was presented in first class order. Super headpiece with neat eyes and ears, and strong well developed jaw. Strong dry neck which cleanly fits into her short next back. Well developed in body and ribbed back. Well angled fore and aft with correct balance to product a tidy stride. Excellent coat and skin. BoB.

AVNSC Terrier

J (2) This class presented a very good pair of terriers in 1 Holtaire Runa, Manchester, and 2 Laketrix Prima Ballerina, Lakeland. Each presented a characteristic and entirely typical outline for their breed and each possess strength and workmanlike qualities, with femininity. A close call as they each represented their breed very well indeed with super construction and great presentation. In the end Runa just took the edge and then went on to win BNSC Terrier.

PG (3) 1 Rhoderns Helena, Skye. Lovely headed example of the breed presented in fit order and with good coat. Lovely to go over on the table with strength and balance in construction and length of rib. Rather lacklustre on the move today. 2 Pamaswater Bold Begonia at Kamondale. Shapely Scottish Terrier who put on a good show. Has length of head and muzzle and keen expression. Nails need attention. Moved out well. 3 Badlesmere Bobbing Along.

O (1) 1 Saredon Redemption. Nicely headed Lakeland with typical outline, just a shade long for my preference which showed in his topline today. A very sound mover away and back with accuracy of footfall and good strong ground covering action. Great coat and presentation.

Terrier Group

This was a well filled group of quality and the double ring really tested out all the exhibits on the move. In the end the very exciting young Irish Terrier, Niddrua Lightning Bolt, topped the lot – never put a foot wrong and demanded attention with his endearing attitude. Runner up taking G2 was the typical and sparky WFT, Kentwone Boston To Ivyjewel. In third place the Stafford, Sikaistaff All Of Me at Kamiflo, who never stopped showing and will be even harder to get past with full maturity, whilst into group 4 came the very tidy Manchester Terrier from NSC, Holtaire Runa.

Terrier Puppy Group

A fun puppy group to judge with the usual characters of the terrier group giving their owners a challenge! The group was claimed by the very smart Stafford puppy, Kahamaia Circle of Fire, who went up a gear in the group and could not be denied today. The Wire, Wyregair Queen of Gold was a close runner up, and will trouble them all when she settles to her job more with maturity. 3rd place was the well made Irish Terrier, Bonosue Glorious Song at Spanwise, and a credible 4th place went to the charming PRT, Plunkett Woody at Kylini.

AV Terrier

P (4,3) 1 Sikaistaff Cask Strength.

V (8,1) A super class of veterans, a credit to each of their breeds and to pedigree dogs. 1 Mindlen Freyja at Drailam. A very lovely typical Parson whose character and type could not be overlooked. Smart headpiece of balance. Usefully constructed at both ends with balance and moderation all through. Presented in first class order and ultra fit. 2 Winning Colours at Duchmorn. 3 Crosby Dark Duchess at Roseghyll.

AV Vulnerable Native Breeds.

P (4) 1 Nadavin Neala, Field Spaniel. Gave a very good representation of this lovely breed today with her typical outline, pleasing temperament and strong movement. Liked her overall make and shape all through, encompassing femininity with strength, and balance throughout. Presented in first class order. 2 Lizoni Lone Ranger, Smooth Collie. What a smart youngster with good clean outline. Unmistakable in outline with classic head and balance fore and aft. Not as good on the move as I would have hoped, but maturity will likely improve this. 3 Blamorder Magic Maker with Freejack.

PG (12,5) 1 Holtaire Runa. 2 Laketrix Prima Ballerina. 3 Ceranda Gower Diamond.

O (9,4) 1 Sh Ch Talintyre Winter Shadow. Excellent IRWS from the top drawer, in gleaming coat and condition. Excellent headshape with balance and useful length of muzzle and big nose. Lovely dark eyes give a soft kind expression. Strong in neck and topline with ribs well back. Neatly angled fore and aft to give a completely balanced outline. Moved out with a purposeful stride. 2 Saredon Redemption. 3 Poolheywood Barney.

Best AVNB. When the Field, Manchester, and IRWS returned to the ring to compete for the overall, they each represented their breed so well. It was a shame these stakes were later in the day as the public would have done well to see these three wonderful breeds in action; each gave a great account of themselves and were very worth representatives. In the end the maturity of the eye catching IRWS, Sh Ch Talintyre Winter Shadow, claimed her the victory in very good company.

David R. Alcorn (Lourdace/Comalegy) (Judge)