• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: David Alcorn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Scarborough & District Canine Association

Open Show – 16th July 2023

Thank you to Dale and his wonderful team for the invitation to judge at their lovely show in a fabulous setting! It was a really fun day with great company, and I learnt just how fast a steward can move in the event of a disappearing gazebo!

Irish Red & White Setter

L (1) 1 Laoirebay Glenoe. Decent headed male who is clearly very well looked after at home - could do with shedding a pound or two. He is moderately angled fore and aft and moved out with a purposeful stride. Handler needs to do a little work to gain confidence and get the best from him in the ring. BoB.


O (1) 1 Imaginabox Delta. A very exuberant young lady who was really making her handler work hard – but was fun to assess, as she thoroughly enjoyed her time in the ring! Nicely headed b with feminine outlook. Strong in neck and topline with well angled and muscled quarters. Presented in first class skin, coat and muscle. BoB.

Great Dane

SY (1) 1 Primus Party Like Gatsby. Alone but a quality example. Sound all through with nothing to excess. Has plenty of work and length to head. Strong arched neck and firm topline, which he held on the move. Strong straight well boned limbs and plenty of muscle. Moved out with a very sound even stride. BoB.

Bearded Collie

L (3,1) 1 Clovabrae Vilanelle. Really lovely type with distinctive outline. Sweet head of balanced proportions, with strength yet femininity and an alert expression. Clean through the neck and shoulder and superbly strong in topline. Has complimentary angles fore and aft, and used them to best advantage on the move producing a ground covering economic stride. BoB. 2 Roxilyn Smart As They Come. Whilst this d is apparently a veteran, I think he missed the memo! Full of attitude and character, he was a challenge to assess at times as he kept playing his handler up. Did enough to demonstrate a decent stride on the move.

O (3,2) 1 Kiltondale Coco Chanel at Jellwell. Has a keen alertness in outlook and was pleasing to go over with every part fitting together. Presented in plenty of coat, she moved around the ring with attitude and really covered the ground. Just not quite so firm in topline as the winner when it came to the best of breed challenge today.


O (1) 1 Fosterbrie Just Unique. A very smart upstanding d of impressive type and balance all through. Liked his head with strength and depth of muzzle. Scores in lay of shoulder and strength of topline, with well set on tail from sloping croup. Has balance and moderation of hind angles with well defined first and second thigh. Moved out with drive from the hock maintaining his outline. BoB.

Border Collie

SY (2,1) 1 Rockerdar Dottys Scout. This young d was on his own, which would have been rather daunting for some youngster, but he put on a very good performance and never put a foot wrong. Has lovely body condition and development with excellent ribs and a strong topline. Stands on lovely well maintained feet and was presented in excellent muscle. Needs to settle to the job, which I’m sure he and his handler will do with time and experience. BoB.

O (2,1) 1 Rockerdar Dottys Scout.

Australian Shepherd

O (1) 1 Shulune Secret Storm Over Shepwood. Attentive b who performed well. Shapely head, well off for angles fore and aft, and well ribbed in between. Well enough muscled quarters but could do with more condition to complete the picture. BoB.

Basset Hound

SY (2,1) 1 Armardio Candle In The Wind. Pretty headed feminine b with typical outline. Liked her shoulder placement and upper arm length and angle, and strength in topline and length in rib. She is well angled and muscled behind, which she uses to advantage on the move. Still young and exuberant on the move of course, she will only continue to improve with maturity. Close call for BoB today.

O (2) 1 Armardio Wind of Change. Similar in type to the previous class winner, and now I see they are sisters the similarity is understandable! This young b also presents a typical outline and is strong in topline with enough ground clearance. Strode out with a little more confidence than her sister when it came to the challenge, so she was declated BoB. 2 Bushoby A New Moon. Presented a longer and lower outline than the winner, with not enough ground clearance for me. Very feminine in head and outlook. Didn’t hold her topline as well as she perhaps could on the move.

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

SY (1) 1 Harridachs Cherry Blossom. Was rushed into the ring rather late and as such didn’t really settle to the job and was rather tense in topline. A touch too low to the ground, but presented in good order with excellent skin and coat and dark clean eyes.

L (2) 1 Collidach Hot Springs at Teckletown. Better length of leg and ground clearance than 2. Liked this b’s feminine head and outline, whilst retaining strength and a purposeful make and shape. 2 Harridachs Cherry Blossom.

O (3,1) 1 Ch Teckletown Master Piece. Smart eye catching d of good type. Lovely make and shape all through with good head length and strength. Scores in topline and ribbing. Moved out very well indeed and was skillfully piloted to get the best from him BoB. 2 Teckletown Something Magic. Not quite the topline of 1, but her perhaps scores a little better in the head department. Another good specimen though, and nice to judge as well presented and handled.

Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)

O (1) 1 Crownlakes Queen Bee. Smart outline on this shapely b&t, who goes around so well holding her outline solidly at all times. Grand head, excellent flow of neck to topline, and well ribbed. Well muscled all through and in great coat and skin. BoB.

Dachshund (Long haired)

SY (2) 1 Delsaux Across The Universe. Immaculately presented decent sort with many positives. Good head with keen eye and strong jaw. Has strength in neck and topline, and well ribbed back. Stands over plenty of ground. Could do with being a bit firmer behind. Went around the ring with confidence and showmanship. 2 Delsaux Obladi Oblada. Not the condition or smoothness of outline of 1, but another who moved out with confidence and attitude.

Dachshund (Wire Haired)

SY (1) 1 Brumberhill Barbed Wire. This is a really super b of great type. Has balance and moderation throughout, good ground clearance, and was presented to the minute. Superb head of length, with strength in jaw and tight lips. Clean and dry in neck, which flows through her well laid shoulder into a superbly ribbed body with strength in topline and over the loin. Has strength and substance in her quarters, with well developed first thigh and low hocks. Stands on excellent well maintained feet. Commands attention on the table and pulls it all out the bag, and then some, on the move, going around with freedom of action and accuracy of footfall. A beauty. BoB & G1.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

SY (1) 1 Priorpark Pucker Up. This young b needs to develop in head, but was presented in first class body and condition and has clearly been fed and exercised perfectly. Stands on decent feet and makes good use of her moderate angulation when on the move. In really fit condition.

O (1) 1 Hespa Masseto Of Africaner. Very much an upstanding male of imposing outline and stature. Well grown and with super body and muscle throughout. Masculine head, strong in topline, loin and croup, with well set on tail. Well ribbed back with depth of back rib. In excellent coat and fantastic muscle. BoB.


SY (1) 1 Saltcliff Skylark. Sweet feminine headed b with lovely expression. Needs to finish in foreface, but plenty of time. Strong in neck and topline, well ribbed back, and has usefully angled and very well muscled quarters. Produces a strong driving action on the move. Excellent feet, super coat and skin, and put on a great show. BoB.

O (1) 1 Saltcliff Ophelia. Nice type to this six year old, who presented a typical clean outline. Scores in head, earset and shape, and has enough foreface development. Has good depth of brisket and length and depth of rib. Firm in topline both standing and moving. Could be tidier going away.

Irish Wolfhound

SY (1) 1 Hydebeck Hickory Dickory Dock. A really exuberant fun character who was a pleasure to judge, even if he made his handler work for it! Smart headpiece, with length and strength of jaw. Good neck and shoulder placement, solid topline, and well set tail from slightly sloping croup. Has a good bend of stifle with development of first and second thigh. Tidy away and back. BoB.

O (1) 1 Ch Hydebeck Dream of Dreams. Feminine b of shapely outline and strong appearance with distinctive outline. Has a well laid shoulder, strong topline, and deep brisket. Strong in feet and pasterns, she moves out with easy ground coverage. Close decision in the challenge, but just preferred the length to height ratio of the youngster.

AV Hound Imported Breed Register

O (1) Rolenska Faith In You at Bondgate, B&T Coonhound. This is a really lovely b to go over. She is presented in immaculate condition and from the moment you lay your hands on, you can appreciate her excellent condition and many qualities. Has a lovely head and expression, with plenty of depth but also strength in muzzle. A well laid shoulder gives rise to her cresty neck which flows smoothly into her strong level topline and well set tail. Is deep enough in body with long well sprung ribs. Excellent balance of hind angulation of complete the picture. Sound as a pound away and back, with good carriage and ground cover going around. BIMP & G2.

AV Hound NSC

SY (4) 1 Antonius Vertragus The Ngong-Hills. A really impressive Deerhound youngster whom I liked tremendously. Shapely clean outline, with desired ruggedness and strength all through. Lengthy neck leading to a well laid back shoulder and into a strong topline and well arched loin. Has depth of body and slenderness in body all through. Fit and athletic in outlook, he moves out with aplomb and is particularly sound and strong behind. Exciting prospect! BPNSC & PG1.

L (3) 1 Zvezdny Alliance Genie In a Bottle. Elegant Basenji with a graceful outline. Clean in outline all through and nothing too exaggerated. She is feminine, and yet strongly made with quality bone. Stands well up on her straight legs,and maintains a clean neat outline going around. When on the move she covers plenty of ground with ease and accuracy. Good do with having shorter nails and a little more muscle. BNSC & G3. 2 Valefell Moonlight Tides. Well coated up PBGV who was very fit in condition. Robust and rugged looking, this young b performed very well . Will only get better with age. 3 Revenite Mr Hudson.

O (4,1) 1 Shiroblem Seal Of Approval. Nicely headed feminine Fauve with a good coat and in very fit condition. Liked her balance of skull and muzzle with clean well set eyes and neat ears. Well balanced fore and aft and went around well enough. 2 Dougie Style Among Valefell. A very happy four year old who was in very good coat. Has dark expressive eyes and a good length of ear. Carrying rather a bit too much condition today. 3 Rus/Lux/BIH Ch Mascote Itapuca of Alchez.

Hound Group

The weather ended up being a bit of a challenge for of the dogs with the strong winds affecting some. In the end the superb Wirehaired Dachshund triumphed over the excellent Black & Tan Coonhound, in a very close decision. Into group 3 was the smart moving Basenji and group 4 was awarded to the Whippet, Indian Chief at Tarward. Coming up two and a half year old fawn with a moderately curvy outline and nothing to excess. He is extremely well muscled and in excellent condition, with super feet. Moved out very well.

Hound Puppy Group

The puppies in this group were all a pleasure to judge and coped so well with the weather conditions. The outstanding Deerhound topped the group with some to spare. Group 2, the sound moving Beagle who was unphased by the blustery weather and the Basset Hound took third. Puppy group 4 went to the Afghan, Rhazmakh Sun O’Summer, who was a little unsettled in movement today and gave his handler a bit of a hard time! Decent head, with good eye, just needs to settle to the job which will come with time.

AV Hound Veteran

(7,1) 1 Tarward Ginetta. Sound feminine whippet with shapely outline and nothing to exaggeration. Particularly liked her neat and useful size. Lovely head with enough width to skull and strength in foreface. Strong in neck and topline, leading smoothly to well angled and muscled quarters. Moved with positivity. 2 Cobyco One Day at Fedaye. Masculine outlook on this whippet, who was presented in great muscle and fine skin and coat. Sound enough on the move, but overall just a bit big for me. 3 Tarward Willow JW.

David R. Alcorn (Lourdace/Comalegy)