• Show Date: 14/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Dave Mckimm Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North West Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

North West Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Open Show

14th January 2023

Judge Dave Mckimm (Tilicious)

My thanks to NWSBTC for giving me this opportunity of judging my first Breed Club Open Show.

The hospitality afforded me was second to none, and my special thanks to my very experienced, and able Steward Kay keeping everything running very smoothly with assistance from Elaine on the paperwork and of course to all who gave me an entry and the huge privilege of assessing their dogs and the sporting way my decisions were accepted. Some very tough choices to make on the day but only one opinion on one day and I wish every single one of you all the very best for the future.

Mouths were generally ok with the odd tight canine, chipped or broken tooth and a few dirty teeth but nothing to give me any major concerns that would mean distress and when appropriate placed accordingly though on balance nothing of a serious nature in my placings and sure they could all do the job intended quite well and will not be mentioned further. Some exhibits could benefit greatly from further work on fitness which would have improved their placings on the day and should think a lot about this before spending good hard-earned cash on Champ Show entries in these hard times.

BIS /BD Niatona Wreck It Ralph (JD)

RBIS / RBD Waystaffs Strikes Mayhem (PGD)

BPIS / BPD Elitebulll Mischief at Bellastaff (PD)

BVIS / BVB Ch Trawden Ice & Spice (VB)

BB Skyland Eruption (JB)

RBB Bullbrothers Mist Mydnight (PGB)

BPB Barielle Special Edition (MPB)

Class 1 MPD (1,0)

1. Elitebull Mischief at Bellastaff 18.04.22 (Page Mr K & Mrs K ) Black brindle dog almost 9 months, stood alone in class but sure this little fella would not be having any concerns about competition. Maturing very nicely and more than ready for puppy class, clean outline of a good size with a beautiful head for a youngster showing strength and a good length to muzzle, dark eyes, tidy ears and a good underjaw. Very attentive in class and using that well put together headpiece to great advantage with a beautiful expression. He has a good amount of bone and a nice clean straight front of good width with nice tidy well-padded feet. Good front and rear angulation, rib developing well and correctly coupled, presented in beautiful condition in keeping with his age. Moved as expected for a puppy and a little erratic at times but settled and saw what I needed from him, and this was reinforced when he challenged and secured BPIS, well done and look forward to seeing him develop into another great production from this kennel.

Class 2 PD (1,0)

1. T’Blazing Star of The Warriors Red Skins 30.03.22 (IMP FRA) NAF (Courtney Mrs D E) Red with white dog of just over 9 months , head ok and would like to see a little more strength as he matures, dark eyes correctly placed good length to muzzle and good underjaw , well off for bone with tidy enough well-padded feet and good width to front, strong neck leading into correct shoulder placement, front and rear angulation ok and showing maturity in body development though I did note he would benefit greatly from shedding some weight to improve his profile . Topline ok when stacked, movement was somewhat erratic but saw enough to see he was sound and has time on his side. keep up the practice and good luck.

Class 3 JD (4,1)

1. Niatona Wreck It Ralph 23.07.21 (Reynolds Mr G & Mrs S) Red and white dog of almost 17 months, his markings are very striking and shouts out look at me!! Beautifully presented and very pleasing to the eye. Really nice headpiece, which is strong, deep and broad with a well-defined stop, but nothing overdone, dark enough eye for his coat and good pigmentation with a good underjaw and nice tidy ears create a very pleasing expression. Good amount of bone with a nice clean front, nicely padded and very tidy feet, good front and rear angulation, maybe a little more rib to come as he reaches full maturity but a very pleasing balanced outline. His handler certainly got the most out of him and the dog is oozing confidence and quality in abundance which I hope is only going to further improve as he matures. A good level topline when stacked and on the move, which he did with ease being one of the few exhibits on the day to make the most of the mat once settled. Could be seen that work is being put into him at a steady pace and in keeping with his age time to ramp this up now and make the most of this lad as he is certainly going to be challenging the best of them through the year. My Best Dog and Best In Show, well done and thank you for bringing him, all the best of good fortune for the coming year.

2. Kirstaff The First Avenger 21.10.21 (Kirk, Miss G) Another nice red dog of nearly 15 months showing many of the qualities of my first place and unfortunate to come up against him today. Fantastic head on this one and a lovely dark eye, clean in lip and good underjaw, very neat tidy ears, and eyes on the prize throughout enjoying his time in the ring knowing he has a job to do. Enough bone for size and a clean straight front, good front and rear angulation and another good mover on the day. Topline held well when stacked and on the move, a great bond between dog and handler, end of the day a hard decision between 1st and 2nd and just preferred the slightly more width to front on the class winner. With many further classes entered ruled him out of any consideration in coming back in for RBD, all the best for another dog with a bright future.

3. Ginstean Good Luck Charm 20.10.21 (Beckwith Mrs G)

Class 4 ND (3,0)

1. Ginstean Good Luck Charm 20.10.21 (Beckwith Mrs G) Black brindle dog of almost 15 months also 3rd in Junior. A much stronger dog all over than my earlier places. He has a lovely clean head strong and deep through tidy ears and a dark eye creating a pleasing expression and in keeping with his frame. Clean straight and well boned correct front and ample rib maturing nicely, compact, and close coupled, good front and rear angulation and tidy well-padded feet though another that could do with shedding a little weight and some further work on fitness. Moved ok once settled and kept his topline also when stacked. Noted he had a good bond with his handler and keen to please showing great attention to all going on throughout and that’s half the battle to be enjoying his time in the ring.

2. Pendlestaff Hurricane 02.09.20 (Kenyon Mr J & Mrs H) Black brindle dog of 2 ½ years, similar in type to my first place with many of the same points just a little more of him in general. Clean front of enough width, front and rear angulation ok. Moved ok but generally preferred the movement of my first placed dog , though I would say the fitness level on this dog was better than the class winner and a credit to his owner.

3. T’Blazing Star of The Warriors Red Skins 30.03.22 (IMP FRA) NAF (Courtney Mrs D E)

Class 5 PGD (3,0)

1. Waystaff Strikes Mayhem (AI) 12.05.21 (Stanway Mr P & Mrs EA) White and red dog of 20 months. I’ve admired this lad from pictures and ringside and wasn’t disappointed. Lovely head with good strength and defined stop with good length of muzzle and good underjaw, clean lipped and good pigmentation. Perhaps not the tidiest of ears but well used for a great expression when prompted. Good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders and a clean and correct front of good width with nice well-padded neat feet. Well off for bone, good spring of rib, correctly coupled with good front and rear assembly, generally a good sound well balanced dog. His level of fitness plain to see and the hands confirmed this with cracking rear quarters and good strong but not overdone shoulders. Held a good topline stacked and on the move. Moved well out and back when settled, handled well. In the end he won his class with a touch to go and pushed hard in the challenge but secured RBD just preferring the expression of the junior dog.

2. Scoutor Rogue One JW 14.05.21 (Blow Mr M J) Brindle with white front and similar age to the class winner and very evenly matched for this class. Strong and typical head with well-set dark eyes and tidy ears, if anything better ears than first place. Clean straight front on this lad but preferred the width on the class winner, plenty of rib and correctly coupled good front and rear angulation, held topline well, both stacked and on the move. Good level of fitness and presented in gleaming condition but the conditioning of the first-place dog was going to be a tough one to beat for me today. Handled well, moved well. Really not a lot between these 2 and another day another story.

3. Kirstaff The First Avenger 21.10.21 (Kirk, Miss G)

Class 6 LD (4,1)

1. Pendlestaff Spitfire 02.09.20 (Sutcliffe & Crossman Mr P L & Mrs C L) Brindle dog with white front of 2.5 years , smart looking lad with nice clean lines and on the stronger side but very balanced in strength for size with ample bone, strong and typical but not overdone head of good proportions with defined stop and dark well placed eyes, good underjaw, nice tidy ears which he used to advantage creating a very pleasing expression, strong powerful neck flowing into correct shoulder placement with a correct, clean and straight front of good width and well-padded neat feet, good spring of rib and correctly coupled with good strong rear quarters with good angulation. Moved well out and back maintaining his topline both stacked and on the move, handled well presented in good fit condition. This lad knew his job today and just got on with it no fuss.

2. Kirstaff The First Avenger 21.10.21 (Kirk, Miss G) see 2nd JD

3. Montgomery Guard 05.07.18 (Wise Mr DG)

Class 7 OD (4,1)

1. Waystaff Crackerjack 19.07.19 (Stanway Mr P & Mrs EA) Red lad of over 3 years and what a pocket rocket, loving his time in the ring . Fitness levels on this dog are amazing and one to aspire to, compact and strong but well balanced and on his toes throughout. Strong head with good length of muzzle, strong short neck, good shoulder placement and enough bone, well off for rib and close coupled, rear quarters of steel and his muscle definition needed no hands to confirm bursting out of his tight fitting coat, but I did enjoy getting my hands on him, considered in the challenge but I just preferred the slightly cleaner heads and neater feet of the other 2 on the day but this little fella was right up my street and would be welcome on my couch any time, I imagine he is the ultimate in Stafford entertainment. Once his handler stopped him bouncing around moved well holding his topline and with drive

2. Kirstaff The First Avenger 21.10.21 (Kirk, Miss G) see 2nd JD

3. Mister Cool Breeze 28.03.20 (Gibson Mr JG & Mrs ING)

Class 8 VD (0,0)

Class 9 MPB (5,0) It would be seriously remiss of me to not make a general note on the extremely promising and encouraging overall quality of the young exhibits in this class that just made me think I’m pleased I am not competing in this age range at the moment and from 1st through to VHC I imagine they are all going to be giving each other some great competition over the coming year. To note VHC in this exceptional class went on to secure 1st in the Puppy Bitch Class just underpinning my comments above.

1. Barielle Special Edition 15.04.22 (Holmes Miss D) Black Brindle young lady of just short of 9 months, extremely well presented and the oldest in class her maturity standing out in readiness for taking on the Puppy Class. Very pretty with a beautiful strong but feminine head with dark well placed eyes and neat ears creating a very endearing expression that draws you to her, clean in lip and good underjaw completing this focal point. A well-constructed front and correct shoulder placement with good weight of bone, enough rib and correctly coupled with sound rear quarters, Good topline stacked and on the move , handled and moved really well out and back for one so young. She was enthusiastic and attentive throughout the class and keen to please her handler which along with her maturity gave her the edge in my final decision to award her 1st place but by no means an easy win with at least 4 worthy contenders chasing her, overall a very smart bitch that I think is going to have a great future. – BPB thank you for bringing her and all the very best of luck with her

2. Kamaristaffs Royal Velvet 27.06.22 (Jones Mrs K M) Black Brindle Bitch of just over 6 months and very much the baby of the class. This little lady dwarfed by the rest of the class but stood out in her own right as a very pretty and standard bitch of good quality. Beautiful dark eyes and pleasing feminine head which again was very clean with a good skull to muzzle ratio and a good underjaw. Enough bone for her size and frame and a clean straight front. Liked her overall body shape, compact and clean with good rear angulation. Everything going the right way for this one and a great little confident mover holding her topline, and again when stacked, very well presented, and seemed to be enjoying her moment on the mat, keen and alert throughout. Though it’s all about the dog in front of you I would add that she does seem to be very much in the same mould as her mother who I had the honour of assessing almost 3 years previously and a great act to follow so will watch her progress with interest.

3. Niatona Sissy That Walk 27.04.22 (Taylor Mr TB & Mrs D)

Class 10 PB (3,0)

1. Elitebull Skyfall 18.04.22 (Cartwright Mr D & Mrs J) Black Brindle Bitch of almost 9 months that placed VHC in the earlier class and the fact she won this class just stamps in the competition in this age group. Smart and very clean bitch with pleasing profile, lovely and typical feminine head from this kennel with nice tidy ears with a good length to muzzle, nice dark eye and good underjaw, clean, straight front of good width and sound rear quarters with enough angulation Moved out and back ok holding her topline. Everything going the right way with her plenty of time on her side to make the final picture. It’s going to be a very interesting time watching her develop along with the others in this age group and I’m sure the whole order could be turned upside down over the course of the year, handled well thanks for bringing her.

2. Delacour Lady Montgomery 14.03.22 (Wise Mr DG) Brindle bitch of 10 months with white front and head. Overall, much stronger in type than my first place with a strong head of good width and depth coming along nicely, eyes dark enough for coat and decent length to muzzle and a good underjaw, ears tidy enough and used well through class, ok for rib and plenty of bone, correctly coupled with enough rear angulation. Movement was a little unsettled but saw enough, felt she was carrying a little too much weight on the day which is an easy fix and plenty of time on her side to get her into condition as she matures without pushing too hard.

3. Hamason This Is Me at Duffman 22.02.22 (Duffield & Mansell-Duffield Mrs M & Mr T)

Class 11 JB (7,2)

1. Skyland Eruption 02.10.21 (Miller Mr A & Mrs E) Black brindle bitch of 15 months. Well defined strong but feminine head with good width and depth, eyes dark enough, tidy ears good cheek bumps and a good underjaw creating a very pleasing expression as she followed me round the ring screaming look at me I’m here and ready to roll. A clean and correct straight front of good width and well boned, correct depth of brisket. A good spring of rib and correctly coupled with well-defined and correctly angulated strong rear quarters Looked good from all angles and her fitness levels made her really stand out in side profile with a very pleasing underline. Good topline when stacked and held well on the move. For me this bitch was perhaps the best mover of the day up to that point and it’s not so easy to show this on the smaller rings at open shows, but she certainly has reach and drive and handled to perfection as a great team. From this point on I believed I had just found my Best Bitch and though others came close the overall package of this lady and her performance on the day was going to be hard to match

2. Callastaff Five Years at Bowferry 11.10.21 (Quinn Mr P & Mrs C) Black Brindle Bitch of 15 months. Pleasing and very clean feminine head, dark eye and good underjaw with good skull to muzzle proportions and very pleasing expression. Correct and clean straight front with enough bone, correct shoulder placement aiding good front and rear angulation, good topline stacked and on the move, another good mover on the day. Overall, a bitch of good quality that will excel in her career but for me the class winner was just putting in her best performance and scoring over her on the overall package including ring presence on the day.

3. Crewestaff Bonnie Lass 03.01.22 (Thorley Mr L)

Class 12 NB (8,1)

1. Skyland Eruption 02.10.21 (Miller Mr A & Mrs E) see 1st JB

2. Tillcarr Fire Inigma 16.05.21 (Preston Miss EA) Black brindle bitch of almost 20 months. Very pretty young lady with a well-defined classic and clean head, beautiful dark eyes and tidy ears that she used well throughout the class, clean in lip and a good underjaw. She has adequate bone and a correct front of good width and nice tidy feet, ok for rib and good front and rear angulation, would have preferred a little more strength to her rear quarters. moved out and back ok once settled, handled ok. Overall, a well-presented bitch with a gleaming coat but would like to see her a little fitter to give her more of an edge. Judged this one before in puppy class when she was very much a baby so thank you for the opportunity to see her again in maturity.

3. Elitebull Skyfall 18.04.22 (Cartwright Mr D & Mrs J)

Class 13 PGB (6,1)

1. BullBrothers Mist Mydnight 27.06.21 (Martinez Mr I & Mr JR) Black brindle bitch of 18 months. Very pretty with strong but feminine head of good proportions dark eye and tidy ears, good cheek bumps and clean lipped with good underjaw and beautiful expression when prompted A very clean and standard bitch with a nice length of neck flowing into correct laid back shoulders Her front is correct, straight and of good width without exaggeration finishing with neat tidy feet. She has the correct weight of bone for size and creates a pleasing profile from all angles as a well-balanced bitch. Good spring of rib and correctly coupled with well-defined rear quarters hard to the touch demonstrating a good level of overall fitness. She moved well out and back and well-handled to get the most out of her on the day , the team putting in a great performance on the day to secure RBB.

2. Niatona Pandora’s Box to Elitebull 23.07.21 (Desmond Mrs DL & Mr AJ) Red and White Bitch of 17 months and one I have watched admittedly from her first shows. Super pretty young lady with a quality stamp on her, very striking markings a pleasing and well defined feminine head with good length to muzzle , not quite as strong as my class winner and with dark well placed look at me eyes. She has a correct and clean front of good width, front and rear angulations are correct and well ribbed, correctly coupled, moved ok and handled to perfection. Another well-presented bitch that can see the work going into her. A tough call between these 2 top quality exhibits but in the end just preferred the slightly more compact package of the class winner. Somewhat unfortunate for this lady that the class winner was so on point today or could have easily swapped places, thank you for bringing her she did not disappoint.

3. Shortyrocks Faith Trust and Pixiedust JW (Imp USA) 25.08.18 (Waltham Mr S & Mrs K)

Class 14 LB (3,1)

1. Kodaknott Pink Legacy 16.10.20 (Barrington Mrs SJ & Mr CS) White and red bitch of over 2 years. She has a lovely appealing head of good strength and size and dark well placed eyes, good cheek bumps and a decent underjaw with the most endearing of expressions with her ears back (as she seems to favour) and the most wicked when she gets them up , for me I prefer wicked so please get them ears used well and max her game. A very clean bitch of overall good proportions and good substance with a clean straight and correct well boned front of good width and tidy feet , good angulation , well ribbed and correctly coupled, fitness was ok but needs to be kept up competing in the higher classes and a focus on her movement as she is quite capable of moving well as she did in class at the correct pace but she can go into flat mode losing her sparkle and this let her down in the challenge ruling her out of a close call for one of the top spots. Handled well but really need to focus on getting her fired up in the ring and get the most out of her

2. Waystaff What’s the Crack 19.07.19 (Stanway Mr P & Mrs EA) Mostly white bitch with red patches of 2 ½ years. Pleasing feminine head of good width though lacking the strength of my first place, good cheek bumps dark eyes and good length to muzzle, enough underjaw and clean in lip. Strong neck not overly short leading into well laid shoulders Clean straight front with plenty of width and ok for bone with good depth of brisket and good forechest, would have preferred tidier feet. Well sprung ribs and close coupled rear angulation was ok. Fitness again from this bitch is outstanding which is a signature of this kennel. Good topline stacked and held well on the move. Moved well once settled and, handled well.

Class 15 OB (0,0)

Class 16 VB (2,0)

Knowing one day when I first stood up to be counted, I may progress to face the challenge of judging the oldies the coward in me was somewhat pleased there were only 2 here today but what a pair of beauties and if I was allowed to award 2 first places then I would have taken the easy way out. Thank you to both exhibitors for bringing along these 2 for my assessment.

1. CH Trawden Ice and Spice JW 12.03.14 (Roper & Harrison Mrs J & Ms B) White and red spring chicken approaching 9 years old that we have shared so much time with over the years. Not sure what can be said that hasn’t been already but what a super bitch. In her older years now and still retaining all the qualities that have given her the most fantastic show career. Beautiful head of good proportions, strong and undeniably feminine with the darkest of eyes and neatest of ears that create a stunning expression, she has a lovely clean and well boned straight front of good width and the neatest of feet and presented in immaculate condition with a good level of fitness. Her attention to the class underlined the fact she was thoroughly enjoying her day out , once she got in her stride she certainly showed the younger ones how it’s done with economy of effort and good drive I’d love her on my couch but wouldn’t fancy the fight I would have to get her and I don’t think one of my bitches would appreciate if I won (if you know you know).

2. Elitebull Destiny 14.11.15 (Desmond Mrs DL & Mr AJ) Black Brindle Bitch of just over 7 years and apprentice Veteran. Another beautiful bitch with very pleasing strong but feminine head of good proportions, dark enough eye, tidy ears she used well and clean in lip with decent underjaw. Clean and correct front of adequate width and enough bone finishing with lovely tidy feet and correct depth of brisket. Good front and rear angulation, well off for rib and correctly coupled with good rear quarters. Not quite the fitness levels of the 1st place today but we are all allowed a little rest as we get older though if there was an award for the most excitable mover on the day she would have nailed this one spending more time in the air than on the mat. When settled she moved well out and back with a good topline, handled exceptionally well I think with a large dose of pride thank you for bringing her.