• Show Date: 17/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/10/2023

Sheringham & District Kennel Association

Sheringham & District KA


My thanks to the Sheringham & District KA Officers and Committee for the prestigious invitation to judge some breeds and BIS. It was a lovely, friendly show with a super, relaxed atmosphere. I really enjoyed both the dogs and the day.

From a pleasing line-up I chose the ultra smart Pomeranian, Ch. Altina’s Henry Higgins. Loved him in the breed, so was delighted he topped the Toy Group. He showed his heart out, giving 100% to his owner/handler, coping with the long grass and looked a picture. RBIS the Bearded Collie, Potterdale Heritage. At 3 years old, must be approaching his best and looked lovely both on the stack and on the move. Covers the ground with a long, reachy stride, excellent conformation and in wonderful coat and condition. BPIS was the Lhasa Apso female, Jodak’s Summer Party. A very promising, pretty youngster just approaching a year and looked super. Lovely size, outline and coat. Excellent mover in all directions. Typical head and tail carriage. Good luck with her. RBPIS the Clumber Spaniel, Bebecova Scarlet Witch. Good for outline and has an excellent body for her age. Understandably at her age, still to develop in head fully but the shape is there and appeals for overall type, conformation and ease of movement. Beautifully presented and a characterful showgirl.


L. 1st Erewhon Firefly. Mature 5 year old female. Liked her shapely, rugged outlook. Well grown with good substance and bone. Long head, flat skull shows strength to muzzle and strong jaws. Muscular, reachy neck. Balanced angles. Muscular loins. Low set tail of good length. Sound, easy mover. RBOB.

O. 1st Packway Downlander At Erewhon. Good representative of the breed. Has size and power but in no way coarse or heavy. Head of good shape and length. High set ears. Strong scissor bite. Good reach of neck leading to a well angled front. Strong bone. Shapely outline with slight arch over loin. Powerful quarters. Low set tail. Moved very well, plenty of depth of stride. Just wished the ring was bigger to show off his virtues to full extent. Pleasing coat. BOB.

Border Terrier

P. 1st Flegato Fidelio At Oatberry. 9 month old male pup. Racy outline, well balanced all through with appealing head shape. Broad, short muzzle. Strong scissor bite. Medium neck. Easily spanned. Sound mover. Good coat. Very promising. BP.

2nd Jordith Roll Up And Shine. Another 9 month old male. Not as mature as 1st. Liked his outline and balance all through. Excellent head and muzzle with good bite. Dark, expressive eye. Moderate angles front and back. Moved out well in all directions.

SY. 1st J. Roll Up And S.

2nd Peckmeadow Polly Put The Kettle On. Female of 18 months. Good overall shape but a touch heavy all through. Feminine head of good shape and strength. Good eye and ear set. Sound conformation. Easy mover. Pleasing coat for texture.

3rd Sanandarn Catherine Nelson.

L. 1st Southash Lavender Blue At Oatberry. Super for type and outline. Excellent ‘otter’ head. Strong neck of medium length. Good angles front and back. Holds her outline very well. Excellent coat with thick pelt. A bit distracted on the day but did enough to win the class. Moved soundly in all directions.

2nd J Roll Up And S.

3rd P. Polly Put The Kettle On.

O. 1st Hartswelin Veritas With Oatberry. Lovely male. Functional size and outline. Excellent head, shows strength to skull and muzzle and well balanced. Excellent eye and ear set. Muscular body, easily spanned and correct coat. Moderately angled. Well set-on tail. Stands on excellent tight feet. Moved freely with a medium stride. Looked the part and made a worthy BOB.

2nd Ir Ch Barnaby Caramel Water At Bimandi. 9 year old veteran male that has done well under me in the past and looking well. Still appeals greatly in head and overall outline. Carrying a touch too much weight but has excellent conformation that allows him to move out soundly with an easy stride. Coat ok. Steady showman.

Cairn Terrier

1st Lindcoly Here Come’s Oh Shi. 17 month old female. Feminine but with good body and ample ribs. Strong skull and short, strong muzzle. Excellent eye shape and colour giving a lively expression. Small correctly set ears. Strong neck. Firm topline. Good angles. Correctly set and carried tail. Stands on functional feet. Easy mover. Good weather-proof coat. BOB.

O. 1st Lindcoly Ocean Dream. Dark brindle female. Very good head shape showing strength to skull and muzzle. Strong bite. Well set and used ears. Excellent proportions but could have a bit more spring of rib. Short loin. Correct coat. Moved well, once settled. RBOB.

L/C Chihuahua

L. 1st Mystic Legion Margarita. Nice size and outline. Dainty in build with ‘apple’ skull, defined muzzle and large, dark eye. Uses her ears well enough. Good conformation. Moved ok, just needs to settle further. RBOB.

O. 1st Bermac Blazing Glory. 8 year old male and carrying his age very well. Excellent for type, size and outline. Super head shape. Large, well set ears. Good eye. Moderate neck. Well bodied. Good front and rear. Excellent showman. Carries his tail well reflecting his delightful temperament. Moved soundly. BOB.

2nd Mystic Legion Kahlua. Attractive tri female that appeals for her pleasing size and outline. Lovely head and expression. Well made and shows herself to best advantage. Moved soundly.

S/C Chihuahua

P. 1st Manchino Legally Blonde. 10 month old female. Good head shape with well defined muzzle. Large eye, perhaps a touch full, but good enough colour and expression. Ears large and set on ok. Medium neck. Excellent body for her age and well balanced all through. Good angles. High set tail. Sound on the move. Super double coat, well presented. BP.

2nd Slavinchi Saucy Sioux At Bermac. Another 10 month old female. Lovely size and type. A touch long in body but has all the breed essentials with a good head, sound conformation and an easy mover. Shows promise but needs a bit more confidence.

SY. 1st Copymere Flash Dance. 14 month old Appealing, pretty female and a great personality. Excellent head shape, good stop and muzzle. Excellent eye and ears. Good to go over on the table. Well set tail, held correctly. Moved freely. RBOB.

O. 1st Bermac Bound For Glory. Very good male of excellent size and body proportions. Good head with typical ’apple dome’ skull. Correct stop and muzzle. Large eye of pleasing tone for coat colour. Ear set ok, large, and used to advantage. Good front and rear end. Nicely bodied. Moved very well. Good double coat. BOB.

Chinese Crested

SY. 1st Chestnutcres Sun Set River For Elmstace. Approaching a year. Good outline, elegant but has pleasing body and bone. Good head, dark eye and correctly set ears. Moderate reach of neck. Firm topline short loin and balanced angles. Clean skin and excellent furnishings. Needs to settle both on the stack and on the move but did enough to win the class. RBOB.

2nd Benezhar For Ever And A Day. Liked the outline of this young powder puff male. Large enough but has refinement and elegance. Good head. Excellent eye and ears. Good conformation. Pleasing coat. Could be more confident. Excellent mover.

L. 1st Chestnutcres Miss Fammie At Elmsatce. Powder puff female. Liked her feminine size. Balanced outline. Very good head shape. Pretty expression. Moderate neck. Good conformation. Coat ok. The most settled in the entry on the day. Moved easily. BOB.

O. 1st C, Miss Fammie At E.


P. 1st Altina’s Viva Las Vegas. Super pup that has the ‘cheeky’ factor! Great type and of ideal size. Just 7 months but already very composed. Excellent wedge head, well defined muzzle. Dark, twinkling eye. Medium sized, well set ears. Good conformation and in super coat and condition. Brisk mover, coped very well with the uneven ground. BP.

2nd Pommelchi Aston Martin. Another excellent pup. Quite close-up. 11 months and forward for his age. Excellent head. Dark eye of pleasing size and shape. Correctly set ears. Compact outline. Good conformation and movement. High set tail.

3rd Blanco Boy.

SY. 1st Altina’s Samson. Very attractive shaded sable. He has an excellent compact outline. Super head, correct eye and ears that he uses to enhance his expression. Well laid shoulder with rear to match. Excellent tail set. Super double coat. Well presented. Sound.

2nd Altina Alabama True Romance. Not as mature as 1st but a male of lovely size and type. Excellent head with broad skull and well defined stop. Good ear set. Dark eye giving lively expression. Excellent conformation and in super coat for texture and presentation. Holds his tail correctly at all times. Good mover.

3rd Oraysha Perfect Harmony.

O. 1st Ch. Altina’s Henry Higgins. An excellent representative of the breed and not surprised to discover, after judging, that he carries his worthy title. Bang-on for size and outline. He has a super head piece with ear set and carriage to compliment. Darkest of eyes giving a cheeky, keen expression. Short neck leading to a nicely angled front. Enough chest. Shortest of loins. Moderate rear. High set tail, plumed and carried well. Brisk, easy mover. In excellent coat for texture, colour, density and immaculately prepared. BOB. Pleased he topped the Toy Group and had no hesitation in awarding him BIS, just loved him. Congratulations!

YKC Members Stakes.

1st Kallierbelle Pink Sapphire. Well balanced Dalmatian female. Correct head. Strong, muscular

neck of pleasing length. Moderately angled front and back. Nicely ribbed with firm loins. Good angle to croup. Stands on functional feet. Pleasing spotting for size and definition. Economical mover and showed very well for her handler.

2nd Michandy Love Of The Game. Feminine Min. Poodle. Excellent compact outline with typical ‘poodly’ carriage. Super head of pleasing length and chiselling. Dark, almond eye. Good reach of neck. Moderate front angles. Firm topline. Short loins. Well angled rear. Short, firm hocks. High set tail.. In abundant coat of crisp texture and deep, even colour. Moved with reach and drive. Close decision.

3rd Yamakasi For Publicity. G. Spitz (Klein)

Vulnerable Breeds.

A Good class with 5 excellent exhibits in the final line-up.

1st Potterdale Heritage. Super Bearded Collie. Great for type and proportions. Finished RBIS. (See report)

2nd Wynele Strike It Rich To Lewarne, Excellent tri Smooth Collie. 11 months and well bodied for age. Super wedge head with well placed stop. Ideal eye and expression. Well set tipped ears. Excellent conformation and moved very well from profile.

3rd Ch. Brackenhaye Queen Of Hearts Of Oakestelle. Smooth Collie.

Darren Clarke (Judge)