• Show Date: 25/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/12/2023

Finnish Spitz Club

The Nordic Show



PG. 1st Colmillos Still As Mountains. Approaching 2 years so yet to develop fully, a well grown male. Impressive head, good eye shape. Hooded ears. Good reach of neck. Firm topline. A touch long in loin. Moderate angles. Strong hocks. High set tail. Pleasing coat. Moved freely. Res BOB.

2nd Colmillos’s Rising Sun. Appealing female, just over a year and has good body and a balanced outline on the stack. Good head shape, dark eye and well set-on ears. Strong neck. Good angles front and back. A bit loose in front. Strong bone. Moved ok but tended to pace. Sound enough.

 1st Whitewreath A Star Is Born. Strong male who has a very good outline, masculine and has a typical wedge head. Smallish, thick ears. Dark eye with stoic expression. Strong, reachy neck. Moderately angled front. Well developed chest. Quality bone. Could have a touch more body. Strong loins. Excellent rear quarters. Thick, well presented double coat. Impressive mover, particularly from profile. BOB.

Chow Chow

PG. 1st Sceptune Artemis Blaze Avec Simcha. Loved this young female. Great type with plenty of substance, some length of leg and quality bone. Super head, broad skull and strength to muzzle. Excellent eye and pigment. Good conformation. Thick double coat and moved very soundly in all directions. BOB.

2nd Booneeks Chewie. Another impressive example of the breed. Slightly smaller built male that still retains a masculine outlook. Excellent height to length proportions. Good wedge head, strong with complimentary muzzle. Clean, dark eye. Well made and moved freely. Not quite in full coat, but fits his outline and was of good texture and density. Res BOB.

Norwegian Elkhound

P. 1st Graythor Augustus At Rothenborg. Outstanding 11 month old male. Beautifully balanced outline. Correct wedge-shaped head. Dark, keen eye. Small, high set ears, used to advantage. Strong neck. Forward in chest and body condition for his age. Good angles. Stands on excellent tight feet. High set tail. Thick, double coat of very good colour. Moved with reach and drive and a moderate stride. Loved him. BP. & Res BOB. Also won the Res BOB stakes and BPIS, quite a day!

2nd Norvin Krackjen. Giving a lot away in age, a promising 6 month old pup. He has an excellent outline on the stack. Compact and has some length of leg already. Excellent head, eye and expression. Well made and moved freely, once settled.

J. 1st G. Augustus At R.

2nd Bowerhinton Blackbird. An equally impressive youngster and again shows great potential. Loved her outline and basic breed type. Compact, well bodied and sound conformation. Excellent coat and an easy mover. Attentive to her handler and pushed the winner all the way.

PG. A well -filled class taking some sorting. 1st Kamgaard Kome Fly With Me. Good for type and femininity. Solid body. Compact enough for a female. Wedge head. Strong, medium length of neck. Excellent chest. Holds her topline well at all times. Balanced angles. Can tighten a touch out and back but had the most scope from profile on the move. Excellent tail. Lovely coat.

2nd Bowerhinton Baroness. Another worthy representative from this kennel. Typical size, shape and femininity. Excellent head and eye. Keen expression. Well bodied and in very good coat. Sound in all directions, just preferred the forward reach of 1st on the move but a lovely female that showed very well.

3rd Norvin Orkla.

L. 1st Aftonlee Aros At Elverdal. Medium sized male, strong and masculine. Very good head, thick neck Good lay of shoulder but a touch upright in upper arm. Excellent body. Short loins Good rear angles. High set, well curled tail. Super coat and presentation. Free mover.

OD. 2 worthy Champions here. 1st Ch. Bowerhinton Bassanio. Stands away for his excellent breed type. Has strength and power but also some functional length of leg. Excellent head, eye and ear set and carriage. Reachy, muscular neck. Deep chest. Holds his outline well at all times. Well ribbed with short loins. Powerful rear enabling him to drive around the ring with a purposeful gait. Weatherproof double coat of good colour and markings. Pleased to award him BOB in a very nice entry.

2nd Ch. Seasara Earl Grey. Close-up and full of quality and type. Pleasing head with well shaped eye and uses his ears well. Ok in neck. Pleasing front and rear. Good tail set. Excellent coat and condition. Moved with a steady gait, sound in all directions.

OB. Good class. 1st Ch. Bowerhinton Bee Portia. Mature female that appeals for her functional outline and overall type. Plenty of substance and strength all through. Excellent head shape. Dark, expressive eye. Uses her ers to best advantage at all times. Strong, medium neck. Good front angulation. Touch straight at the rear but absolutely true on the move in all directions. Pleasing coat and condition.

2nd Am. Ch Kamgaard Klementina, Loved this one too. Perfect proportions with regard to height to length ratios. Good wedge head. Reachy length of neck leading to a well angled front. Firm topline. Moderate rear. Stands on excellent feet. Good double coat. Moved well from profile with a moderate length of stride. A close decision.

3rd Ch. Norvin Joyeux Noel.


P. 1st Lilrosa’s Ride Of Your Life. Precious cream male of just 6 months. Bang-on for size for his tender age and appeals for compactness of outline. Pretty, wedge-shaped head. Dark, inquisitive eye. Small, well set ears. Nicely angled front and rear. High set, plumed tail. Excellent puppy coat. Well presented. Brisk mover. BP & RBOB.

PG. 1st Spanapoms Heavenly Lass. Liked her size and shape, Very feminine but has good body. Correct head shape and small ears. Eye shape could be better which would soften her expression. Good to go over on the table. Sound in all directions. Pleasing coat.

2nd Baffi Iwon. Slightly rangier built but still relatively square in shape. Good head, eye and ears. In- between coats at present but pleasing in texture. Took time to settle but sound and free on the move.

O. 1st Fleurdelune Aquarius. Just 2 years old and mature in body and coat. Excellent head and body shape. Nice size. Stands on small, tight feet. High set tail. Moved out well in all directions. Easy BOB on the day.

Res BOB Stakes.

1st Graythor Augustus At Rothenborg. Norwegian Elkhound. (See breed report)

2nd Booneeks Cheewie. Chow Chow. (See breed report)

3rd Penkhalas Amka. Siberian Husky.


6 – 11 Years.

1st Bethany Guillod-Rees. Competent young handler. Showed her Buhund very well. Free stacking and moving her exhibit at just the right speed to show off a steady gait.

2nd Jacob Perfitt-Jones. This young man did a very good job keeping control of his Malamute. Just needs to gain confidence but shows promise.

12 -16 Years

1st Megan Slack. Excellent handler. Stacked her exhibit foursquare presenting it to it’s best advantage at all times. Never obstructing the Judges view and carried out her patterns cleanly. Best JH.

Adult Handling

17 Years And Above.

1st Lauren Pelling. A very good handler that showed her breed well. Free standing on the stack, keeping her charges attention to show off it’s expression. Moved at the correct speed and gave a good account of herself.

2nd Ann Marie Taylor. Another super handler that was close-up here. Showed her dog to best advantage both on the stack and on the move. Not much separated these two, and they could change places on another day. Stacked her charge correctly and moved at the right pace.

3rd Shelagh Crowther

Darren Clarke (Judge)