• Show Date: 09/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland & Northern Counties French Bulldog Club

Midland & Northern Counties French Bulldog Club


Many thanks to the Midland & Northern Club for this invitation. It’s no secret that they are the breed closest to my heart, especially having lived with them for nearly 20 years, albeit not exhibited in any seriousness. They are a joy to live with and have great personalities, and it was satisfying to hear the winners being applauded on the day adding to the excellent atmosphere. Both myself and James, my partner, were made to feel most welcome and we had a great day!

An excellent entry awaited me, and I would like to thank the exhibitors for their support. Overall, the breed is quite a challenge to get uniformity. I have found this each time I have judged but generally there is good quality, healthy Frenchies to be found and today was no exception.

Heads in general were excellent. Some underjaws could have a bit more width which would improve dentition but it certainly wasn’t a problem. Overall dentition was good with no protruding tongues. Nearly all had well open, clear nostrils and clean ears.

A number could have had more tail, but I wasn’t going to ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ and hope that in the future we will see more with the correct amount of tail.

All, without exception, were sound both in temperament and movement which was really satisfying.

PD 1st Archness The Audacity. This super 10 month old brindle took my eye as he entered the ring, little did I know then he would blow all the opposition away and take the top spot! Full of quality and excels in an excellent compact outline. His head, obviously still to finish, has the required square shape, good strength to muzzle and width to underjaw. Excellent eye and ears. Open, clear nostrils. Strong neck with some arch. Moderate angles. Topline shows a gentle, characteristic rise over loin. On the move he is absolutely sound in all directions. Really showed well for his handler and they gave a winning performance. I think he can only get better and better with maturity and would hope he gains his title. No hesitation in awarding him BPD, BD, BPIS and BIS. Congratulations!

2nd Bullhawk Cease ‘N’ Desist. Another very good brindle just approaching a year old. Excels in head properties, shows strength and is in excellent body condition. Dark expressive eye. Uses his ears very well. Excellent conformation. A bit longer in loin but has the correct topline and moves out well with conviction. Very promising.

3rd Raglenary Jack Frost.

JD 3 fawns present, all slightly different 1st Maznlilroo Bomber Bronson. This masculine boy won this class on his excellent typical outline. Good head shape with a medium eye and excellent ears. Good pigment for his colour. Strong, muscular neck. Well developed chest. Excellent bone for his size and good body. Took time to settle but moved very well overall.

2nd Reglenary Ykio. Promising youngster, slightly higher on the leg than 1st, has a typical head, strength of muzzle and masculine outlook. Dark eye and well set ears. Very well made all through. Stands on tight, small feet. Moved out soundly and freely. Just needs a bit more time to body-up which full maturity should bring.

3rd Bullhawk Gift Of God At Membully. Completed a good trio of young dogs.

YD 1st Ruption Knightcott Back To Black. Up to size but has a well balanced head and outline. Typical outlook with a dark, medium, round eye giving a soft expression. Uses his ears to best advantage. Topline shows some roach. Excellent angles and in super condition. Moved out well, sound and with power.

2nd Raglenary Tucker Bear. More compact in outline than 1st but not as mature and needs a bit more time to firm-up all through. Super head shape, fine wrinkles and open nostrils. Strong neck, correct topline and balanced angles. Sound in all directions.

PGD 1st Xandene It’s a Kind Of Magic At Balistix. Fawn pied with well defined markings on a clear white back ground and beautifully presented. Could be more compact in outline but has a super head, square skull shape with muzzle to compliment. Excellent ears, used well. Strong, arched neck. Can drop in chest a bit more. Shapely topline. Good bone and excellent, tight feet. Sound and free on the move.

2nd Chilborough Brave Barry At Kianspuchi. Liked the overall outline of this dark brindle. Strong and masculine but not overdone in anyway. Good head piece. Excellent dark eye. Well set and used ears. Perhaps lacking a bit in body condition on the day but a convincing mover, true in all directions.

3rd Vital Way Zippo At Chinaskys.

MLD 1st Guru Sunday At Wildax. Strong brindle that has a pleasing outline on the stack. Masculine head, good square shape with a strong muzzle and muscular cheeks. Fine wrinkles. Well set ears. Thick, strong neck of medium length. Good depth of chest. Good topline, short loin and shows a slight roach. Moderately angled front and back. A bit wide coming towards but moved with conviction and power. Well presented and in fit condition.

2nd Xandene All That’s Magic. Liked this masculine fawn very much. Excellent head and muzzle, strong and typical. Could be bit darker in eye to enhance his expression but has a good dark mask and excellent pigment. Excellent ear set and carriage. Good overall conformation which came together on the move. Sound in all directions.

3rd Ellouab Royal Pride.

LD 1st D’Cameron Janoel. Excellent pied that appeals greatly for size, shapely outline and excellent body condition. Square head and muzzle with fine wrinkles. Darkest of eyes. Good ear size, set and used well. Well balanced all through. Good markings on a relatively clear background. Moved well from profile but could drive a bit more from the rear. Overall, a very pleasing dog of a colour I love.

Sp. Open Pied 1st D’Cameron J.

2nd V. Way Zippo At C.

Sp. Open Brindle. 1st Agramer’s Balam Quitze At Tytorro. This lovely brindle scores heavily for type, size and height to length ratio. Ultra- cobby with a masculine, shapely head. Dark eye of medium size. Excellent large, bat ears. Open nostrils. Strong neck. Good depth of chest with quality bone and tight feet. Could have a touch more rise over loin but appeals for his overall quality. Moved with soundness and conviction. Close-up in the challenge and was delighted to award him RBD and RBIS.

2nd Rozeldogue Knew It Was You Xandene. Quite similar for type to 1st but a bit shorter on leg so not quite the balance of outline. Appeals in head and expression and uses his ears well. Strong and well bodied with typical topline. Good tail. Sound mover in all directions.

MPB. 1st Eastonite Quartz Queen. Delightfully feminine fawn. Just 6 months and so pretty with a lovely head and dark eye giving a melting expression. Confident on the table and on the move and at this stage wouldn’t change a thing. Excellent conformation and well bodied for her age. Think she will have a bright future, good luck with her.

2nd Akira Tytorro Taffys Angels. Another promising show girl. Beautiful head piece with good eye and ears. Can come up on the leg a touch but overall has all the essentials. Excellent body. Correct topline. Moved well, just not as collected as 1st on the day.

3rd Eastonite Harlequin Pippa.

PB. Super class, 7 present and all had potential, must bode well for the future. 1st Wildax Rowendale Meatball Molly. A star in the making! This dark brindle has the most beautiful head. Excellent shape to skull with square muzzle and good turn-up of underjaw. Fine wrinkles. Open, clean nostrils. Excellent eye. Well set-on bat ears. Good neck leading to nicely angled front. Correct topline with slight roach. Moderate rear and some tail. When she put her mind to it, moved with a moderate stride, power and absolutely sound. Pleased to award her BPB and RBB.

2nd Bullhawk Egg’s Citing At Membully. Loved this brindle too. She is full of quality. Loved her head and feminine outlook. Excellent ears. Compact outline with typical topline. Good bone and stands on quality feet. Sound and free on the move.

3rd Archness The Drama Llama.

JB. 1st Rischale Henrietta At Ellouab. Quality, feminine brindle. Appeals for her cobby outline. Excellent head, muzzle and width of underjaw. Excellent eye and expression. Chest developing well. Short loin with slight rise in topline. Moderately angled front and back. Could have a touch more tail. A real showgirl that gave her all. Super mover. Close-up in the challenge.

2nd Bestfrnchie Aniela. Beautifully presented pied. Liked her head. Excellent pigment, well defined markings, set on a clear white background. Very well made all through. Strong bone and well bodied. Stands on excellent tight feet. Moved freely.

3rd Maghullpaws Ride On Time With Vulabops.

YB. 1st Chareve’s Lady Penelope. Cobby pied of good basic type, feminine size and outlook but not compromising in bone or body. Very good head. Well balanced all through. Good markings and colour. Well presented. Moves true in all directions.

2nd Katakia Light The Way. Very appealing in head and muzzle. Super body and in excellent condition. A bit longer in loin for ideal balance and could be firmer in pasterns. Overall, soundly made and moved with purpose.

3rd Maznlilroo Nice ‘N’ Spicy.

PGB. 1st Ruption Knightcott Back In Black. Really appealing brindle that scores well on her free, sound movement. Beautiful head and expression. Strong neck. At 2 years still not at full maturity and needs a bit more chest and body. Shapely outline. Good bone and feet.

2nd Katakia’s Minnie The Minx. Excellent pied. Feminine but strong with Correct head, strong muzzle and turn-up of underjaw. Super eye and pigment. Excellent conformation. A touch long in loin but in hard, fit condition. Excellent markings. Free mover. Close-up here.

3rd Maznlilroo Rare Ruby.

MLB. 1st Leyanda Uptown Girl Hot To Trot For Chareve. Excellent brindle from any angle. She has the most super head, balanced with a strong, square muzzle. Good width of underjaw. Excellent dark eye and well set bat ears. Strong muscular neck. Good angulation in front and balanced with rear. Compact outline, good body with a typical topline. Enough tail. Moved very well in all directions.

2nd Tytorro Paint It Black With Ruption Knightcott. Ultra feminine brindle. Excels in outline. Enough body and scores well in topline with a gentle rise over loins. Good head and dark, expressive eye. Strong, free mover. I note she is the dam of a couple of class winners here today, good to see she is passing on her qualities.

3rd Merimna’s Imorose Shoebridge.

LB. Excellent class. 1st Lady Rebellion At Boulevaya. This super dark brindle girl was in fabulous condition and form. Her head is copybook. Excellent shape, square muzzle, enough strength and complimented with good underjaw. Dark, medium sized eye. Good ear set and carriage. Medium neck. Good front and rear. Topline a bit flat. Well ribbed with good rear quarters. Excellent mover, really moved with purpose and so sound. Should easily gain her crown.

2nd Gavana Weather Storm At Vulabops. Have liked this brindle in the past and still appeals greatly now with more maturity. Excellent head and body proportions. Good strength and well bodied and another in fabulous condition. She has good bone and tight feet. Moved very well, just a bit wide coming towards on the day. Beautifully presented and showed well.

3rd Tytorro Tiger Feet.

OB. 1st Archness Own It. Gorgeous clear fawn, glamourous and so well presented. Loved her compactness of outline. Quality bone. Beautiful head piece. Square skull, good width of muzzle and underjaw. Fine, well defined wrinkles. Excellent eye colour giving a melting expression. Large, bat ears, used to advantage. Well open, clear nostrils. Strong neck of moderate length. Deep chest. Excellent ribs. Moderate angles front and rear. Correct topline with slight roach. Convincing mover and absolutely sound in all directions. Deserves to carry her title and good luck in the future. Made a worthy winner of BB.

2nd Eastonite Midnight Charm. Brindle girl that was slightly longer in loin and a touch higher on the leg. Very good, feminine head of pleasing shape with muzzle to compliment. Very well put together all through, sound conformation and an easy mover.

VB. 1st Roalice Mini Mouse. 9 year old fawn who carries her age well. Everything to like with a typical head eye and ears. Excellent conformation. Still in ultra-fit condition. Super on the move. Pleased to award her BVIS.

2nd Lulu Lucynka Z Lipkowego Rancza. Loved this ultra- feminine dark brindle female. She has a super compact shape with correct topline and in good condition. Lovely head, eye and uses her ears to best advantage. Pushed the winner all the way and good to see these older ladies still in such great form.

3rd Finlewvas Tiny Tots.

Sp. Open Pied. 1st B. Aniela.

Sp. Open Brindle. 1st Bestfrenchie Afrodyta. Placed Reserve in a strong Limit class and is full of breed type and quality. Just needs a bit more body and maturity but has all the basics including a super head and sound conformation. Well presented, as were all from this kennel, Moved very well.

Sp. Open Fawn. A good class of lovely fawn females. 1st Archness The Vivacious. Clear, glamourous and in super condition. Litter sibling to the BIS winner and of equal quality, this must have been a lovely litter. Great head piece. Excellent ears. Correct cobby outline. Strong pigment. Excellent body and well put together. Sound mover. Most promising.

2nd Penksides Scrumptious. Older than 1st but not as mature in body. Very good shape both on the stack and on the move. Good head with strong, square muzzle. Well set-on bat ears that she uses to advantage. Easy mover and sound.

3rd M. Rare Ruby.

Darren Clarke (Judge)