• Show Date: 16/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 30/09/2023

Exeter & County Canine Society

Exeter & County CS


It was a great honour to be invited to judge Toy breeds, Group and BIS at this well run Premier Open show. A friendly, warm welcome from Committee and good to see many exhibitors stay to support the final awards after a long day. Many thanks to the Officers and Committee of Exeter and County CS for this invitation and to the exhibitors for the support. I had a lovely day!

From a very good line-up I chose for BIS the ETT, Ch. Witchstone Raindance Avec Richpin. Obviously liked him greatly having put him through the breed and Group (see breed report) but thought he went up a gear on the final run-off and had no hesitation in awarding him the top spot. Together with his handler they make a winning combination. He was also declared Best Champion of Champions In Show. Hot on his heels, for RBIS, I chose the Irish Wolfhound male, Baronglen The Nobleman. A truly super Hound for size, stature and presence. Solidly built with plenty of power, he is so well made and moved out very well. Told after judging he is sitting on 2 CCs, hope his title isn’t far away. Really impressed on the day.

For BPIS I chose the W/H Dachshund. Stanegate Stefan At Bystock. Just 6 months but an easy winner for me here. Loved his outline. Very balanced for one so young. Wouldn’t change him anywhere at this stage and think he will have a cracking future. Excellent coat and body. Super mover in all directions. Good luck with him. RBPIS an equally promising Alaskan Malamute, Snowshoes Fancy Ferrari. 10 months old and still a bit soft and loose as to be expected for her age but she is beautifully put together, excellent bone and body and in super coat. Lovely head with typical eye and expression. Looked the part and made a worthy runner-up.

BVIS was the eye-catching Newfoundland female, Wyrleybears Wendy For Bearhugs. In fabulous condition, this super girl has all the breed essentials with excellent bone and body and topped off with a thick, weatherproof coat. Really strode out around the ring, absolutely sound, great character and a credit to her owner. RBVIS Bichon, Magstarai Heart Of The Ocean. See breed report.

Best RBOB In Show. The veteran Finnish Lapphund, Ch. Pavoskas Aly Arttu. 8 year old male and a great favourite that I have judged in his younger days, now carries his title and good to see him here still in super form and condition. A masculine dog, nicely balanced outline, super wedge head and lively expression. Moved well and in good double coat.


PG 1st Kelbrend Dreamy Duchess. 7 month old fawn female. Pleasing size and enough substance for her frame and age. Good head, dark pigment and open nostrils. Good overall conformation with correct tail. Moved soundly. BP & RBOB.

L. 1st Flaikwell Damson Jam. Lovely feminine fawn. Good square head and muzzle. Excellent large, dark expressive eye. Thick neck. Compact body. Moderate angles. Desirable double twist tail. Moved well in all directions. BOB.

O. 1st Rosemoorepugs Blue Night Sky. 7 month black male. Excellent head shape. Darkest of eyes. Good width of muzzle. Clean, open nostrils. Good angles front and back. Needs to body-up a bit, that should come with time. Tail a little loose. Moved well. Lovely coat and condition.


P. 1st Chantismere Conchetta For Halosey. Lovely pup with a gorgeous head and expression. Good proportions and well bodied for age. Moderately angled both ends. Excellent coat and feathering. Happy temperament using her tail to best advantage. Moved well and sound. BP.

2nd Featherfalls Heavens Comet. Precious 6 month old ruby female. Not as forward as 1st at present. Good head with correct skull and muzzle. Good eye shape and colour. Moderate neck. Could have a bit more angulation front and back. Moved well enough, still to firm-up going away. Happy showgirl.

PG. 1st Cobbets Cameo Peach With Kassan. Liked this Blenheim for her feminine size and excellent balanced outline. Good head. Large, dark eye giving the softest of expressions. Medium neck. Enough depth of chest with substance and bone to compliment. Holds her topline well. Moved soundly, showing ease and freedom. Lovely coat and furnishings.

2nd Rishtte I’m Tanisha Of Remmya. Feminine ruby that has an excellent outline on the stack. Good head, shows strength to skull and muzzle but not coarse in any way. Excellent eye and ear set. Good conformation and nicely bodied. Moved well enough coming towards but a shade restricted at the rear. At 18 months has time to finish well.

3rd Lexody Pandemonium.

L. 1st R I’m Tanisha Of R.

2nd L. Pandemonium. Masculine Blenheim who pleases greatly in head shape and plush muzzle, dark eye and well furnished ear. Excellent body proportions. Balanced angles. Good coat and moved well from profile.

3rd Javerdi Fleur Alyse.

O. 1st Carleeto Minnie The Minx. Stood away in this entry and a worthy winner. Bl/t female that has a well balanced outline and appeals for size and femininity. Shapely skull, dark eye and well set-on ears of good length and feathering. Medium neck. Good chest. Strong loin. Moderately angled rear. Excellent mover, using her tail to reflect her character. Excellent coat and furnishings, solid colour with rich tan. BOB.

2nd Anickily Pandora. Pretty 7 year old bl/t in wonderful coat and condition. Slightly smaller than 1st and very feminine in outlook. Liked her outline and excellent body. Appealing head and eye. Shows herself to best advantage. Sound enough, just preferred the slightly freer stride of 1st.


PG. Tarnock Tap Dance Teddy. 2 year old male. Needing more body but has a very good head. Nicely set, large ears showing excellent feathering. Lovely eye with cheeky expression. Good for height to length proportions. High set tail. Soundly made, reflected in his easy movement.

2nd Melangel Lovely Lexi For Shamal. Ultra feminine and I liked her size and daintiness. Also 2 years old. Typical in outline Medium neck. Balanced angles. Not quite in full coat and needs a touch more body. Light, free mover. Close-decision, overall maturity the deciding factor.

L. 1st Panspayon Natasha. Beautiful feminine tri in excellent coat and presentation. Excellent outline. Lovely size with enough bone and substance. Excellent head and ears. Medium, dark expressive eye. Good conformation and in firm condition. High set and carried tail. Sound on the move, light and free. RBOB.

O. Ch. Nightfire’s Be Unique In Style At Panspayon. Excellent male of super type, size and beautifully balanced outline. Excellent head with well set, large ears and plenty of fringing. Moderate neck. Good substance all through but not compromising his lightness of frame. Excellent conformation, muscular loins. Sound in all directions. Fabulous coat for texture, density and presentation. BOB & G4.

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

PG. 1st Chantaydan High Priestess. Pretty cream female. Good ‘apple’ skull, large, dark eye and excellent ear set, used to advantage. Good overall shape and pleasing for size. Moved well. RBOB.

2nd Mujerosa Mr Chocolate Box. 11 month old male. Excellent size, shade long in loin, good conformation with well laid shoulder and corresponding rear. Correct head shape. Excellent ear set and carriage. Well made and high set tail. Moved freely.

3rd Chantaydan Harmony Tiara.

O. 1st Yorone Going For Gold. Excellent head with typical skull shape. Correct eye, large, dark giving an alert expression. Well set-on ears. Moderate neck. Firm body of good proportions. Soundly made all through. Well carried tail. Easy, free mover. BOB.

2nd Tyssul Zafira At Mujerose. Pretty female that appeals for size and shape. Correct head and eye. Uses her ears well. Well bodied. Stands on tight feet. High tail carried correctly. In-between coats presently. Keen showgirl. Sound mover.

3rd Tyssul Awel Y Mynydd.

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Only two present her but liked them both very much.

O. 1st. Mikichi Mr Moonlight. Very appealing male. Ideal height to length ratio and overall size. Excellent head, good apple shape. Well set ears. Excellent body and firm topline. Moderate angles. Correct tail set and carriage. Excellent feet. Thick, double coat. Moved very well in all directions. BOB.

2nd Gestavo Partying With Senecio. Another very good example of the breed. Feminine female that is nicely balanced, typical head and large, dark eye. Good to go over on the table. Excellent body. Close-up here. RBO

English Toy Terrier

Good entry, thanks for the support.

PG. 1st Skin Deep Mint Condition. Liked this male for his clean-cut outline, wedge head, excellent almond eye and strong, scissor bite. Correct ear shape and set. Good body condition, compact but could have a bit more rise over loin. Strong quarters. Powerful mover showing desired ‘extended trot’. RBOB.

2nd Kikuchi Hollywood. Excellent 6 month old pup. Typical outline. Super head, eye and expression. High-set candle -shaped ears. Excellent reach of neck. Moderate angles. Good mover in all directions. Obviously at his tender age still needs to mature further but is already very composed and think he has a great future. BP & PG3.

L. 1st Neerodan Thyme Bomb. Feminine and of pleasing size and shape. She has a very good head, wedge shape but could have a touch more fill under eye. Good ear set and shape. Reacxhy neck. Good front and rear angles. Topline ok and compact enough in outline. Lovely coat. Good deep black colour with defined markings. Sound and true on the move.

O. 1st Witchstone Raindance Avec Richpin. Favourite of mine having qualified him for the JW semi-final in his youth. At 5 years he is now fully mature, totally fulfilled all his early promise and looks the part. Love his shapely outline. Super head, good length and correct wedge shape. Excellent eye and expression. Correct candle-flame ear shape, well set and used to advantage at all times. Moderately angled front and rear. Excellent topline showing desired slight rise over loin. Moved out soundly with breed typical gait. Excellent handling, jet black coat with well defined tan markings. BOB, G1, BIS and Best Champion of Champions In Show. Just fabulous!

2nd Pedara The World Is Mine. Another good male. Equally pleasing in head and overall proportions. Dark, almond eye, ear set ok and another keen showman. Excellent body, quality bone and stands on good feet. Moved freely.

3rd Moretonia Golden Girl At Neerodan. Completed a very pleasing trio.

Japanese Chin.

PG. 1st Rossyn Asami. Pretty head. Large, dark eye giving typical expression. Excellent ear set. Clean, open nostrils. Good conformation and bone. Excellent high set and carried tail. In full, double coat of excellent silky texture. Moved soundly once settled. RBOB.

O. 1st Rossyn Magical Fantasy For Culverwood. 4 year old mature male. Pleasing size and compact outline. Excellent head showing broad, shapely skull. Good cushioning of muzzle and open nostrils. Large, expressive eye. High set, well feathered ears. Moderate angles. Firm topline. In full coat of correct texture. Has substance to frame but not losing any elegance. Moved very well. Confident showman. BOB.


PG. 1st Pawsamy’s Sweet William. Just approaching a year, a promising youngster that appeals for his compact shape, lovely size and quality, wedge shaped head. Small, high set ears. Excellent eye shape and colour. Good conformation. Firm body. High set plumed tail. Thick, double coat of pleasing texture and colour. Brisk mover. Sound. RBOB.

2nd Pawsamy’s Bluebella. Litter sister to 1st and very similar all through albeit in a slightly smaller package. Equally good in head, definition of muzzle and excellent eye. Sound conformation. In super coat and condition. Not quite as settled as 1 on the move but close-up and could easily change places on another day.

O. 1st Pawesamy’s Rose. Yet another sibling to above and the most mature and forward of the 3. Attractive shaded sable of pleasing colour. Lovely size and compactness of outline. Excellent wedge head with defined muzzle. Dark eye giving a cheeky expression. Small well set-on ears. Good angulation. Moved out well. Must have been a very nice litter. BP and BOB.


PG. 1st Tonsarne Benjamin Franklin. The youngest of the 3 here at 9 months but couldn’t be denied his placing on his excellent typical front movement. Pleasing for size and type, Good head piece with dark, twinkling eye and excellent underjaw. Medium neck. Firm topline. Balanced angles. Needs time to coat and body-up but wouldn’t want to change him anywhere at this stage in development.

2nd Guereza Suck It Up Buttercup. Lovely female of ideal size and proportions. Shapely head, correct underjaw with dark eye and well set ears. Good conformation. Quality coat of good texture. Sound on the move but not quite the typical ‘goose step’ of 1st. Excellent handling.

3rd Vanistica Jitterbug.

O. 1st Cichlas Blaise Affen To Vanistica, Mature and in excellent body and coat. Typical head with cheeky expression. Good ears. Strong neck. Good depth of chest. Excellent topline. Good front and rear quarters. High set tail, carried ok. Harsh, thick coat, sensibly presented to leave a ‘natural’ outlook. Sound, brisk mover. BOB &G2.

2nd Tonsarne Teatime. 11 month old female. Liked her balanced outline and feminine size. Well bodied for her age and holds her outline well at all times. Appealing head and expression. Moves soundly in all directions. Coat coming along well with correct presentation. Think she will have a promising future. RBOB & BP.

Bichon Frise

PG. 1st Magstarai Field Of Secrets. Liked the height to length proportions of this ultra-feminine female. Super head, dark eye and excellent pigment. Strong neck leading to a well made front. Good topline, short loins and moderately angled rear. Moved with reach and drive. Excellent coat for texture, density and presentation. BOB.

2nd Delbrupar’s Moretti. Goregeous 7 month old male pup. Eye-catching on the stack with his well balanced outline and sound conformation. Good puppy coat, immaculately presented. Moved well, using his low set hocks to best advantage. Most promising. BP.

3rd Delbrupar’s Estrella.

L. 1st Magstarai Magic In The Stars. Pretty female. Lovely outline with excellent conformation. Good head, eye and pigment. Could be a bit stronger in muzzle. Good to go over on the table. Super coat for texture and preparation. Sound on the move with high carried tail.

O. 1st Jaimens Petrichor. Eye-catching 7 year old female that carries her age well. Good head shape with strength of muzzle and strong pigment. Holds her outline well at all times. Good angulation at the rear with low set, sound hocks. Shows a good depth of stride from profile but a bit untidy coming towards. Immaculate coat and condition. RBOB.

2nd Magstarai Secrets Of The Sea. Better proportioned than 1st and appeals greatly for her overall balance and excellent head piece. Super coat. Moderate angles. Moved well enough, just not the drive of 1st.

Coton De Tulear.

PG. 1st Cotonkiss Flower girl. A very good representative of the breed. She has an excellent outline with a well balanced head and muzzle. Strong pigment. Good conformation with correct topline showing a desired rise over loin. A bit apprehensive on the table but was sympathetically handled by her young handler. Excellent coat with good ‘cotton’ texture and excellent presentation. Moved well. BOB.


PG. 1st Devonia Anzio. Lovely young male of very good proportions, almost square outline. Strong head with well defined stop. Excellent eye colour giving a melting expression. Moderate neck. Nicely laid shoulder with complimentary rear. Correctly set tail. Lovely coat. Free mover.

2nd Devonia’s Calabria. Close-up. Feminine and good overall height to length proportions. Good head and muzzle. A bit short in neck. Holds herself well. Well made with breed typical coat. Took time to settle on the move but sound and true in all directions.

O. 1st Kobanyal Pelyhes Odin With Devonia. A really excellent male. Lovely square outline. Super head and pigment. Medium neck leading to a well angled front. Excellent body. Short loin. Moderately angled rear. High set tail. Superb coat of correct texture. A real eye-catcher that appealed very much. Close-up for a placing in a strong Toy Group. BOB.


PG. 1st Lavieest Madame La Isabella. 9 month old Yorkshire Terrier female. Looks a picture on the stack. Feminine head, lovely dark eye and ears maybe a touch wide set. Appeals for size and holds a firm topline at all times. Balanced angles. Super coat, particularly for her age being good texture and rich colours. Needs to co-ordinate further on the move as tends to ‘crab’ but is sound. BP NSC Toy.

2nd Adurus Enable. Well bodied bl/t Min Pin. Great temperament. Correct wedge head with dark eye and mischievous expression. Well set ears of good shape and size. Needs to tighten in front further. Nicely angled rear. High set tail. Moved ok.

O. 1st Beauborne Nadal At Topmead. Compact, masculine red Griffon. Large, head with good skull shape, wide muzzle and clean, open nostrils. Excellent eye. Small, high set ears. Strong neck. Good depth all through. Balanced angles, A bit loose in front at times. Stands on small, tight feet. Sound mover. Harsh coat. BOB & BNSC Toy.

2nd L. Madame La I.

AV Import Reg. Toy.

PG. 1st Russiandream Ezra Elliot For Shamal. Bl/t Russian Toy. Appealing for size and proportions. Ears well set and used to enhance his expression. Dark, rounded eye. Still to develop fully in body. Really confident mover and delightful character. Res. Best AV Import Toy.

2nd Russiandream Flynn Fondue. 14 month male. Similar to 1st for type and size but not as collected on the move. Good head, eye and ears. Shows promise just needs to settle into the job. Good coat and body.

O. 1st Russiandream Emily Poppins. Very appealing Russian Toy. Female. Loved her head and dark eye giving a cheeky expression. Well fringed ears. Good conformation and stands on excellent feet. Easy, free mover. Best AV Imp. Toy.

2nd Russian dream Cody Flemming For Shamal. Slightly larger all through but well balanced outline. Good head shape. Excellent eye and ears. Good body. Balanced angles. Free mover.

AV Toy Sp. Yearling.

 1st M. Mr Chocolate B. L/C Chi.

2nd L. Pandemonium. CKCS.

3rd Sweetpanache White Tie And Tails. L/C Chi.

Sp. Veteran (7 – 9 Years)

1st Magstarai Heart of The Ocean. Bichon Frise. 8 year old female in fabulous coat and condition. Typical head and muzzle with defined stop. Excellent pigmentation. Firm body. Balanced front and rear angles. Well set-on tail. Moved with drive and conviction. Best Toy Veteran & RBVIS.

2nd J. Petrichor. Bichon Frise.

3rd Carleeto Nikita, CKCS.

1st Ch. Neerodan Naughty Nancy. 11 year old ETT female. A worthy Ch. that appeals for her shapely outline and feminine size. Correct head, eye and ear shape. In good condition and sound conformation and movement. A steady showgirl and good to see her still enjoying her time in the ring.

2nd Marneyjay Tiny Timothy. Really cute tri L/C Chi. 10 years old and proves yer again how well many of the Toy breeds age so well into later years. Super head shape. Small and dainty but has good substance for his frame. Good conformation and carries his tail well at all times. Moved very well.

Toy Group.

G1 – Ch. Witchstone Raindance Avec Richpin. ETT, G2 – Cichlas Blaise Affen To Vanistica, Affenpinscher, G3 – Magstarai Field Of Secrets. Bichon, G4 – Ch. Nightfire’s Be Unique In Style At Panspayon. Papillon.

PG1 – Delbrupar’s Moretti. Bichon, PG2 – Tonsarne Teatime. Affenpinscher, PG3 – Kikuchi Hollywood. ETT, PG4 – Kelbrend Dreamy Duchess. Pug.

Darren Clarke (Judge)