• Show Date: 04/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Darren Clarke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North & South Shields Canine Society

North and South Shields CS



P (4) 1st Afterglow Ester La Vista Megipugi. 10 month old bitch pup. Delightful head and expression with large, dark eye and feminine outlook. Good substance. Excellent pigment. Good conformation which came together on the move. Sound in all directions and a good double coat. High set tail. Keen showgirl. BP and pleased to hear she topped the Puppy Group.

2nd Pulchra Changing The Guard At Cerang. Solidly built fawn dog. Liked his head for shape and strength. Thick neck and well developed chest for his age. Excellent overall conformation. Moved very well. Close-up.

3rd Afterglow Able Mabel Of Sunlea.

J (2) 1st A. Able Mable Of S. Stood 3rd in a good puppy class. Shapely skull, large, dark eye and pleasing expression. Could have a bit more width of muzzle for ideal balance. Super cobby body. Well made and a free mover.

2nd Borobullyz Good Luck Charm. Excellent headed bitch. Lovely dark, expressive eye and excellent pigment. Well developed, open nostrils. Not the body or topline of 1st. Good bone and feet. Moved well in all directions.

PG (4) 1st Sunlea Memphis Belle. Smaller, feminine fawn but still has sufficient substance. Eager showgirl and gives a good account of herself. Pretty head of good shape. Good reach of neck. Balanced angles. Well bodied. High tailset but would prefer more twist. Excellent mover.

2nd Sunlea Minnie The Minx. Liked this feminine black very much. Shapely head, balanced with muzzle. Large, dark expressive eye and small, well placed ears. Good thick neck and balanced angles. A touch longer in body. Excellent tail with a good twist. Moved well from profile.

O (2) 1st Sunlea Billy Ray. A really super fawn dog Well balanced both in head and body proportions. Excellent body. Compact outline. Good eye and soft expression. Holds a firm topline at all times. Good front and rear. Very sound on the move displaying a breed typical gait. Pleasing tail, showing good twist. Good coat. Lovely character. BOB & G2.

2nd Megipugi’s Day Or Knight. Gorgeous black bitch. Slightly heavier in wrinkle but this dosen’t distract from her overall quality. Super large eye and excellent pigment. Open, clear nostrils. Excellent conformation and movement. In good coat and immaculate condition.

Tibetan Terrier

PG (2) 1st Boshanti Nadeen. Attractive bitch just approaching full maturity. Feminine and relatively square in outine. Well balanced head. Good eye. Moderate neck. Good depth of chest and well bodied. Balanced angles either end. High set tail Good coat texture. A little hesitant on the floor but once settled showed reach and drive, covering the ground well.

O (2) 1st Myrlea Motown Ink. This delightfully feminine bitch scores greatly in squareness of outline and balance all through. Shapely head, medium neck leading to a well angled front. Good bone for her size and large, functional feet. Well ribbed, short loin and moderately angled rear. High set tail. Not in full coat but what she had is of a good texture. Easy mover, using her hocks to drive her around the rind. BOB.

2nd Layoli Sea Of Secrets At Billkenstar. Mature dog in good double coat. Masculine, shapely head. Dark eye. Moderate neck. Good angles. A bit long in loin for ideal balance. Good body and overall condition. Moved well in all directions. Well presented.

Border Terrier

P (2) 2 promising pups but quite different. 1st Otterpaws The Thunder Rolls. Just 6 months old and still to mature fully. Super otter head. Dark eye with a keen expression. Scissor bite with good sized teeth. Small, well set ears. Good reach of neck. Moderate angles and easily spanned. Excellent coat and thick skin. Moved very well, just needs to tighten a fraction out and back. Think she will have a good future. BP & PG2.

2nd Craigsheild All The Way. Slightly older and more mature than 1st. A bitch of sound type and functional length of leg. Pleasing enough in head but could be a bit shorter in muzzle. Good angles front and back and a correctly set tail. Moved soundly, just not putting 100% in on the day. Both pups should have a good future.

J (2) 1st Raedwulf Nightfall. Loved this young dog. Immediately caught my eye with his excellent outline, typical otter head and workmanlike outlook. Dark eye, strong bite and well set ears. Medium reach of neck. Balanced angles. Holds his outline well both on the stack and on the move. Easily spanned. Excellent pelt. Moved with a moderate stride and completely sound. Took BOB in a quality entry and pleased to award him G1.

2nd O. The Thunder R.

PG (3) 1st Raedwulf Daybreak. Litter brother to BOB and shares many of his qualities. Super head and expression. Good body and coat. Moderately angled front and back. Stands on small, tight feet. Tail set ok. Sound in all directions. Beautifully handled and prepared coat. I am sure he will change places many times with his sibling over their careers.

2nd Havencroft Emerald. Really appealing Blue/tan bitch. Excels in head properties. Dark, mischievous eye. Excellent bite and teeth. Strong, medium neck. Good angles. Spans well. Thick skin with functional pelt. Sound mover.

3rd Lairehope New Beginning For Tyneaster.

O (3) 1st Goldenmill Illusion At Vandamere. Another good one. Typical and workmanlike. Feminine, shapely head with muzzle to compliment. Dark eye, scissor bite and small, high-set ears. Good overall conformation. Excellent coat. Moved well, but can tighten a bit going away.

Wire Fox Terrier

G (1) 1st Brocolitia Clementia At Ivyjewel. A lovely bitch of excellent shape and balance of outline Long, shapely head. Small dark eye. Scissor bite with big teeth. Excellent ears. Good reach and arch of neck. Short back with muscular loins. Good angles. High set tail. Excellent rich markings. Well presented coat. Sound mover.

O (1) 1st Kentwone Boston to Ivyjewel. Mature dog of excellent square shape. Masculine, long head. Typical eye and expression. High set ears, used to advantage. Strong, reachy neck, Good conformation and pleasing to go over on the table. Stands on compact, small feet. In excellent harsh coat, beautifully presented. Moved with reach and driving from low, sound hocks. BOB & G2.

West Highland White Terrier

G (1) 1st Maxmadadh Mila Mariposa. Very pretty 8 month old bitch pup. Standing alone but gave a good account of herself. Very good head, strong skull and muzzle. Dark, twinkling eyes, small, well set ears. Fairly compact in body but still needs to generally fill her frame. Good conformation. Not in the best coat at present. Moved well. BP.

O (1) 1st Maxmadadh Madness Of Muse. Good overall shape. Feminine size. Pleasing head properties. Strong neck. Good body with short loins and muscular rear. Harsh coat. Easy, free mover. BOB.

Bedlington Terrier

J(1) 1st Janmark Je Ne Sais Pas Avec Mickleview. Shapely young bitch. Super head, long, lean and of correct shape. Good eye shape, thin ears, correctly set. Good bite with large teeth. Good reach and arch of neck. Balanced angles. Correct topline with slight arch over loin. Moved very well. Excellent coat for colour, density and texture. Well presented. BOB & G3.

O (1) 1st Ch L’End Show Melody Maker. A dog of excellent quality and not surprised to discover he carries his title. Lovely head. Excellent outline on the stack. Good front and rear. Excellent coat for colour, texture and presentation. A bit unsettled on the day and tended to flatten in topline at times, but a good mover showing typical stride. Close-up for BOB.

Parson Russell Terrier

O (1) 1st Drailam Foxglove. Standing alone in this entry but full of type and quality. Workmanlike in outlook and easily spanned. Super head, eye and strong scissor bite. Good conformation, correctly set and carried tail and in hard condition. Easy mover. BOB.

Cairn Terrier

G (1) 1st Droverlaw Messie Bessie. Another single entry. Lovely head, strong skull and muzzle with well defined stop. Dark, expressive eye. Well set ears. Good bite. Hard, muscular body. Good angles and a well set-on tail. Correct coat. Moved sound and true in all directions. BOB.

Jack Russell Terrier

G (3) 1st Chandlimore Pass The Buck To Mycalleys. Another good one from this kennel. Excellent type, size and balance all through. Good head and muzzle ratio. Dark eye, full of fire and spirit. Medium neck. Still needs to fill in chest, which should come in time. Good angles. Easily spanned. High set tail. Excellent coat. Moved with reach and drive. BP, BOB, G4 & PG1.

2nd Adolfo Watsonia. Ultra-feminine size. Ok for height to length ratio. Super head. Good to go over on the table. Excellent tail. Harsh, double coat. Moved well.

O (2) 1st Kabu Take It To The Max. Appealing dog for type and function. Eager showman and shows plenty of Terrier attitude. Excellent head properties. High set, tipped ears, used to advantage. Ok in neck. Good angles, moderate and free from any exaggeration. A bit unsettled on the move but did enough to take the class. Good coat, well prepared.

2nd Hunterhawk John McEnroe. Beautifully headed dog with dark eye and strong bite. Ears could be better set. Strong neck. Deep chest. Very well made all through. Coat ok. Moved well.

AV Terrier

P (4) 1st C. Pass The B. Jack Russell Terrier.

J (5) 1st J. Je Ne Sais Pais Avec M. Bedlington Terrier

2nd R. Daybreak. Border Terrier.

3rd O. The Thunder R. Border Terrier.

PG (7) 1st Havencroft Emerald. Border Terrier.

2nd D. Messie B. Cairn Terrier.

O (6) 1st Ch. L’End S. M. Maker. Bedlington Terrier.

Veteran (1) 1st Otterpaws Firebird. 8 year old Border Terrier who carries her age well. Excellent otter head with a strong, shapely skull and good strength of muzzle. Good conformation. Spans well. Correct coat and thick skin. Moved with a medium stride and sound in all directions. Made a worthy winner.

Terrier Group: G1 – Raedwulf Nightfall, Border Terrier, G2 – Kentwone Boston To Ivyjewel,

Wire Fox Terrier, G3 – Janmark Je Ne Sais Pas Avec Mickleview, Bedlington Terrier, G4 – Chandlimore Pass The Buck To Mycalleys, Jack Russell Terrier.

Puppy Terrier Group: PG1 – C, Pass The Buck To M, Jack Russell Terrier, PG2 – Otterpaws The Thunder Rolls, Border Terrier, PG3 – Maxmadadh Mila Mariposa, WHWT.

Darren Clarke (Judge)