• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Danielle Maltas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Durham County Canine Association

Durham County Canine Association 16/7/23


Puppy 0 entries

Junior 0 entries

Post Graduate 2 entries

1st Simpsons’ Apocalypto Famba by Rominjay I’ve admired this bitch from outside the ring for some time and so pleased to be able to eventually go over her, she did not disappoint; presented in superb condition. Strong but pleasing head with well set ears, dark eyes, lovely markings and good fill to cheek. Good strong neck flowing onto a nicely made front set on good pasterns and tight compact feet. Level topline held on the move leading onto a good croup with correct tail set; rear angulation strong and matches the front. A very well balanced and put together bitch which could be seen with her strong but steady movement away and back but also on the gait.

2nd Featherstone’s Kenxtwen Sweet Diamond. Another lovely bitch who pushed the 1st place, a smaller bitch but well balanced. Nice head but would like more fill to this bitch’s cheek, ears well set, markings good and dark eye. Nice length of neck onto another good front she uses everything she has to show good reach. Level topline, well-conditioned bitch with good rear angulation and nicely set tail. Moves correct in all directions and is a pleasure to watch and go over.

Open 4 entries

1st Lamberts CH Seittor Frozen In Time A smaller compact bitch but love her type, very pleasing head with well filled cheeks, beautiful dark almond eyes and nicely set ears of good size and proportion. Lovely length of neck onto a strong well laid front that shows on the move. Level firm topline, flowing onto a well moulded croup with correct tail set and carriage, well balanced rear angles which match her front and she uses them well. Moved with ease and purpose in all directions, I feel she was in better condition today than when I last judged her, pleased to award her BOB and see her win the Working group.

2nd Lamberts Seittor Lovebug JW Larger bitch to first but still compact, good head although I prefer type of the first bitch, but she is another with nice fill, ears of correct size and carried close, eyes are a little rounder than I would like. Balanced bitch within herself with a nice front, she has a nice depth to chest and set onto nice tight feet. Front flows onto a nice level topline, croup rounded, but has correct tail set and carriage. She moved sound and with purpose in all direction. I have judged her before and it was pleasing to see how much more mature she now is.

3rd Parry’s Gilcoru Rhodri the Great

Judge Danielle Maltas (Virlees)