• Show Date: 04/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Danielle Maltas Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North Of England Rottweiler Club

North Of England Rottweiler Club 4th February 2023

I really enjoyed my day judging my first club show. I must say temperaments on a whole were good. However, I felt eyes and ears were very much an issue; eyes too round and light whilst ears seem to be getting larger. I liked judging all classes but felt it was a privilege to judge my veteran classes as both classes were lovely with exhibits that their owners should be proud of.

MPD (no entries)

PD (3) Three very nice puppies, all at different stages of development this gave me a little bit of thinking to do for my first class.

1st Harvey’s Rottamore About Bruno Very nice young male who held his shape well both in stance and on the move. Good clean head developing well, with correct ear set and size, almond shape eye. Leading onto a nice length of neck and good front assembly allowing him to move straight coming to and displaying good reach in profile, maintained a level topline at all times, moulded croup with correct tail set and well-balanced rear angulation. Covers the ground well, will very much look forward to seeing him mature. BPD & BPIS

2nd Moss’ Chantavory’s One and Only A strong young male with good head slightly stronger than first but still pleasing with an alert expression, ears correctly set, medium eye of correct shape. A balanced dog within himself with lovely substance and rich mahogany markings; lost out to first as not quite as true in movement as first place, topline to still firm up which is understandable for a puppy. Liked his depth of chest and rib development. Moves well but would like to see him in a larger ring as I feel this would benefit him.

3rd Abell’s Nageem Cukier.

JD (1)

1st Eyre’s Rauchigrotts Haus Armani A happy young male who used what he had on the move. Nice mahogany markings, decent head although slightly steeper in stop but had nice dark eyes. More rear angulation in comparison to front which is shown on the move, needs to mature as looks like a typical young male at present, handled well by calm handler.

YD (2)

1st Mason’s Kamaro is Rojaus Slenio Compact medium sized male who covered the ground well. Pleasant head with nice stop, cheek development, medium ear carried well, eyes are dark but would prefer them to be less round. Muscular neck of correct length blending onto a front made up of correct lay of shoulder and upper arm, allowing him to have good reach on the move, lovely firm topline, well angulated muscular rear, slightly more than front angles but still was able to hold his shape on the move where he moved with purpose. Really liked this male's side profile movement which gained him RBD.

2nd Holden’s Whisperdown Ticket to Ride - Lighter built male than first with nice tan. Balanced dog who used all he had on the move where he moved soundly, would benefit from more width to chest and spring of rib. Movement is a little close coming to and going away. However, this is still a yearling class and there is time for him to develop. A handsome head of correct proportions nice width of skull with a correct size ear and placement, good stop, nice filling and finished with a dark eye. Presented in great condition.

GD (4)

1st Harvey’s Rottamore About Bruno - Winner of PD

2nd Moss’ Victor Flash Rouse - A substantial male with lovely mahogany markings. Decent head with dark eye and nice ear set, strong muscular neck onto an adequate front, would benefit from a better lay of shoulder and upper arm to give more reach, however it is balanced. Held his topline on the move, good rear angulation which he used to drive well when moving away.

3rd Velcheva-Bozhkova's Apocalypto Eleon

Res Holden’s Whisperdown Ticket To Ride

PGD (1)

1st Scott’s Torsite The Hulk - Nice sized male with masculine head, strong muzzle with good width, nice filling completes the look, marked well with a good tan. Strong muscular neck onto a decent lay of shoulder, this could be slightly better although uses what he has and is able to maintain a good reach, on the day was carrying a bit of weight over the shoulders. Maintained a firm topline and covers the ground well, felt he would benefit from an outdoor ring to enable him to open-up more. Has a nice tail set and carriage, presented and handled well.

LD (4,2abs)

1st Robinson & Burrow’s Upmont Gentleman Jack - A very honest male with good length of leg, standing on lovely tight feet. He has a pleasing head finished with a correct dark eye. Moderate front assembly but has good rear angulation. His thighs display great muscular tone and development. He would benefit at been allowed to move out more as I felt he was held back; this caused his topline to break slightly behind the withers. Very attentive to his handler who handled him well. Present in excellent condition, one of the best conditioned dogs on the day.

2nd Velcheva-Bozhkova’s Apocalypto Ambassador – A slighter type of dog compared to first place. Well balanced within himself. His front and rear angles are both adequate and this enables him to use them sufficiently getting the most out of what he has. Whilst his head is in keep with his overall structure, I personally would prefer slightly more cheek and a less round eye. Another young man who was very attentive to his handler. Presented in firm condition.

OD (2,1abs)

1st Bateson & Hoole’s Upmont Al Capone – A balanced substantial male who moved with power around the ring. Nice head with dark eye, rich tan markings and in good body condition. Would prefer a little more length of neck. Blends well onto a good front this shows with good reach,standing straight onto nice tight feet. Firm topline with a correct croup and nice strong rear angulation. Nice depth of chest, under carraige and spring of rib, strong in loin. Really enjoyed judging this boy although he was a handful on the day, I was pleased to award him BD, BOSIS & RBIS.

VD (3,1 abs)

1st Lamberts CH Seittor Wild Fire JW ShCM – Such a lovely male of good size. Handsome head set onto a muscular neck of correct length which flows onto an excellent front. Nice firm topline with slight slope to croup leading onto a nice tail with good rear angles slightly longer in second thigh. Moves out well, it was a pleasure to go over this male as I have admired him for a long time pleased to award him BVD.

2nd Goodban & Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Just Ace It at Kelijaygo – A smaller more compact dog who is nicely balanced within himself. Pleasant head with nice ears, a dark eye, good filling for age but slightly steep in stop. Firm topline which he maintained at all times, nice depth of chest and undercarriage. He used all the angulation he had to cover the ring. So attentive to his handler.

MPB (3)

1st Moss & Dobson’s Chantavory Coco Chanel - A balanced young bitch who performed so well. Covered the ground with her pleasing angles, for one so young she maintained a nice firm topline, good croup with nice tail set and carriage. Such a lovely feminine head with nice eyes and good ear set. I would prefer a little more of her but really liked her, looking forward to seeing how she matures, very pleased to award her BPB.

2nd Brereton’s Casey Wizard Montenegro Rott – Quite different to first place and at a different stage of development. Head in proportion with a good ear set and carriage but is slightly steeper in stop with a rounder eye. In stance and on the move, she maintained a level topline and held her shape due to being balanced. Still a little close when moving away. Stands on correct feet. In nice condition for her age, with good tan markings to compliment.

3rd Hausmason Barby Rio

PB (2,1abs)

1st Deas’ Jessica Vom Hause Istokovic Bugarivo – A lovely sized bitch of substance, in good condition and finished with rich tan markings. Slightly more front angulation than rear but she still moves well. A firmer top line would be to her advantage, this will hopefully come with maturity and conditioning. Overall, a nice head with good development and proportions, but would prefer her eye to be a little less round. Stands on lovely compact feet.

JB (8,4 abs)

1st Bateson & Hoole’s Upmont Gypsy Roma – A nice sized bitch with lovely rich tan. Good head with dark almond eyes, finished with nice ear set and carriage. Correct length of neck. Would prefer a slightly better lay of shoulder as she moves a touch wide in front. Good topline onto nice rear angulation although slightly close behind at present due to age, hopefully when her inner thigh muscle develops this will improve. Presented in good condition.

2nd Raines - Victorem Luck Be a Lady - A finer bitch than first with good head but rounder eye than first. Good length of neck onto nice topline, used what she has on the move, where she moved sound in all directions. Overall, a nice balanced bitch who was presented in the correct condition for her age. Correct croup with good tail set. Strength evident in hocks and standing on good feet.

3rd Jackson & Rogerson’s Taneven Bliss

YB (5, 1 abs)

1st Lamberts Seittor Lovebug JW – Compact bitch. Pleasing head, a little rounder eye than I would like, but with good proportions, gives a pleasing expression. Body developing well, with depth to chest, level topline onto a correct croup. Moved sound although slightly close behind whilst moving away. Appeared to be carrying a little bit of weight over her shoulders, which could be down to age. Finished off with lovely, nice tight feet.

2nd Deepweiler’s Aurora - What a lovely substantial bitch, strong head yet still feminine. Nice length of neck onto good front but slightly down on pasterns, topline not as firm as first which let her down. Nice rear angles which enabled her to drive well. Just needs a little bit of time to tighten up. She is one I will be watching out for as she matures. Presented in beautiful condition.

GB (4,2)

1st Sutcliffe’s Bereyda Esna - Nice sized bitch. Decent head with good ears and nice eyes, would like a little more fill to cheek. Muscular neck onto a nice front which she used well on the move, firm topline, body developed well, with good width and depth of chest. A little more rear angulation which shows when moving away as slightly wide. Good rich tan markings, presented in good condition. Finished off with good feet.

2nd Velcheva-Bozhkova’s Taneven Alexa - Medium boned bitch, a little less mature in body than first place. Broad skull and good ear carriage would prefer a little more filling to cheek and less round eye. Moved out well in profile but slightly wide behind moving away, topline not as strong as first. Presented in good condition. Handled well.

PGB (10, 4 abs)

1st Sutcliffe’s Bereyda Speechless - Good-sized bitch with nice head, nice width to muzzle, and skull, ear of good sized although set is slightly high, finished with a dark eye. Strong neck onto a good front, nice width to chest. Level top line, rib cage developed well, with a good depth. Correct croup. Well-developed first and second thigh of correct length. Her angles enabled her to move well in all directions, where she displayed soundness. I liked this bitch and considered her for top awards.

2nd King’s Vonkassel Kara - A taller bitch than first. Chest is still a little narrow, which means she stands close in front. Nice head, which is well proportioned giving a good expression and finished with a dark eye, would like a little more filling to her cheek. Well defined tan markings. Good topline but would benefit from a little more spring of rib. Balanced in front and hindquarters which enabled her to move steady whilst maintaining her shape.

3rd Velcheva-Bozhkova’s Apocalypto Felicia

LB (3, 2abs)

1st Harvey’s Rottamores Tenerife Sea - A finer bitch with nice clean head, good proportions, width to muzzle, and correct eye shape, smaller ears but carried well. Slightly better rear angulation compared to front but moves out well and holds topline. Stands straight in front and from rear displayed strength in hocks. Moulded croup with nice tail set and carriage. Presented in hard condition.

OB (6,3 abs)

1st Lambert’s CH Seittor Frozen in Time - A smaller bitch but such a lovely type, love her head nice cheek development, dark eyes of correct shape, medium ears carried well, really liked her expression. Neck muscular and of correct length blends onto a correct front assembly that she uses to cover the ground with ease. Firm topline and under carriage, leading onto a correct tail set and carriage, rear angles compliment front which she used to drive well. Moved with purpose and in good condition, pleased to award her BB & BIS.

2nd English’s Seittor Time to Shine - Similar type of bitch to first. Head with pleasing expression, finished with correct ears and eyes. Strong neck. Front assembly not quite as well balanced as rear angles, her rear is more angulated, she would benefit from a better lay of shoulder. Rear is well developed both in first and second thigh, although sound in all directions she was slightly wide when moving away. Moved steady in profile. Presented in lovely condition.

VB (3) Really enjoyed judging this class.

1st Moss’ Blushing Bacardy at Chantavory - A substantial bitch that moves with purpose and really uses everything she has, not showing her age at all. Clean head, smaller ears but carried well, strong muzzle, dark eye although slightly round. Strong muscular neck blending onto a good front with broad chest and good depth of brisket. Topline was held on the move and in stance, slightly more rear angulation, which was well conditioned, she used this well on the move where she displayed excellent ground coverage, good tail set and carriage. Pleased to award her RBB & BVIS.

2nd Holden’s Westlodge Xtract Me to Rottknight JW ShCM - Another nice veteran and a credit to her owner keeping her in such good condition, but with paler tan. Well boned upstanding balanced bitch that moved freely around the ring whilst maintaining her topline. Nice head, a little stronger than first, but very correct. Loved her substance and body development. Finished off with lovely compact feet.

3rd Raine’s Botlierskop Star Garnet - Medium sized bitch with correct bone for size. Smaller but pleasing head, nice dark eye. Balanced in front and rear, and like the other two exhibits she also held her shape well in all directions. Presented in excellent condition. Very attentive to her gentle handler.

Judge: Danielle Maltas (Virlees)