• Show Date: 05/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Daniela Tranquada Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/12/2023

Hungarian Vizsla Society

Hungarian Vizsla Society, 5th November 2023

I was absolutely delighted to be invited to judge one of my favourite breeds at the Hungarian Vizsla Society club show – thank you for the super entry.

I was impressed with how the breed has such consistency in level toplines. I don’t think I saw one roach back or a dippy topline which cannot be said for many breeds which require the back to be level. There was also great strength through the rear pasterns on the vast majority. However, there was quite a variation in the size of exhibits.

MPD (3, 1a): 1 BPD & BPIS Prince’s Aldom Regimental Colours, 7 months, presents a lovely picture stacked with good balanced angles fore & aft & a lovely clean topline. He has super ribbing with good rear angles. Very much a boy & he made me smile on the move; he really drove off like he meant it. Performed with the same oomph in the challenge too; 2 Senior’s Oakswarren Feel The Heat at Alaszdale (AI), nice for size, has a lovely clean outline with level back & is well balanced both ends with well sprung ribs. He is a little looser through the front than 1 at present even though he has tight feet but he has plenty of time to strengthen. Naughty but nice.

PD (2, 1a): 1 Underdown’s Bitcon Northern Dancer, stacks up well with a clean outline, brisket down to elbow, level topline & good ribbing. He gave his handler a very hard time, & needs steering to master his playful streak.

JD (2): 1 Wall’s Perllanside Street Party JW, nice shape, masculine & robust in appearance, tight feet with good arch to the toes, lovely ribbing. He is going through his teenage stage & needs to drop down into himself. Moved the best in the class; 2 Newman’s Szajani Vidor, fit as a fiddle, could even determine the floating rib, masculine head with correct depth of flew, brisket down to elbow. Is in the habit of pacing which is a shame.

ND (4, 1a): 1 Senior’s Nemzet Kincse Ipa (Imp) NAF TAF, well balanced & soundly made, tight cat like feet which is nice to see on a youngster, level back & good angulation. He won this class on movement. He is quite up to size but overall he is anatomically well put together; 2 Morse’s Facanvadasz Csongor, very well presented male skilfully handled, well laid back shoulders, well-muscled thighs. Preferred the outline & movement of 1; 3 S Vidor.

PGD (8, 3a): 1 Da Silva’s Amarantos Katana for Ertekes, stands out both moving & standing, has a lovely outline with a clean topline, lovely feet, good ribbing, correct turn of stifle, hocks vertical to the ground. He takes a couple of kicks from the rear pasterns to get into his stride but when he does, he is concise & moves true; 2 Curzon-Price’s Kentwone Dreamer, sometimes I looked at him & he would be stacked well & sometimes I would catch him when he wasn’t looking his best, he has a level topline & has a nice quality to him; 3 F Csongor.

LD (4, 1a): 1 BD & Best Opposite Sex in Show, Harper’s Pitswarren So Nex Century JW stand out winner, stacks up lovely & is definitely on his toes so can be quite a tussle to co-operate on the stack but when he does, he really looks the part – strong & robust, masculine & everything flows. Lean head, clean neck, level back, good rear angles & in very fit condition – noticeably so. Strong through the rear pasterns & lovely eye-catching side gait in profile with good reach & drive which is what clinched it for me; 2 Underdown’s Kenxtwen Chocolate Chip at Baratja, despite being up to size this male is well put together & is balanced. He holds a level topline, is clean through the neck & has well laid shoulders with good ribbing. His feet need a little work for them to be tighter with neater nails; 3 Dear’s Aldom Douglas Fir.

OD (1): 1 RBD Bradley’s Highforce All Or Nothing JW, mature male, good body proportions, masculine & very well-muscled throughout. Appealing head, clean neck, good feet, brisket down to elbow, taut through the loin. Quite clearly adores his owner as they have a good rapport. Moved well.

VD (2, 1a): 1 Da Silva’s Sh Ch Bournehouse Crispin, smart male, good for size & bone, masculine. Really loved his head, the proportions & detail, tidy well arched feet, brisket down to elbow, excellent topline, good rear angulation & moved well. Looking good for 11 years & in fine vocal form, too!; 2 Kelly’s Gunfield Phantom, lovely temperament, good depth of brisket, level topline & good turn of stifle. Little heavy over the shoulders today & preferred the movement of 1.

MPB (4, 2a): 1 BPB Price’s Aldom Coco Chanel, litter sister to my BPIS winner, she is a real cutie. In terms of dogs & bitches I preferred her head over her brother. She has a lovely shape & a sassy attitude, good neck into well laid shoulders, clean over the topline & has well balanced angles fore & aft. She’s a raw baby & when she fills her frame, she will do well & will no doubt change places with her brother; 2 Curzon-Price’s Parcroft Destiny, solid girl with immaculate catlike feet. Lovely shape, excellent depth of chest & ribbing, just didn’t want to be gone over today but after a while, she did enjoy her parade around the ring & began to relax into her stride.

JB (6, 3a): 1 Elliott’s Vizslanya Pafrany for Zinniaviz JW, presents a lovely outline, very elegant but still looks strong & robust, good depth of chest & taut through the loin & underline. She moved well; 2 Wall’s Perllanside Fly The Flag, really eye catching & it was a close decision as I really liked her – I preferred her head to 1. She has slightly more bone than 1 & is lovely stacked up with a clean outline, she has good substance & is robust. I just preferred the ribbing & loin of 1; 3 Hardcastle & Bradley’s Castledogley Firenze JW.

NB (5, 1a): 1 Davis’ Perllanside Royal Fanfare, very nice bitch, stood out even though she was tucked away in the corner. Even standing naturally she holds a good topline, she is soundly made, brisket down to elbow, good ribbing. Feminine & pretty & she moved the best in the class; 2 Adams’ Vizash Elenk at Jamzco, brisket down to elbow, level topline, preferred the body ratios of 1. Nails need attention; 3 Di Cesare’s Highforce I Feel Free

PGB (8, 3a): 1 Coombe’s Amarantos Bellaria at Castlefield, litter sister to my PGD winner, well presented, scores in outline with a level topline, good angulation & lovely tight feet. Looks good stood naturally holding good posture; 2 P Fly The Flag; 3 Steeden’s Lindenwood Hocus Pocus.

LB (9, 3a): 1 BB & Best in Show Harper’s Pitswarren Siyon JW, clocked her as soon as she came in the ring, has lovely deportment; comes in the ring full of self-importance & an air of nobility. When settled in to her stack, she has a super outline & is balanced fore & aft with clean topline. On going over her, she has lovely strength of bone through the forearms & is in super fit condition holding a taut loin & underline. She has a pretty head & the perfect shaped ears – you can even feel the quality in them – not too thick or fleshy. It was on the move where she simply cranked it up a notch – she has good neck extension [where that air of importance comes in] & she has powerful ground covering movement – with excellent reach & drive. She is litter sister to the Best Opposite Sex in Show & they both have lovely ground covering strides. A real quality bitch; 2 Rutherford’s Kincsem Ferrari, another lovely bitch, very sound, balanced & with a lovely disposition. Anatomically sound, good bone for size, correct angles front & rear, in good condition & well presented; 3 Ambravittoriya Art Of Love for Marghele (Imp) JW.

OB (5, 1a): 1 RBB & Reserve Best in Show Ward’s Sh Ch Danton Obsession with Tantaraviz ShCEx, super quality bitch, her outline is immaculate she holds such a strong level topline at all times. Lovely to go over with good forechest, brisket down to elbow with elbows tight to the chest wall. Lovely eye, clean neck, good spring of rib, superbly handled & really pushed hard for the top award – just preferred the forward reach of the BIS on the move; 2 Wall’s Ch Piroseg Mandarin of Perllanside JW, what a lovely quality bitch, robust, good depth of chest, clean over the neck & shoulders, holds a level topline, good rear angles, just preferred the cut glass outline of 1; 3 Binkowska’s Omri Ruda Szata (Imp).

FTB (1): Ch P Mandarin of P JW

VB (4,1a): 1 Best Veteran in Show Bradley’s Sh Ch Vizslanya Vivmany by Highforce JW ShCM ShCEx VW, stand out winner, so very feminine but strong with it, lovely balance to her, she looks good standing & moving. Pretty head, intelligence behind those eyes, brisket down to elbow with elbows tight to the chest wall, good forechest, balanced angles fore & aft, skilfully presented; 2 Di Cesare’s Highforce I Want It All, so sound, slightly larger frame than 1, pretty head, lovely ribbing, correct turn of stifle & strong through the rear pasterns; 3 Moggridge’s Recuerdo Marika.


Miss Wall, complementary duo, working well together & ably presented by their handler. Both balanced examples moving well together.