• Show Date: 26/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Daniela Tranquada Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 19/09/2023

North Of England Hunt Point Retrieve Club

North of England Hunt, Point, Retrieve Club,

26 August 2023

What a lovely day! I was absolutely delighted to be invited to judge here; such super quality dogs to go over, super venue & a lovely atmosphere around the rings. Thank you.

German Shorthaired Pointer

P (3, 1a): 1 BP McMurdo’s Ceilloch Express, l/w ticked of 6 months, more together at this stage & moved the best in the class. Appealing head in profile, clean neck, strong topline, good rear angles, balanced. Just needs to fill out through the front; 2 Tierney’s Ceilloch It Had To Be You, l/w ticked of 6 months, really looks the part when she is stacked with a lovely smooth outline. Brisket down to elbow, correct topline & underline. Didn’t want to show herself on the move today.

J (4, 1a): Tait’s Benboee Beelieve, very close decision between her & her sister in 2, both l/w. Both quite substantial bitches but this doesn’t detract from their femininity. Strong topline, clean outline good ribbing, well balanced front & rear. She is taut throughout & is precise coming & going & she has a good length of stride in side profile - that gave her the edge here & in PG; 2 Tait’s Benboee Beeloved, very similar comments apply, nice balance between skull & muzzle, good spring of rib, moved well, good rear angles with well-muscled thighs. Very well presented by her junior handler; 3 Bowman’s Sharrale Maxymillion.

PG (6, 1a): This was a difficult class to judge; high quality especially when looking across the ring & seeing them all stacked up – all looking the part. It was hard to pick between them – really nit picking & how they performed on the day. 1 B Beelieve; 2 Cox’s Cushatlaw Athena, l/w ticked, preferred her for size to 1, presents a lovely picture in outline, streamlined & smooth, balanced with good angles fore & aft. Clean neck, well laid shoulders, good ribbing & strength through the rear pasterns; 3 Read’s Keigame Signe.

L (2, 1a): 1 BOB Bowler’s Winterwell Iggy Inch, what a super l/w ticked boy, he is so anatomically sound & balanced, presents a lovely outline - streamlined with a short back. Appealing head with good depth of flew, clean neck into well laid shoulders, good bone for size, moved well, lovely muscle definition through the rear, powered around the ring. He is just so sound – feels lovely to go over – your hands flow - sheer quality.

OD (2): Two lovely male Champions here! 1 Mann’s Sh Ch Valger Ragnar JW, very smart l/w 4-year-old, certainly stands over his ground & looked lovely stacked – cuts a dash & is lovely & masculine with good bone. Good depth of muzzle, clean neck, well laid shoulders, good strength through the rear pasterns, moved with ease; 2 Thurm’s Sh Ch Bryburn Bacchus JW ShCM ShCex, veteran liver ticked male, good bone for size with strength through the forearms, brisket down to elbow, good spring of rib, well balanced angles fore & aft. Preferred the outline of 1.

OB (6, 2a): Another super class! 1 RBOB Trow’s Sh Ch Fayemm Treacle Tart with Winterwell JW AI, not only did this liver bitch stand out in outline, she was lovely to go over & she wins a prize for being the most “ripped”. Absolutely lovely body condition. As I went over she was so taut & really held herself together with such strength, it was lovely to see & feel. Clean neck into well laid shoulders, good rear angulation. The best mover in the class – no doubt, in part, due to her body condition. Just preferred the head properties of Iggy Inch for BOB; 2 Cox’s Cushatlaw Serendipity JW, another lovely quality bitch, l/w ticked, sound, looks the part standing with a clean outline, good bone for size, correct depth of chest, lovely spring of rib, good turn of stifle, strong through the rear pasterns. Just not as energised as 1 on the move but it was hot today; 3 Throw’s Winterwell Stoney Trail.

German Wirehaired Pointer

P (1): 1 BP Geary’s Wesley Vom Alte Wald at Germanus (Imp), looks good stacked, well balanced, good bone for size, correct length of body with strong topline, good rear angles & rear pasterns vertical to the ground. Good wire coat. Moved with strength, just needs to adapt steering so he is not pulling too much up front.

J (3, 2a): 1 Geary’s Germanus Hotwyr Minjarra AI, nice feminine b/w bitch, lovely head with good furnishings, correct body length with strong topline & good turn of stifle. Just needs to fill out through the front which will come in time.

OD (3): 1 Cox’s Greendale Ash, b/w male, appeals in outline, good bone, correct spring of rib, muscled rear quarters, strength through the rear pasterns. Scored on condition – taut through the loin. Lovely movement in profile but slightly wide behind; 2 O’Connor’s Sh Ch Karlejay Gump They Live In Yu AI, very professionally presented l/w, intelligent expression with good facial furnishings, brisket down to elbow, good layback of shoulder, correct turn of stifle. Preferred the topline of 1; 3 Kearns’ Rudishaw Good On Ya.

OB (4,1a): 1 BOB Cox’s Hermione vom Holstef (Imp), good bone for size, looks strong & yet feminine, she appealed standing with super balanced angles fore & aft, strong topline, good wire coat, lovely muscle tone, rear pasterns vertical to the ground. Very sound & best mover in the class; 2 RBOB O’Konnor’s Karlejay Gump Circle Of Life AI, very well presented l/w bitch, slighter in bone than 1, good head furnishings, looks good stacked with strong topline & balanced angles fore & aft. Super skilled handler; 3 Kearns’ Rudishaw Waltzing Matilda.

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

P (2): 1 BP Pearson’s Lanspar Zarla, the most together at this stage, correct bone for size, good length of body, brisket down to elbow, good ribbing, moved well when settled; 2 Pearson’s Lanspar Zsolt, litter brother to 1, lovely clean neck into well laid shoulders, he stacks up well. His frame/outline & body length are good but he just needs time to fill it as he is very raw at the moment. Well handled.

J (2): 1 RBOB Ashton’s Kutyahaus Ilka Rising Sun, I thought this bitch was rather smart – feminine but robust, she is young but she is all there. She stacks up lovely with good topline & correct length of body. She has good bone & substance & is feminine with it. Just very nice to go over, brisket down to elbow, good ribbing, correct rear angles. Everything is there; 2 Hunt’s Kutyahaus Szulo Angyals, good bone for size, strong over the topline, good ribbing. She is not as clean through the neck & shoulders as her sister in 1 but she moved well.

PGD (1): 1 Elders’ Enryb Pink Panther, masculine boy, looks lovely stacked, correct head properties between skull & muzzle, strength through the forearms, brisket down to elbow, correct length of body with level topline. In lovely muscular condition & good texture to coat.

O (2): 1 BOB Elders’ Sh Ch Enryb Skye Blue, beautiful bitch, so sound, stands out in outline, brisket down to elbow with elbows tight to the chest wall, good ribbing, correct rear angles with muscled quarters. In good muscular condition all over with good texture to coat. Really moved soundly & with drive; 2 Forster’s Belatarr Venus, looks nice stacked, good topline & good depth of chest, moved well. Little heavy over the neck & shoulders today.