• Show Date: 20/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Daniela Tranquada Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 25/08/2023

Kent County Canine Association

Kent County CA, 20th August 2023

Labrador Retriever

P (7, 3a): A difficult class to judge with puppies at different stages of development & a variation in type. 1 Johnson’s Sagacity’s Moonlight Song, 8 months bitch, well balanced & the most together in this class in terms of her anatomy & her performance. Clean neck, well laid shoulders, correct topline & turn of stifle, moved co-ordinately. Would prefer more bone & substance; 2 Mount’s Buckholt Loveday Lottie, 6 months black bitch, brisket down to elbow, well laid shoulders, correct topline. Would like to see her moved out so she can get into her stride; 3 Johnson’s Sagacity’s Moonlight Sonata.

J (5, 2a): 1 BP & BOB, Johnson’s Carriegame Harvest Parade (AI), stood out here, chocolate bitch of 11 months, looks good standing holding a level topline, good bone & substance, open nostrils, brisket down to elbow, well sprung ribs, correct rear angles, lovely muscle condition & good otter tail. She went so well in the challenge – standing & moving - better than in the class & is very well balanced throughout – flows; 2 Boundy’s Megrez Lucida, yellow bitch, pretty head, anatomically sound & balanced, holds a good topline standing & moving, correct texture to coat. Preferred the bone & substance of 1; 3 Mount’s Buckholt Jubilee Lucy.

PG (6, 2a): 1 RBOB, Elliott’s Cremino Country Trader at Lyndham, yellow male of just over 2 years, stood out in this class – all boy - strong, appeals in head with correct proportions, complementary pigment, brisket down to elbow, good ribbing, topline & coat texture. He moved with power, although depending on lead placement, would sometimes drop his head affecting neck carriage. Smart boy & stronger over the loin than 2 Aldis’ Buckholt High Society, black bitch, brisket down to elbow, tidy round feet, well-muscled throughout & good coat condition, correct rear angles; 3 M Lucida.

O (2, 1a): 1 Mount’s Buckholt Jumping Juniper, black bitch of just over 2 years, clean neck into well laid shoulders, tight compact feet, good depth of chest, well-muscled quarters, moved co-ordinately.