• Show Date: 15/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

United Spaniel Association

BIS Whitehouse SH CH Maursett Mallachie At Molvonia Clumber Spaniel a quality 3 year old of lovely type, beautifully balanced throughout, super head broad with good brows, clean eyes of good colour, good dentition, good strong neck leads into excellent front angulation and firm topline, deep brisket and well sprung ribs, muscular loin, good bone and feet, hindquarters well rounded, shown in super coat & condition, movement was very sound fore and aft on an easy stride.

RBIS West Sheigra Simply A Star JW. Cocker Spaniel pleasing feminine head, good eye colour & expression, clean muscular neck, deep body and well coupled in loin, good legs and feet, good width of hindquarters, hocks well let down, coat was clean and well presented clean in outline, a sound happy mover

BPIS Smith Melverly Vignette. English Springer Spaniel 11 months Bitch of quality who presents a very pleasing outline, appealing head & kindly expression, dark kind eyes, muscular neck which flows well into her well made forequarters and topline, strong hindquarters with good second thigh, moved with purpose, one to watch.

RBPIS Capille Zorrazo Kind Regards at Lendever, SWD D 11m, lovely type, pleasing head, skull flat, good expression, strong jaw, neck well muscled, good legs and feet, elbows close to body, body developing well with good ribs, hocks well let down, strong quarters, sound mover.

BVIS Osborn SHCH Elgert Lady Sta’dust JW, Field Spaniel 7 years feminine head with good eye shape and colour, good length of neck leading to firm topline and well angulated shoulders, deep brisket, strong straight front limbs with the desired flat bone and good feet, strong hindquarters put to good use on the move, carries her age well.

AV MP Puppy 11. 

1 Smith Melverly Iridescent ESS

Just 6 month pleasing head & expression, ample neck into well laid shoulders, well off for bone, good feet, hindquarters well developed, well presented, steady mover

2 Cox Tiroen To Have And To Hold ESS Another of good type, good head, soft expression, strong neck into good lay of shoulders, body developing well, good legs & neat feet, good in outline, strong quarters moved well

3 Collier Sabisabi Apache Tadita. AM Cocker.

AV Puppy 5 

1 Smith Melverly Vignette ESS.B BPIS,

2 Capille Zorrazo Kind Regards At Lendever. SWD.D RBPIS,

3 Short Toftwood Ziggy Starman WSS, 

Junior 8 

1 Reader Meden Agan Time For Stars at Kaniboo (Imp FRA) Cocker good head & eye giving a kindly expression, good strong scissor bite, clean neck to firm topline, balanced in body with good depth, lovely legs and feet, clean in outline, tail well set with good action, shown in lovely clean coat which was well presented, strong quarters Stacy mover

2 Bradbury/ Preston Harasteorra Big Bear JW Sussex pleasing dog of good type, head well balanced with good width of skull, good nostrils, strong neck, body well ribbed and muscular loin, lovely legs and well padded feet, typical rolling movement

3 Capille Chanderhill End of An Era at Lendever,SWD,

Yearling 2

1 Bradbury/ Preston Harasteorra Big Bear JW, Sussex,D,

2 West Sheigra Super Secret JW Cocker feminine head with soft sweet expression, good neck and shoulders, good bone and well padded feet, muscular quarters, coat in good order, moved well with good tail action 

Post Graduate 7

1 Stevenson Mymmsbrook Matador With Blythway JW WSS well made dog with good overall make and shape, pleasing head and eyes, ears well set, mature in body with good brisket and slight arch to loin, straight well boned limbs, firm topline, moved soundly with drive

2 Saunders Carmelfair Corocenzo at Oxfordogs Cocker,D balanced dog shown in lovely condition, pleasing head & eye colour, good dentition, muscular neck into good lay of shoulders, good rear angulation, sound on the move.

3 Clarke/ Casey Tigerrock I’M Your Man WSS,

Open Dog 7,

1 Woodhams Glynell Jiffy WSS D. 

Handsome Head of good shape & lovely expression, good depth of body and ribs well sprung, firm topline, clean in outline, well balanced overall, string quarters he was sound on the move.

2 Thorogood Anbrook Don’t Stop Me Now at Harrifeld Clumber 

masculine head with lovely brows and stop, strong well boned limbs & good feet, deep well ribbed body, strong hindquarters moved well

3 Wheatley Wilmerella Keep Dancing With Melandroy, Cocker.  

Open Bitch 2 

1 Short Ferndel Fire Gem at Toftwood, WSS feminine Head with sweet soft expression, ample neck to good topline and tail set, good depth of body, shown in lovely coat & condition, muscular rear used well on the move covering the ground with a true stride 

2 Wheatley Amaroanne Aphrodite at Melandroy, Cocker feminine Head with a lovely eye colour & soft expression, strong neck into decent front angulation, good spring of ribs, shown in good coat & condition, moved out well.