• Show Date: 04/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/10/2023

Windsor Gundog Society

German Wirehaired Pointer 

Graduate 1

1 Brown Matavers Cherokee D 2Y BOB 2 years male, balanced head with good eye colour and expression, muscular neck leads to firm topline, deep in brisket, well boned limbs, good harsh coat, moved well keeping his outline 

Hungarian Vizsla 

Junior 1 

1 Da Silva & Sexton Amarantos Katana For Ertekes D promising youngster with an appealing head and expression & moderate stop, balanced in body carrying the right amount of condition, firm topline to well set in tail, good legs & feet, strong quarters, steady mover.

Post Graduate 2 

1 Harper Pitswarren So Nex Century JW noble head, good eye shape and expression, ears well set, muscular neck flows to well constructed front angulation, good depth of chest & well sprung ribs, strong hindquarters & hocks well let down, moved well

2 Da Silva & Sexton Amarantos Katana For Ertekes.

Open 3 

1 Ward SH CH Danton Obsession With Tantaraviz BOB RBIS

Lovely feminine head with that lean & noble look about her, good open nostrils, ample length of neck flows cleanly into her firm topline, deep chest & elbows close to body, neat arched feet, strong well angulated rear quarters with good muscle tone, shown in good coat and condition, movement sound graceful & covers the ground well with good tail action, pleased to see her go RBIS from quality Group.

2 Harper Pitswarren Sorbonne JW RBOB pleasing head with good median line, alert expression, good ear shape & length, good reach of neck to well laid shoulders, short level back, coat in good order, strong well made hindquarters, moved soundly.

3 Binkowska omri Ruda Szata (Imp Pol) B,3Y.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Ret.

Junior 1

1 Sage Sloetree Special Cuvee B feminine head clean in skull, good eye colour with lovey alert expression, clean muscular neck to good shoulder angulation, compact well balanced body with well sprung ribs, well presented 

Post Graduate 3 

1 Elkin Tollelkin Dream Harbour JW RBOB. Good head shape with correct eye colour & ear set, strong clean neck set into well placed & muscular shoulders, good angles front & rear, body deep & well ribbed, straight well boned limbs & well padded feet, moved out well with good reach & drive 

2 Elkin Tollelkin Dream Dancer JW

Pleasing head, good eye shape and expression, clean muscular neck into good lay of shoulders, deep brisket, strong in loin, firm topline to good tailset, sound happy mover 

3 Sage Soletree Special Cuvee.

Open 2 

1 Elkin CH Tollelkin Caife Americano SGWC ShcEx BOB 4 yrs quality male, a lovely overall well balanced dog, super head eye & expression, with good head shape clean skull, moderate stop, neck clean and well muscled to firm topline, body deep well ribbed with strong muscular loins, hindquarters well rounded with good muscletone & neat hocks, shown in lovely coat & condition, powerful mover with good footfall fore & aft covering the ground well. 

2 Trickett Cfyre’s Spellbraker at Tollpeper (Imp Can) B,4Y 

Pleasing head of good proportions, good eye colour & shape, strong neck into good lay of shoulders deep chest, well muscled all through shown in good coat & condition, clean outline, good tailset, not as positive on the move as one

AV Gundog Minor Puppy Dog 6

1 Wiles Richbourne Lion King Labrador Retriever promising puppy he won this class on movement which was straight & true has a balanced head with good skull shape & eye colour, lovely bone & feet, body developing nicely, clean in outline with strong hindquarters sound on the move, one to watch 

2 Campbell Haywire Texana Vadasz Hun W/H Vizsla 7 months and developing well, head has good skull shape, pleasing eye colour and expression, muscular neck, firm topline, glean outline, good harsh coat, steady mover

3 Taylor Strettonhill Carbon Copy Golden Retriever 

AV Gundog Puppy Dog 2

1 Rymer Sarscottah Easy Ryder at Rollenwood GSP pleasing head & expression, well set ears, good length of muscular neck to firm topline, body well developed with good depth and ribs, good bone & feet, clean outline, good tail set

2 Taylor Strettonhill Carbon Copy Golden Ret unplaced in MP and not giving his best on the day however has a decent head with good eye colour and expression, has lovely bone & feet, well developed quarters, well presented coat, just needs to gain confidence

AV Gundog Minor Puppy Bitch 8

1 Ward Wild Rose to Laurenley of Sunshine’s Valley (Imp Bel) Golden Ret Lovely girl with a feminine head, lovely eye colour giving a soft kindly expression, clean neck into well laid back shoulders, body developing well with good ribs, clean outline, well muscled quarters, lovely bone and feet, movement was sound and stead with good footfall fore & aft Best AVP should have a bright future. 

2 COGHLAN Braccorion’s Zero She Flies 8 month lovely type with feminine head & pleasing expression, deep muzzle & spongy nose & ears close to cheeks, moderate length of neck, withers well defined, straight forelegs with good oval bone, hindquarters muscular, moved steadily & true promising puppy

3 Ward Glenbrows Flame For Tantaraviz WSS

AV Gundog Puppy Bitch 10 

1 Furnell Bebcova Scarlet Witch Clumber lovely broad & heavy brows, clean eyes, strong neck flows cleanly into her well made sloping shoulders, lovely well boned limbs & good feet, well developed body with good ribs, muscular hindquarters, shown in gleaming white coat of correct texture her movement was flowing & true front & rear a promising puppy

2 Lavelle & Wiles Crosscroyde Chianti Labrador Ret B appealing head & expression, neck strong to good firm topline, body well developed with good depth and ribs, strong muscular hindquarters, clean in outline, moved ok

3 Harding Eveninghill Red Sky at Night