• Show Date: 19/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

St Helens & District Canine Society

 Terrier Group

 1 Turner Knowlespring Quincy SH CEx Skye Terrier

2 Stuart Horadada Robin (Imp ESP) Jack Russell Terrier

 3 Hardman Bonosue If’s An Illusion Irish Terrier

4 Cartwright Elitebull Skyefall SBT 

 Terrier Puppy Group 

 1 Henry Tymeirz Benibouy Dandie Dinmont Terrier

2 Cartwright Elitebull Skyefall SBT

3 Stuart Adoraden Carma Jack Russell Terrier

4 Hardman & Braidwood Bonosue Lee Van Cleef At Spanwise BorderTerrier


Border Terrier 

Puppy 1 

 1 Hardman &Brandwood Bonosue Lee Van Cleef at Spanwise BP, PG4.

 6 months dog with a lovely harsh dense coat, good otter head and expression, good neck & shoulders, ok for bone, good rear angulation, firm topline & good tail set

Junior 1 

1 Bassett Bevmar Bartholomew

 Pleasing head & eye colour, expression, good front and rear assembly, good harsh coat, movement ok 

Open 2 

 1 Keeffe Keebank Just InTime BOB

 Lovely type, shapely otter head, dark eye, good bite, clean neck into good shoulders, good span of ribs, harsh dense coat jacket, thick well set tail, good muscletone, moved well 

2 Metcalfe Billyboy Blue at Chevinor

close up to one with good shape otter head & pleasing expression, good length of neck leading to good topline, neat legs & feet, harsh dense coat, good tail, steady mover.

Jack Russell Terrier.

Puppy 1 

1 Stuart Adoraden Carma PG3 Sweet headed Bitch with the most lovely expression, good length of neck & lay of shoulders, deep chest, good bone & neat feet, level topline, strong dense harsh coat, good rear angulation, covered the ground effortlessly sound mover. 

Post Graduate 1

1 Manson Vixenview Kodak 

Pleasing head shape, lovely size and balance, good ribs, strong loin, good front assembly, compact body, coat in good order, sound mover.

Open 2

 1 Stuart Horadada Robin (Imp ESP) BOB G2 Good size, has a pleasing head, dark expressive eyes, correct dentition, muscular neck good of good length leading to firm topline and good front angulation, deep ribs, super coat & presentation, tail well set he was sound on the move lovely type. 2 Gleave Montravia Twizzle N Twirl another of pleasing size with lovely feminine head, good skull would like a tad stronger muzzle, good harsh coat texture, level topline, clean outline.

Manchester Terrier 


1 Lomas Hurrockheath Miss Emmeline BOB Bitch who could benefit from a tad more body weight pleasing head shape & dark eye, good legs and feet, moved ok 

Parson Russell Terrier

Puppy 2 

1 Deveny A Close Friend BP good head & eye & expression, good reach of neck which then flowed in a level topline, good spring of ribs, strong harsh dense coat, well made hindquarters which she used to great advantage to cover the ground well BP.

2 Lynch Vixenview Zorro Another nice type with good head shape & appealing eyes, muscular neck in to good shoulder placement, deep ribs, strong quarters, well set tail, steady on the move.

Junior 1 

1 Dixon& Aspell Scapegrace Echo

Good size, pleasing head, eyes still to darken a tad & ribs to develop, 

Good legs and feet.

Post Graduate 1

1 Dixon & Aspell Rip Roaring at Scapegrace, good head and eye colour, correct dentition, a little fine in bone 

Open 2 

1 Rimmer Ir Ch Kylini Mona Lisa JW VWW22 lovely type feminine girl with a shapely head, lovely reach of neck which then flowed into level topline, good spring of ribs, good strong harsh jacket, decent front assembly, good bone & feet, excellent quarters which she used to great advantage to cover the ground well

2 Lynch Vixenview Miss Cash

Close up to one and lots to like, lovely feminine head with lovely expression, correct dentition, well balanced throughout, strong well made rear she was sound on the move RBOB. 

Staffordshire BullTerrier

Puppy 2 

1 Cartwright Elitebull Skyefall BOB G4,PG2.  

Lovely head broad with good skull, neat ears distinct stop dark round eyes, pronounced cheeks, strong muscular neck, firm topline to good tail set, deep brisket wide front & well muscled rear quarters she moved with power.

2 Courtney T’Blazing Star Of The Warriors Red Skins (Imp FRA) of good size, head is strong with broad skull, dark eyes, good wide front, good legs & feet, deep brisket, held his topline on the move

Junior 2 

1 Cartwright Elitebull Skyefall Bob G4 PG 2. 2 Courtney Shooting Red Star of The Warriors Red Skins (Imp FRA) 20M feminine head, good body shape the impression of balance & elegance, a strong neck leads to short back & firm topline that is well held, enough bone & muscle tone for her size & moved with purpose & style she was well handed 

AVNSC Terrier. 

Puppy 6 

 1 Henry Tymeiaz Bennibouy DandieDinmont BP,PG1,RBPIS.

  beautifully presented which I appreciate, masculine head lovely dark eyes soft expression, good length of neck into well placed shoulders & firm topline rising over strong rear quarters, he moved very soundly 

2 Gleave Laketrix Prima Ballerina Lakeland Terrier balanced head dark expressive eyes, strong jaw arched neck leading to smooth well placed shoulders, level topline short back with good ribs strong harsh coat well made rear quarters used to advantage on the move. 

  3 Ellison Placido Proper Player Cesky Terrier

Junior 1 

1 Ellison Placido Proper Player Cesky Terrier pleasing puppy dog of 7 months lovely head & soft expression, smart in outline, good length of neck, deep brisket, good strong coat, clean in outline, shown in good body condition, sound on the move.

Post Graduate 2 

1 Ellison Placido Oriana. Cesky Terrier feminine mature girl who moves well fore & aft, scores well in head proportions firm neck leading to good shoulders, deep brisket, has good strong bone & neat feet, good in outline, strong hindquarters, good tail set, sound steady action nice type. 

2 De Leie Vermamicus Cicero Sky Terrier 22 months masculine head of good shape & lovely expression from medium sized eyes, slight stop well placed ears level topline, pleasing body shape of good length, strong bone & good feet, shown in good coat & condition flowing, outline, moved with style 

  Open 8 

  1 Turner Knowlespring Quincy SHCEx SkyTerrier BNSC G1.  

 masculine dog, pleasing head & eye colour correct dentition, ears well set, well boned limbs stands in lovely feet, firm level line, body mature and muscular, shown in super coat & condition & moved soundly he was a top form.

2 Edwards Too Darn Hot At Pendevour Welsh Terrier pushed one all the way, beautiful headed dog with good expression, good length of neck & lay of shoulders, deep chest, good bone & feet, level top line good rear angulation covered the ground effortlessly, good coat which was well presented, sound mover 3 Ellison Placido Oriana Cesky Terrier