• Show Date: 26/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/08/2023

Minehead & District Canine Society

Working Group 1 J Smith CH Snowshoes King’s Legacy ShCM ShcExVW D8Y Alaskan Malamute.BIS The Star Of The Day A Super Dog of 8 years, shown in tip top coat & condition, beautiful refined classic head, impressed with his super size & shape, his refined classic head with good shape skull & dark expressive eyes, well balanced all through, strong neck into good shoulders, deep brisket true front both standing & on the move sound well made body & strong hindquarters, moved with an easy sound purposeful action both front & rear good to hear he went BIS. 2 Evans Amazon Just Let Me Adore You B 13M DOBERMANN. Pleasing young Bitch, well made & strongly built, super head of ideal shape, strong sturdy body, muscular neck into good shoulders, lovely legs & neat feet, firm topline, well made rear angulation, clean outline & good tailset she moved soundly 3 Newton Shilarra Impulse Voyage D 14m Great Dane upstanding strong male, with good strong broad head, lovely eye shape & expression, good length of neck flows nicely into topline and well made shoulders, deep brisket, stands on good strong parallel limbs, super rear quarters, moved with purpose holding his shape well on the move. 4 Stimpson Cwnhapus King In The North For Adellarz D 19M Siberian Husky smart young dog of good size & balance head in proportion with alert expression & defined stop, good dentition, medium length of neck into good shoulders, well sprung ribs, firm topline, moved fluently with a balanced action. Puppy Group. 1 Smith ,Cash The Check Shamanrock At Snowshoes.(IMP CZE) D 8M Alaskan Malamute Another super dog from this kennel handsome head with good skull eye shape & expression, well boned true front standing on neat feet, body maturing nicely with reasonable depth and ribs, strong well muscled rear quarters, shown in super coat and condition, sound an collected on the move for one so young a Lovely puppy one to watch Boxer, Post Graduate 1 1 Brian Rocvilla Theory Of Love At Sebriville B BOB Just 2 years pleasing head of good proportion dark eyes correct width to muzzle & undershot jaw, neck flowing nicely in to sloping shoulders, strong well boned front legs, stands on neat cat like feet, good depth of chest, well ribbed body, good quarters moved ok. Alaskan Malamute Post Graduate 2 1 Smith Cash The Check Shamanrock at Snowshoes (IMP CZE) D 8M RBOB BP G1 2 Smith Snowshoes Fancy Ferrari close up to one, another pleasing pup, balanced all through broad head but retains her feminine look, dark eye & almond in shape correct scissor bite strong jaw, good length of neck, flowinging nicely into shoulders, body strong with deep chest, strong rear, moved soundly with good tail carriage Open 1 1 Smith CH Snowshoes King’s Legacy ShCM,ShcEx VW BOB G1 BIS DOBERMANN Post Graduate 2 1 Evans Amazon Just Let Me Adore You B BOB G2 2 Capell Llepac Against All The Odds D lovely clean head shape & well filled under the eyes, correct strong scissor bite, super round bone & stands on neat feet, good depth of ribs, neck of ample length flows well into strong topline, clean in outline, moved out well. Limit 1 1 Evans Amazon Just Let Me Adore You Open 1 1 Stansbury Swnydwr Snapchat At Woodbriar JW ShcEx OSW B 4Y RBOB pleasing head & eye colour giving that good lively expression, lean neck of good length, straight front well boned front limbs, good forechest, strong topline, hindquarters well developed with good width moved with purpose Rottweiler Post Graduate 1 1 Burnett Nakota Nanna BOB. Bitch with lovely head & eye colour & ear set, good length to height ratio, strong muscular neck to firm topline, elbows well let down, stands on well boned limbs with good feet,well angulated all through strong quarters moved well. Open 1 1 Broadbank Bevanray Shirley At Nyandor RBOB 5 yrs bitch with a shapely Head, good eye shape, strong muzzle, good strong neck into well laid back shoulders, topline strong & tail well set, not as positive on the move today as BOB winner. Siberian Husky Post Graduate 2 1 Stimpson Cwnhapus King In The North For Adellarz D BOB G4 2 Norman Skimarque Grace & Favour 7yrs well balanced & feminine with good eye shape, neck of good length, good depth of body, ample bone and neat feet moved ok Open 4 1 Stimpson Chnhapus Scirocco Avec Adellarz B 4Y RBOB good type, string but feminine head with that foxy look well developed nostrils, good dentition, mature well balanced body with good depth and ribs, strong loin, good legs and feet, moved out well 2 Norman Skimarque Shades of Midnite B 6Y feminine & graceful nice head with a good almond shaped eye & skull with good scissor bite,neck with correct crest oval feet & good bone with good tailset & good quarters but could move better. 3 Crowther Kobuk Foxtail Lily, Bouvier Des Flandres Open 1 1 Hill Ingo-Uschi Vd Vanenblikhoeve (IMP NLD) D 6Y BOB upstanding dog with overall good make and shape, masculine head well developed skull, high set ears, string dentition, dark expressive eyes, muscular neck, mature well developed deep body with elbows set close, shown in super well presented coat & condition, moved out well. Bullmastiff Post Graduate 1 1 Gertlush Nimueh For Rainwilds B BOB Just 2 years powerful in build pleasing head square & large with well defined stop, dark hazel eyes, muscular neck, deep well developed body with good ribbing, good strong bone, clean outline & good tailset, strong muscular quarters which she put to good use in her powerful movement keeping a good topline Open 2 1 Alonzobar Wile Ecoyote at Rainwild D RBOB masculine strongly built dog, square head good eye colour and expression, strong dentition,firm topline, muscular hindquarters, good legs and feet 2 Horton Gerlush Polished Ebony Just 2 years with a good head shape, pronounced stop and required wrinkle, clean in outline and firm topline, just lacking in confidence today which cost her the class AVNSC Post Graduate 1 1 Newton Shlarra Impulse Voyage Great Dane D BNSC G3 AV Veteran 7 1 Smith CH Snowshoes King’s Legacy SHCM ShCEx VW BV G1 BIS 2 Newton Stelamah Quiang At Shlarra JW ShCM Newfoundland RBV 8 years black male a good honest dog with a super head eye and expression, strong bone on good straight forelegs & good webbed feet, strong deep muscular body, he has substance all through, good in topline, strong loin, well built hindquarters, strong sound movement unlucky to meet one 3 Kobuk Midnight Stargazer ShCM VW AV Working Puppy 3 (2) 1 Smith Snowshoes Fancy Ferrari Post Graduate 3 1 Stimpson Cwnhapus King in The North For Adellarz Sib Husky 2 Norman Skimarque Grace And Favour Sib Husky. 3 Brian Rocvilla Theory of Love at Sebriville, Boxer. Open 3 1 Stimpson Cwnhapus Takhini With Adellarz Sib Husky strong dog of good size with lovely head & eye shape, string neck, deep brisket, shown in good coat & condition, moved well with good tail action 2 Crowther Kobuk Foxtail Lily Sib Husky feminine head, good ear set, firm topline, muscular quarters, coat in good order 3 Norman Skimarque Margarita Sib Husky Hungarian Vizsla Special Yearling 7 1 Coombe Amarantos Bellaria at Castlefield B BOB lovely youngster with good ring presence, feminine head of good shape not over done with good eye shape & expression, balanced outline compact with correct angulation front & rear without being exaggerated, body mature with good ribbing, lovely firm topline and tail well set, muscular hindquarters, shown in hard condition, moved with drive on a sound easy action 2 Challis Vizslanya Prax another quality girl with lots to like, shapely head with strong jaws and well developed nostrils, ample neck flows nicely into shoulders and firm back, clean balanced outline, good legs and feet, moved soundly 3 Parker & Gist Glenbrows Calamity Post Graduate 7 (2) 1 Coombe Amarantos Bellaria at Castlefield BOB, 2 Parker & Gist Glenbrows Calamity feminine bitch maturing nicely & of good type, pleasing head & eye colour, moderate stop, neck is strong & clean & flows into well laid shoulders, decent forechest & ribs, correct bone, shown in lovely condition, strong rear quarters steady mover 3 Milner Ivyvizbridge Just Thomas BP, 11 months male who is maturing nicely and of good make & shape, pleasing head shape with moderate stop and good eye colour, ample length of neck leading to good lay of shoulders & firm topline, well angled stifles good bone & neat feet, clean outline, moved well Open 2 1 Challis Vizslanya Aragonia JW 5 years dog, handsome male who has strength balance, lovely head piece muscular neck of decent length, straight front limbs stands on good feet, firm topline, deep brisket & good ribs, muscular quarters moved coubdly RBOB. 2 Milner Ivyvizbridge Hope’s Faith Pleasing head shape with good eye & expression, decent length of neck into good lay of shoulders, clean outline & good tail set, not as positive on the move as one Irish Setter I thank the exhibitors for a lovely quality entry, a pleasure to judge. Puppy 1 1 Prangle Clonageera it’s a New Dawn at Heathclare BP BPIS A lovely youngster showing lots of promise, just 9 months, head of good proportions, feminine with lovely eye colour and expression, slightly arched neck of good length which flows nicely into her lovely shoulder placement, body developing well with good depth and ribs, clean outline, shown in lovely coat & condition, well collected on the move, one to watch Graduate 8 (1) super class. 1 Roberts Polmennor Castaspell JW A quality bitch of 20 months, appealing head long & lean with good muzzle, ears set low, clean neck of good length, balanced body with good depth and strength in the loin, muscular hindquarters with good width, coat in good order a sound happy mover 2 Rorke Zakhan’s Diamond Jack. Close up to one, 17 months male with a lovely head shape, dark expressive eyes, lengthy neck to good layback of shoulder, straight well boned forelegs and good feet, deep in body, good coat & condition, strong hindquarters just didn’t get his act together in the move 3 Henderson Grenada Lofty Czerwony (Imp POL) Limit 6 (1) another lovely class 1 Rutherford & Prangle Clonageera Touch of Gold RBOB upstanding male of 2 years who owns a super head shape long and lean with oval skull, lovely eye shape and colour, good skull as a dark eyes, standing he gives a striking outline, clean muscular neck, mature deep well ribbed body, strong in loin, moved well fore and aft with good tail action good tail action 2 Beresford Jetsetter wind of Dreams (Imp RUS) masculine head of good length, dark eye & soft expression, well balanced through the body with good depth and ribbing, good legs and feet, firm topline, coat in good order and well presented, moved well with good tail action tail 3 Henderson Redclyst Pershing Open Dog 4 1 Macdonald Redclyst Maximus. 6 years male with a typical well balanced head, good length and oval skull, ears well set, good eye shape and colour, strong neck flows well in to firm slightly sloping topline, good ribs & well coupled in loin, rear angulation muscular with good width, clean outline, sound happy mover with good tail action 2 Meadows Gwendariff Justtalkaboutme loved his head & dark expressive eyes, clean lengthy neck into good lay of shoulders, straight forelegs with good bone & feet, deep well ribbed body, muscular hindquarters gave him power on the move 3 Rorke Zakhan’s Diamond Jack Open Bitch 3 (1) 1 Rutherford Majestyka Indian Summer at Colonageera BOB G1 A bitch with good ring presence really catches your eye, so well balanced nose to tail with a striking outline, lover her typical feminine head long and lean with good skull shape, dark eyes giving a typical expression, clean muscular neck flows nicely in to her deep well laid shoulders, firm topline to good tail set, well ribbed body with good depth, strong rounded quarters with good width, super legs & feet, shown in full coat which was clean & well presented, on the move she went on an easy stride showing strength & power from her quarters keeping her lovely outline and tail action, Please to see her win a quality G1 2 Roberts SH CH Jetsetter Cristalle To Polmennor another quality Bitch of good type, feminine head of good proportions & lovely soft expression, ample length of neck flows into a firm topline, body deep and well developed with well coupled loin, super legs and feet, coat in lovely condition, moved out well and she kept her topline at all times, lovely tail, action on the move, worthy ShCh Pointer Post Graduate 3 1 Osman Cattistock Cosmos With Marissolo young dog who decided he was out to play at times today, good size pleasing head with good eye shape & expression, stop well defined, clean neck of good length, good depth of body with well sprung ribs, lovely oval bone and strong pasterns, hindquarters well angulated, moved ok with good tail action 2 Guilding & Philips Follypoint Betsy B BP 9 months and as would expect not as forward as one but a lovely type, pleasing head & eye, good front angulation with good lay back of shoulders, developing well in body and ribs, hindquarters well balanced, moved ok. 3 Osman Fleurfield Hidden Depths Via Marissolo Open 3 1 Osman Fleurfield Firethorn at Marissolo ShCEx D BOB 5 years a very balanced dog all through, pleasing head with lovely eye shape and expression, well defined stop muscular neck of good length & flowing cleanly into his well,constructed front angulation and firm topline, mature and balanced in body with good depth of chest & well sprung ribs, strong well muscled hindquarters, good legs & feet, moved with drive 2 Tregaskis Moenfair Sanguineum Luna JW D RBOB pleasing head, visible occiput, lovely kind expression, balanced in outline with good firm topline and well set tail, lovely legs and well cushioned moved freely covering the ground well 3 Pimblett & Webb & Pimblett, Bestina Butterfly at Hilldon AV SPECIAL BEGINNERS STAKES 48 24 ABS. 1 McLoughlin Jester The Chester De Isla De Kann Zantescwtch JW (IMP ESP) D,2Y, Poodle ( Standard) Apricot dog of 2 years, classic head of good proportions, dark eye with lovely expression, good earset, shoulders well angulated, straight front limbs and neat feet , body deep & broad in loin, tailset spot on, true free mover who pulled out all the spot to win a super class. 2 Taylor Clydebeck Tanzanite B Border Terrier a nicely balanced 3 year old with lovely otter head & keen expression, good dentition, moderate neck, body deep and ribs spannable, lovely legs and feet, strong harsh coat which was well presented, sound action with good footfall 3 Barrett Thomas The Steam Tank D 3Y French Bulldog.