• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Colin Woodward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Derbyshire Agricultural & Horticultural Society


1 Roulston Kentwone Boston To Ivyjewel Fox Terrier ( Wire)

The star of the day, a quality male who gave a good account of himself, well handled and presented with that lovely wiry coat, pleasing head & eye, good flat skull, strong jaws with correct dentition, clean neck into well angulated shoulders, firm topline to good tailset, clean in outline, strong hindquarters he was sound on the move with good footfall fore & aft, lovely to see him go RBIS 

 2 Baker Pacolito Resurrection. Parson Russell Terrie D, typical head eye & expression, neck muscular and of ample length, shoulders well laid back, good span of body with right amount of ribbing, well angulated quarters with good second thigh, moved with a spud free action.

3 Addoo Reulemill Quacajack Jack Russell Terrier D a real little character who obviously enjoys the job in hand, coped really well in the heat, giving a lot away in age but couldn’t be overlooked, a sturdy chap who was pleasing to go over, lovely head and eye with cheeky keen expression, body developing well, pleasing over the neck & shoulders, well rounded quarters & neat hocks, lovely legs and feet, coat in good order, on the move he is free striding & covers ground well with confidence, pleased to see him later awarded RBPIS

4 A J Hall Otterwood Aura At Borderrush Border Terrier B feminine with a balanced balanced head, strong muzzle and lovely expression, spanable ribs, correct topline & good tail set, coat harsh with good undercoat she moved well.


 1 L J Addoo Reulemill Quacajack Jack Russell Terrier 

 2 A J Hall Borderrush Rambutan Border Terrier B a lot to like about this baby lovely feminine head shape, dark expressive eyes, clean in outline, tail carried well, strong harsh coat, sound steady mover

3 Singh Russtam Dolly Mixture at Borderbridge Airedale Terrier B,Just 6 months and developing well, head well balanced, strong jaws, correct dentition, good harsh coat, good bone & neat feet 

4 K Rimmer Plunkett Woody at Kylini Parson Russell Terrier D shapely head, good flat skull, ears set well, good legs & feet, good span of body, just needing to mature on


1 Singh Russtam Dolly Mixture at Borderbridge Airedale Terrier

Junior 1 

1 Dennis & Waites Svendalens Snow Drop Cairn Terrier D a quality dog who was pleasing to go over, overall good make and shape, lovely head with defined stop, dark expressive eyes, lovely eyebrows, good front angulation and elbows close to body, well rubbed body with firm level topline, harsh double coat, clean outline which was kept on the move

Post Graduate 3. 

1 J Walker Sizlin Hey Good Looking Manchester Terrier compact pleasing Bitch with lovely wedge shaped head, good eye colour & expression, clean neck of ample length, balanced in body with good ribs, well marked tan, good rear angles & well set tail, sound mover.

2 Pendlebury Pamaswater Bold Begonia at Kamondale Scottish Terrier,D balanced head with good eyes & expression, good legs & feet, strong neck leading to well laid shoulders well ribbed with correct length of loin good strong hindquarters which powered him round the ring.

3 Gent & Williams & Gent Calvenace House of Fun Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier,D,

Open 5 

 1 H Roulston Kentwone Boston To Ivyjewel Fox Terrier (Wire) RBIS,

2 Gent & Lee Sumirick Bellini Kaytee, soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

well balanced all through, good legs & feet, correct coat texture, firm topline, strong quarters, sound on the move 

 3 Dennis & Waites & Goddard CH Good Times Ahead With Oudenarde Cairn Terrier.

  Terrier Veteran 3 

 1 J Walker CH Talanors Treat Me Good At Sizlin SHCM,Manchester Terrier,B 8 years young and carries her age well, feminine head expressive eyes, well balanced all through with good body proportion well marked tan, correct tail set she was sound on the move.

 2 K Rimmer IR CH Kylini Mona Lisa JW B, Parson Russell Terrier 9 years Bitch feminine head with good ear set, good length of neck & well laid shoulders, firm topline excellent jacket, good legs & feet, sound on the move.

 3 A J Sutton Hunted Thistle at Thistlewhiss VW,Border Terrier,B,

 AV Terrier Puppy 1

1 A J Hall Borderrush Rambutan Border Terrier.PG2.

Junior 1 

1 AJ Hall Borderrush Rambutan Border Terrier.PG2,

 AV Rare Breed Terrier 

Junior 2

 1 LJ Addoo Reulemill Quacajack D Jack Russell Terrier PG1,RBPIS,

 2 C Harris Kulawand Wicked Womble Jack Russell Terrier,D 16 months, typey well balanced dog with good head shape, correct dentition, keen expression, close dense jacket, good legs & feet, moved ok.

 Post Garduate 1

 1 D Kay Blazingjacks Best Mate With Jackopeaks, Jack Russell Terrier,D 2 years, masculine head with good eye shape, neck muscular & set well into shoulders, clean outline, shown in good coat and condition, firm topline, strong quarters, moved well. 

Open 1 

 1 D Kay Jackopeaks This is Me, Jack Russell Terrier, B feminine head with flat skull & shallow stop, good bone well body & well balanced all through, good tailset with strong hindquarters nice mover.

AV Vulnerable Native Breed Terrier.

 Open 1 

 1 J Walker Sizlin Hey Good lookin Manchester Terrier B. 


 Junior 3 BOB

1 Walker Newtonwood Double Or Quits lovely youngster, balanced all through, good head proportions moderate stop, kindly expression, good topline & tail set, balanced outline showing a good side gait on the move, good legs and feet, good substance all through, sound free mover

2 Dence Mypons Moonriver,B,

Another pleasing exhibit, good overall balance, coat in good order, moved with purpose & drive.

3 Mayes & Liu.Aacharmoe Give Me Love,B,

Post Graduate 2 RBOB

1 Cooper Kateniara Only Time.B

Pleasing head shape shape& skull dark eye, good dentition, correct body proportion, well presented coat, straight front limbs on good feet, moved true.

2 Mayes & Liu Aacharmoe Give Me Love B Not as forward as one at present, good head and eyes, body proportion, clean neck to firm topline, moved ok.

Open 2 

 1 Walker Pandaprint Be Mine At Toytales mature dog of good type. Good head proportions, dark eyes with lovely expression, well balanced all through with moderate neck leading to good front 

angulation, typical coat shown in good order, steady mover.

 2 Dence Myons Waltzing Matilda 

close up one typical head & expression, firm topline to good tailset carried well on the move


French Bulldog 

 Puppy 4 (2)

1 Young Carkennar Jammie Dodger D BP RBOB.

Two pleasing puppies one just a tad more forward at the moment, Appealing head of good proportions broad and square, body short with well sprung ribs, straight well boned front limbs standing on compact feet, moves well with a sound easy action 

2 Thornton Zimblistic oh It’s Magic B 6 months baby nicely put together. Feminine head, broad muzzle & nose short, ears set eye, body developing nicely, good body for good legs & feet, steady mover.

Junior 3 (1)

1 Thornton Onlyfrenchie Etna Zimblistic B feminine head square with broad skull & flat between ears, short cobby body, good width of forequarters, good coat texture, moved out well

2 Eskrett Katakia’s Light The Way B Feminine girl, with pleasing head and eyes, strong muzzle & cottect dentition, thick neck of ample length, not as positive as one in the move

Post Graduate 4,(1)

1 Zimblistic Paris BOB pleasing Bitch with good ring presence, she moved freely and with style around the ring to take BOB well proportioned head with good eye colour, shape & expression, defined stop almost flat skull, neck powerful & well arched, good depth of brisket, and width between the legs, mature in body which is short & well ribbed, good legs & texture good, strong hindquarters with well let down hocks.

2 Young Clonnysmush Lapiclina B feminine head lovely eyes & expression, thick neck set well, good lay of shoulders, compact well ribbed body, clean outline held well on the move.

3 Eskrett Katakia’s Minnie The Minx B 15M.

Open 3

1 Thornton Play The Ace D,4.

Masculine dog with well proportioned head, good skull, ear shape & carriage, mature cobby body with good ribbing, good strong quarters, sound mover.

2 Young Colnnysmush Lapiclina B,2Y.

3 Eskrett Katakia’s Minnie The Minx B,15M.