• Show Date: 01/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Clara Allansson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Coventry Ladies Kennel Society

Coventry Ladies’ Kennel Society 1st January 2023

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at your show and thanks to the exhibitors for your entries.


Minor Puppy (7, 3 abs)

1. Webber’s Lolani Ride a Wild Trail. 7 month old brindle dog. Masculine dog of excellent size for his age. Gentle and alert expression. Strong neck leading into well laid back shoulders. Balanced angulation front and rear. Presents a very curvy outline. Good bone and well knuckled feet. In super fit condition. Moved very well from all directions and showed so well for his handler. I will watch his future with interest. Best Puppy in Breed.

2. Johnston and Wilson’s Danluke Don’t I Know It. 7 month old brindle bitch. A very pretty and feminine girl who is very well proportioned and balanced. Many of the same comments above apply and choosing between the two wasn’t an easy decision. Really liked her, however she just wasn’t quite as happy in the busy hall as 1 which affected her performance on the day.

Puppy (8, 3 abs)

1. Webber’s Lolani Ride a Wild Trail. 1st in Minor Puppy.

2. Sampson’s Dapperdiva Milk and Honey. 9 month old fawn bitch. Very feminine and good for size and type. Clean head, with a sweet expression and strong underjaw. Overall well balanced and moderate front and hind angulation. Slight spring of pastern, correct flat bone and good feet. Really liked her curvy top and underline. Strong well defined loin. Holds her topline well on the move and very sound. Well handled.

Junior (5, 1 abs)

1. Saxby’s Sandspring Sea Master. 10 month old fawn dog. Upstanding puppy with a very gentle and sweet expression. Has a lovely soft coat. Presents a very curvy outline with the desired S shape. Would prefer a touch more angulation in front. Correct moderately angulated hind quarters. In excellent condition. Moved well.

2. Hambling’s Chaseover Renaisance. 17 month old fawn and white bitch. Sweet feminine head with an alert expression. Neat rose shaped ears. Strong neck. Excellent for size. Lovely curvy topline and matching underline. In very fit condition. She didn’t give her handler an easy job today.

Graduate (5, 0 abs)

1. Whitaker-Crosby’s Mulcair Dun and Dusted JW. 23 month old fawn bitch. Another feminine bitch with a lovely head and expression. Long arched neck leading into well laid back shoulders and return of upper arm. Flat bone, slight spring of pastern and well knuckled feet. Curvy underline but would prefer a touch more rise over the loin. Correct hind angulation and well let down hocks. Moved very well in all directions.

2. Leathart’s Ringmore Iona. 20 month old fawn bitch of the correct size. One I have judged before and the same comments still apply. Excellent for breed type and so whippety with no exaggerations whatsoever. A very pretty head and neat ears. Presents a very curvy outline with the desired S shape. Smooth shoulders and correct flat bone, excellent topline and underline. Moved well, just preferred profile movement of 1.

Post Graduate (1, 0 abs)

1. Cooper’s Sylleka Shantay You Stay at Ballauren. 18 month old fawn and white bitch. Stood alone but still deserved her win in this class. Pretty head and nice expression. A very well made bitch with correct front and hind angulation, deep chest and plenty of heart room. She is very balanced, but for me there is just a little bit too much of her. Presents a nice curvy outline and moves very well in all directions. Well handled.

Mid Limit (5, 1 abs)

1. Webber’s Denimblue Willdo JW. 19 month old blue and white dog. A very handsome dog with a gentle expression. Strong well arched neck leading into correct well laid back shoulders and excellent return of upper arm. Flat bone, slight spring of pastern and well knuckled feet. Deep chest with slight rise over the loin and a matching underline. Moderate, well muscled hind quarters. A really well put together dog, and it’s no surprise that he moves really well in all directions too.

2. Saxby’s Runaround Amazin’ Grace with Sandspring. 4 year old fawn bitch. Super feminine bitch of excellent size and breed type. Long arched neck, and with smooth shoulders. Good bone and feet. Presents a curvy outline and has a lovely curvy top and underline. Well muscled hind quarters. Sound mover, just preferred the profile movement of my winner.

Limit (3, 0 abs)

1. Johnston and Wilson’s Danluke Drag on a Dime. 23 month old brindle bitch. Caught my eye immediately, and loved her for size and expression. So well put together, with moderate angulation front and rear and so balanced. Deep chest with plenty of heart room, slight rise over the loin and a curvy underline. She just floats around the ring, holding her topline at all times, and is super sound on the away and back. Best of Breed.

2. Hambling’s Mossbawnhill Bit of Dandy with Chaseover. 3 year old fawn dog. Masculine dog, who is very elegant. Long elegant neck, smooth shoulders and good return of upper arm. Good for bone and has well knuckled feet. Curvy top and underline which is lovely to see in a male. Correct moderately angulated hind quarters with well let down hocks. Moves very well in all directions. Reserve Best of Breed.

Open (7, 3 abs)

1. Sampson’s Shiny Sensations For Your Eyes Only to Dapperdiva (Imp Nld). 5 year old brindle bitch. Pretty bitch with a beautiful alert expression and rose shaped ears. Good for size and substance. Well angulated front and smooth shoulders. Correct bone, good spring of pastern and good feet. Lovely curvy topline and a matching underline. Strong hind quarters which she used well on the move. Excellent profile mover and sound on the away and back.

2. Vaughan-Wall’s Shirotae Solo Surprise. 6 year old fawn bitch. Slightly taller than 1 but still very feminine. Has a lovely gentle expression, and a lovely coat. Moderate angulation front and rear, and has the desired slight rise over the loin and matching underline. Would prefer a touch more infill in front. In lovely fit condition.

Clara Allansson (Macalldon)