• Show Date: 03/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Clara Allansson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Tyne Wear & Tees Hound Association

Tyne, Wear and Tees Hound Association Open Show 3rd June 2023

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at your show and thanks to the exhibitors for your entries. 


Puppy Dog (no entries)

Junior Dog (no entries)

Post Graduate Dog (1, 1 abs)

Limit Dog (1,1 abs)

Open Dog (1,0 abs)

Metcalfe’s Aarminias Dance Like a Dafty. 3 year old fawn with white trim. Masculine dog with gentle and alert expression. Strong neck leading into well laid shoulders. Correct bone, good spring of pastern and good feet. Lovely curvy topline and a matching underline. Strong hind quarters which he used well on the move. Moved very well in all directions. Stood alone in this class but deserved his win, Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex.

Puppy Bitch (4, 2 abs)

Finch’s Zenobia Love Actually. 7 month old fawn and as expected at this age still very much a baby. A very pretty and feminine girl with a lovely expression. Excellent for size, substance and type. Very much in proportion. Balanced angulation front and rear. She is really smooth to go over. Moved very well for her age, I will watch her future with interest. Best Puppy in Breed.

Potts’ Demerlay In Your Eyes at Klondyke. 8 month old brindle and white. Built on a slightly larger frame to 1 but still feminine and curvy. Nice head with an alert expression. Strong neck leading into well laid back shoulders. Good bone, slight spring of pastern and well knuckled feet. Curvy outline with good tuck up. Falls away just a tad too much over the croup. Moved well in all directions.

Junior Bitch (3, 2 abs)

Johnston’s Danluke Don’t I Know It. 12 month old brindle bitch. One I have judged before and I was delighted to find that on this occasion she appeared much more settled and showed so well. Sweet expression with neat rose shaped ears. Strong neck, balanced and well angulated front and rear. Excellent for bone and feet. Excellent top and underline. She is a super mover both in profile and up and back, and just floats around the ring. She is perhaps slightly taller than my ideal size but she is very much in proportion and very feminine. Pulled out all the stops in the challenge and I just couldn’t deny her BOB. 

Post Graduate Bitch (3, 0 abs)

Dickinson’s Collooney Queen Aslaug. 2 year old fawn bitch. Really liked this bitch for her overall type and outline. She is very moderate, and a good size. Beautiful head and expression, with neat ears. Very smooth to go over and balanced angulation front and rear. Curvy topline and with a matching underline. Deep chest with plenty of heart room. Moved well.

Finch’s Zenobia Carioca. 20 month old brindle bitch. Another one with a very pretty head and she is good for size. Slightly longer frame than 1. Lovely outline and shape, with a slight rise over the loin and a good tuck up. Good, flat bone and strong well knuckled feet. Moved really well in profile and held her topline at all times.

Limit Bitch (no entries)

Open Bitch (2, 1 abs)

Johnston’s Danluke Drag on a Dime JW. 2 year old old brindle bitch. Another one I have judged before and on that occasion I awarded her BOB. Same comments very much still apply: Loved her for size and expression. So well put together, with moderate angulation front and rear and so balanced. Deep chest with plenty of heart room, slight rise over the loin and a curvy underline. She just floats around the ring, holding her topline at all times, and is super sound on the away and back. On this occasion I just felt that my BOB gave that little bit more in the challenge, but I’m sure their places could change on another day. Reserve Best Bitch.

Clara Allansson (Macalldon)