• Show Date: 31/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Claire Muir Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/08/2023

Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society

Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society Open Show - 31st May 2023 Rhodesian Ridgebacks Thank you to the committee of Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society for inviting me to judge a lovely entry of Rhodesian Ridgebacks at your well-run show. Thank you to my excellent and experienced stewards who were very efficient and ensured the smooth running of the ring. Thank you to all of the exhibitors for your support on the day making for a very enjoyable judging appointment. Overall ridges, bites and temperaments were good. All dogs coped well showing outdoors in what turned into a very chilly and windy day. Puppy 4 (1 abs) 1st Parsons Miss H - Priorpark Poetry In Motion 8mths This liver puppy bitch caught my eye in the ring. Beautiful puppy with a feminine head, correct pigmentation and defined stop. Nicely constructed front with long neck, good lay of shoulder, good bone and tight feet. Lovely shape when stacked and on the move. Good length of body, strong across the loin with good tailset. Good width of thigh with nice, low, strong hocks. Moved effortlessly around the ring and covered the ground with ease. Lovely to watch her at one with her handler. BP, RBOB AND PG4 2nd Johnson Mrs E - Ungowa On The Road Again 7mths Handsome puppy with a masculine head, good head plains and correct ear set. Strong neck into nice lay of shoulder, good return of upper arm. Well filled fore chest and good depth of chest for age. Good bone and feet. Balanced rear angulation and good tail set. Slightly shorter in the body compared to 1. Moved well. I liked the overall balance and movement on my winner today. Junior 4 (1 abs) 1st Jolly Mrs N - Negasi Elberith For Clanbruachan 1yr 5mths I loved the overall picture of balance and shape of this bitch when stacked and on the move. Pretty, feminine head with dark, round eye. Good head plains and proportions. Good ear set and length to her muzzle. Nice bone and feet with close elbows. Lovely strong, arched neck. Good depth of chest with a strong, level topline that she maintained on the move. Well ribbed back, nice tail set. Well muscled rear with good, strong low hocks. Shown in great condition and moved with purpose and drive. Delighted to award BOB. 2nd Barnes Mrs L & Miss K & Mr K - Diamondridge Kazembe Golden Age 11mths Wheaten bitch with a classic head with good proportions, strong muzzle and dark eye. Good outline and overall balance. Long, strong arched neck. Good shoulder and return of upper arm and good depth of chest for her age. Nice bone and feet. Well ribbed back with good tailset. Well muscled rear with good, strong, low hocks. I preferred the movement of my winner. Post Graduate 3 (1 abs) 1st Thomas-Bassett Mrs T - Bonfirebeau Red Skye 2yrs 3mths Pretty, red wheaten with a balanced outline. She has a kind expression, nice dark eyes and good depth of muzzle with nice earset. Moderate all through. Strong, parallel bone and nice feet. Long, arched neck into sloping shoulders with a nice length of body and good depth of chest. Good width of thigh and low, strong hocks. Moved well. 2nd Kehoe & Phillips Miss A M & Mr C R - Kekoa King Midas Of Luanda At Redcrown (Imp Svk) 13mths Handsome and muscular young male. Kind head and dark eye with nice expression. Good ears and strong muzzle. Strong neck with nice shoulder angulation. Good bone, excellent feet. Nice top and underlines. Good tailset and good balanced rear angulation with strong hocks. Active and covered the ground on the move. Not as settled as 1 today to show his full potential. Open 3 (1 abs) 1st Humphrey Mr R - Priorpark Peaky Blinder JW 2yrs 6mths Pretty and elegant liver bitch shown in good condition. Kind expression with good pigmentation, correct eye colour and nice ear set. Lovely crest to neck into well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Sufficient fill of forechest with parallell forelegs, good bone and feet. Good length of body. Good angulated rear, good width of thigh and strong, low hocks. Lovely outline and balance when stacked and on the move with a level topline. Moved out effortlessly, covering the ground with ease. 2nd Kehoe & Phillips Miss A M & Mr C R - Kekoa King Midas Of Luanda At Redcrown (Imp Svk) 13mths Claire Muir