• Show Date: 26/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Claire Millward Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hound Association

The Hound Association – Open show March 2023

Judge Claire Millward (Alouann)

Best in show –

Group 1 – Ch Tokaji Nashville Rebel – Hardy & Hallam

This outstanding Basenji caught my eye the second he ran into the group ring, he is totally at one with his accomplished owner/handler. The make a super picture both on the stack and the move. Beautiful head piece and expression, good neck into clean well laid shoulders, elbows neatly tucked in, compact level back, strong muscular quarters, good feet, excellent curled tail, effortless ground covering movement it was my pleasure to award him best in show in a really stellar line up of hounds.

Group 2 – Ellesophia fly me to the moon JW – Adams

Another like the first so pleasing in outline, my eye was consistently drawn to this beautiful standard wire-haired dachshund in the line up he is smart as a button and was really on his game today. Presented in beautiful coat and condition he has a beautiful head and expression, almond shaped dark eye, strong, long neck into a well made shoulder, moderate, long muscular body, prominent breastbone, broad rump, parallel in both front and rear legs, so sound on the move, free flowing in action.

Group 3 – Kelticreed Sweeney Todd – Beard

Another eye catching hound who is hard to ignore, this young Beagle who has so much more to come is striking both on the stack and move and cleverly handled to get the best of him. Sturdy and compact he has the most lovely head and expression, long well set ears, good neck into well laid shoulders, he is balanced for and aft with level topline and good tail carriage. I’m sure he has a great future ahead.

Group 4 – M&Ms Stellar Mayhem & Madness – Cadmore

This Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is really hard to look past, he is super smart in both outline and on the move, his handler really gets the best out of him another that my eye was constantly drawn to, I liked him for size and for type, super coat texture and presentation, he covered the ground with a powerful, eye catching action. I later learned he had just arrived from America, I am sure a very bright future awaits him here.

Puppy Group –

Group 1 – Shalfleet Chasing the sun – Wilton-Clark

Well if ever there was a dog I wanted to take home, this was the one! This beautiful whippet puppy stole my heart, I love him for size and type with beautiful lines in all the right places, he is balanced fore and aft, and so clean when you lay your hands on him. On the move he comes to life with an effortless ground covering movement. Quiet, effortless sheer quality in my books. Another from this clever breeder who I am sure will be destined for top awards as he matures.

Group 2 – Priorpark Poetry in motion – Parsons

What an apt name this beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback has, the second she stepped in the ring you could not stop your eye from being drawn to her. I found out later this was only her first show, she is super for size, beautiful head and expression, balanced throughout and was so very collected on the move for one so young really taking full advantage of the big group ring. I am sure she will have a bright future ahead.

Group 3 – Myleforbe red velvet at Sunara – Hunt

Another great miniature smooth Dachshund for its talented owner/handler, beautifully made throughout, she has the prettiest head and expression, well set ears, long clean neck into well laid shoulders, good forechest and parallel both front and rear legs. She moved with a beautiful free flowing action, I’m sure another to watch for the future.

Group 4 – Merrick Prince Charming at Cloudside – Moore

Upstanding self masked cream Afghan puppy, who gave a great account of himself in both the puppy and adult group. Very collected for one so young, he is up for size and still plenty of maturing and filing to do but he is balanced throughout with a level topline, good fallaway, nice long tail with ring which he carries raised in action, he covered the ground effortlessly with spring.

A V Import Register

Open (2- 0 abs)

1st and best of breed – Hilbeck Ginny avec Jayanel – Cooper this Griffon Fauve de Bretagne was a real handful, but Abley handled by her talented owner/handler who really gets the best from her, super coat texture and presented in muscular hard condition, she is balanced throughout and really came into her own later in the much larger group ring. She has effortless ground covering movement which really attracts your eye. I’m sure as she matures and settles, she will have a great future ahead.

2nd Res best of breed - Coonsar Sunshine Skyway – Brent – There was lots to like about this black and tan coonhound, I loved her head and expression and overall balance and construction, however she is carrying too much weight and sadly on the move she was pacing as I highlighted to her owner, after a while she settled and I could see what I needed, with some schooling and less weight I’m sure she will do well.

Junior Handling -

1st – Alexis Kirkwood Emery – What a fabulous young handler, I love how quiet she is and how it is all about her dog, who on the day was unsure on the floor yet she encouraged her charge until settled, she is neat with her patterns and calm with her dog, I am sure she has a great future ahead and would show the same calm sympathetic handling towards other breed also – Best junior handler

2nd – Sophie Willet – I really felt for Sophie who was thrown in the deep end with a new breed when her own dog was unhappy on the table, she did a lovely job with her whippet, nice tidy patterns and another quiet handler who has a natural affinity to her dog, she comes from a legacy of great breeders and handlers and I am sure with practise and experience she will be one to watch for sure.

Stakes Classes –

AV hound puppy dog or bitch (25 – 17ab)

1st ) Boloria Sugar and spice – Rowe – standard wire hair dachshund bitch, beautifully made throughout, super head and expression, level back, balanced fore and aft, moved with a powerful ground covering action, one to watch I’m sure. Headed up and nice line up of puppies.

2nd) Bowerhinton Blackbird – Maun – super smart 6month old Elkhound, I really loved her and co-nsidered her for a place in the puppy group, she just needs to settle a little however there is so much to like and I look forward to watch how she matures, she really eats up the ground on the move and I liked her for size and balance.

Av hound Junior Dog or bitch (16 – 12abs)

1st) Takatori Madame butterfly at Saringa – Dove- This beautiful borzoi bitch really made me smile, she has the most beautiful head, super in outline and flowing lines, so graceful and elegant on the move I’m sure she has a great future ahead of her as she continues to mature.

2nd) Clanwillow back to the future – Jones and Jones – really super basset male, so agile on the move with a super ground covering action carrying his tail well at all times. Beautifully put together and so mature for one so young he really caught my eye in a nice class of young hounds.

AV hound Open ( 20 – 10abs)

1st – Gainscroft Dark Destroyer – Vincent – Upstanding standard long hair dachshund, I really liked this dog, he headed up a super class and I saw him later in the day in the group ring where he really was up there for top honours but unlucky to meet such a strong group, he is shown in the most beautiful bloom, well presented coat and condition, he is super sound fore and aft and beautiful to lay your hands on, he has the most lovely head and expression that makes it hard to walk past him.

2nd - Ch Soultrader Freddie Mercury JW – McCartney – really beautiful PBGV, no great surprise to me looking at the catalogue just now that he wears his crown, he wears it well! From this world famous kennel he is super for size and I loved his outline on the stack which he holds at all time on the move, it was a really close decision for 1st place I was literally splitting hairs.

AV Hound Veteran (12 – 6 abs)

1st – Lanesend Segenhoe JW Sh Ch -Phillips and Keyte – lovely Beagle, soft melting expression, even tho greying he has a head that melts your heart, lovely balance throughout, level topline, good tail carriage, moved around the ring like a 2 year old, thoroughly well deserving of his best veteran win.

2nd – Ch Caryna Neferti Sh CM JW- beautiful Saluki bitch, I was really splitting hairs with the first 2 and this could have swapped on another day, loved her classic flowing outline and elegance, another still in her prime and full of quality. Deserved of reserve best veteran in show.