• Show Date: 25/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Claire Lewis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Irish Setters

Puppy (2,1) 

1st Charlish Quensha People Keep Talking Of Harelferg, Quality 10 month old dog puppy, full of character, super head with oval skull, raised brows, showing stop, super moderately deep muzzle, correct unshelled almond eye, deep in colour. Lovey kind expression, moderately long neck in to nice lay shoulder, ok return, fore chest, deep in brisket for age, good firm top-line with slight slope, good rear angles, short in hock, lovely rich chestnut coat, moved well BP, will watch with interest. 

Junior ( 7,2)

1st Kolbach Kerryfair Zoom In On Pawsword, Super typey dog, really appealing in overall shape, fills the eye for racy appearance & balance. Balanced head, showing occiput, good eye correct colour giving and intelligent expression, slightly arched neck, in to good well laid shoulders, excellent return, deep in brisket, excellent top-line, good underline, short in loin, balanced well turned stifles. Good tail set. Very nice young dog, who moved happy, straight & with purpose. 

2nd Paton Meadowfoot Juicy Wiggle, 13 month old bitch, overall pleasing shape, good head, low set on ears, long neck, super front assembly, good fore-chest, deep in brisket, well ribbed up, OK top-line , moderate rear, moved well.

3rd Hunter & Brown Glencarron Another Chapter At Braidmount. 

Special Yearling ( 5,3)

1st Walker Gwendariff UCant Touch This JW - Racey dog, appealing refined head, good oval skull, showing occipital & good stop, raised brows, good eye colour. Good neck, well laid shoulders, good forechest, slightly sloping topline, deep in brisket, short in loin, balanced rear angles over short hocks, lovely feet, little untidy coming towards me, but other wise nice side profile movement. 

2nd Vallance Glancarron Second Edition To Corcencone ( 4th In Junior) Pretty headed bitch, good neck, nice coat, deep in rib, good feet, moved ok. 

Graduate (1,0) 

Charlish Hareflerg Traces, pretty headed bitch, super front assembly, ribs well sprung, , short hocks, nice feet. 

Post Graduate ( 4,3) 

1st Gwendariff Flags Are Flyin, overall today most appealing shape, full filling the eye with racey looks, Long & lean in head, oval skull, good eye, showing stop, muzzle moderately deep, but wouldn’t like anymore, low set ears. Moderately long neck, nice shoulders, with good return, deep in brisket, well ribbed up, excellent topline in to nice tail set, good underline, long muscular rear angles, with width to thigh. Rich in coat colour. Moved with free flowing side gait, true action front & rear. BOB

Limit ( 5,1)

1st Boyd-McNeil & Edwards Gwendariff Beam Me Up Scotty, head showing plenty brain room, raised brows, Long neck into excellent front assembly, plenty of forechest, deep brisket, moved with purpose & drive, nice tail set, good feet, lost his topline in the challenge; being difficult today for his handler. 

2nd Murchison, Kerryfair Please Please Me Corphin, A dog really appealed in type, lovely head, lovely eye, with unshelled eye shape, good length neck, ok shoulder, with balanced return, good forechest, nice bone & feet, deep in brisket, short loin, balanced rear angles , moved ok, not the enthusiasm of 1 on the move. 

Open ( 3,2)

1st. Krskova, Ch Be Mine From Redmill, Beautiful head & expression, ok shoulder, nice bone, moderate but balanced, good topline, little erratic on the move, nice coat 

English Setters

Special Yearling ( 2,0) 1st Thomson Maursett Morganite For Caspellwynd, Super young typey English, very friendly, a medium dog with plenty of head, so balanced, moderately deep in muzzle & square. Long neck to well set shoulders, good rounded bone, excellent topline, moderate length in back. Balance rear angles. Moved very well 

 2nd Welsh Goldbirch Burning Desire, super bitch, show long and reasonably lean head, good stop & occipital protuberance. Good shoulders, excellent topline, deep in brisket, good tail set, erratic on the up and back, but good good side profile movement. 

Graduate (1,0) 1st Taylor Kanietter Koccoa NIce head, good oval skull, Moderate angles front & back, short in back, moved ok. Nice coat & condition. 

Post Graduate ( 3,2) 1st Taylor Kanietter Koccoa - repeat from Graduate.

Open (5,0) nice class, 

1st Thompson Bushbane Rathlin Caspellowynd, Super all male , medium height, beautiful clean outline, lovely head, well balanced, nice set eyes, good bone & feet. Balanced all through , moderate length to back, nice short strong hocks, lovely coat, moved really well. BOB 

2nd Vallance Rowanmyle Was a Skellum, Another one I really like, not at strong all through but excellent put together dog, good long lean neck, balanced angles, deep in brisket, moderate back, good topline, good tail set, moved well, Pushed hard to win the class.

3rd Yule Rowanmyle One Bewitched