• Show Date: 05/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Claire Lewis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Coventry & District Gundog Society

Bracco Italiano

A varying amount of types and sizes, which made it interesting breed to judge.

Puppy (3,0) 1st Mercer’s & Thomas Eva Il Senso Della Vita Of Stormacre ( IMP CZE) Super well angulated balanced puppy, head showing soft expression, good zygomatic arches, pronounced occiput, median line viable, powerful neck, super long lay of shoulder, deep in brisket, oval bone, good top line, balanced rear, muscular croup, width to thigh, thighs long, moved super showing good extended fast trot. 

2nd Webber & Sladden Valcor Killer Queen, 6mth old raw puppy, super almost square shape, deep muzzle, beautiful expression, balanced angles, deep in rib, showing excellent underline, good tail set, excellent up & down movement, will watch with interested how she develops. 

Junior (4,2) Forbes Canemamans Primo Al Fine, Excellent head, long & angular with narrow zygomatic arches, muzzle converges, excellent occiput, median line, balance skull to muzzle, Large oval eye, good ears set level with corner of eyes, lovely rounded neck in to well laid long shoulders, muscled, straight legs with oval bone, good topline, super almost square appearance, balance angles, brisket deep & good forechest, width to stifles with good bend, moved well showing true movement & extended fast trot, BOB  

2nd Williamson Withamfrairy Fairy Floss, Pretty headed bitch, kind oval eye, good neck, balanced angles , square in body, moved ok, would like a few pounds less on her to show movement better, 

Post Graduate (4,1) 1st Kelsey Elfrindew Kinky Reggie, this is a super typy bitch, who got better more she moved. Loved her head, median line, showing lean cheeks, balacend head, super eye, excellent front assembly , deep in brisket, super forechest, top line excellent on the stack & when moving, short in hock. When she moves correctly best extending gait of the day, nice tail carriage. Need tighter feet. RBOB

2nd Sladden Valcor the Confessor At Canemamans JW - would like to see this young exciting dog with more weight. Masculine typical head, execllent planes, low set on to corner of eyes, large nose, excellent neck in to shoulder. Balanced rear angles. Moved well, another will watch with interest. 

Open (4,3) 1st Sladden Bushwacher Dangerous Dave At Canemamans JW - He stood alone, a pleasing type, overall a good shape, almost square, nice head, fore face of good width, well chiselled below the eye, well set ears, good neck, balanced dog. Nice tight feet, well ribbed up. Good topline, moved well. 

English Setters

Puppy (3,2) 1st Sharpes Kanietter Sabonette A super pretty elegant bitch , balanced lean head, good oval skull, bright eye, lovely long neck in to well placed shoulder. Nice bone, super forechest, deep brisket, short loin, good underline , excellent topline, excellent tail set. Short hocks, moved with purpose and drive.

Junior (0,0)

Post Graduate (1,0) Jennings-Sharman Wansleydale Mayfly, tri bitch, lovely lean head, good stop, muzzle deep and fairly square, lovely eye colour & oval shape, super front assembly with plenty fore chest, moderate length in back, well ribbed up, level topline, round bone, good tight feet, moderate all though. Moved true with good free & graceful action. 

Open ( 3,0) Wilson Ravensett Giovanni, good honest dog. Moderate in all ways, loved his head, muzzle deep & square, super eye & expression, nice stop, good ear set, long neck, Good front angles, forechest, deep in brisket, short in loin, balanced rear angles, moved really well, powerful drive from hindquarters, head held naturally high, with a look at me attitude, In nice coat, BOB

2nd Loakes Goldbirch Hearts Desire JW - All I desired today was for this bitch to behave for a few seconds!!. A beautiful bitch, super clean & elegant in outline, lovely head, deep in brisket, balanced rear angles, playing up on the stack plus not so clean coming towards you as was loving life a little to much. Like to see her more settled. 

YKC Memeber Handling 

6-11 years (4,1) 1st Eliza Darwesh Handing a Labrador Reteriver, a very nice young handler, paying attention to her dog at all time, sympathetically handled, Nice straight lines, followed instruction with patterns & did a nice free stand correct distance from me. 

2nd Daisy Brae Handing a Labrador Retierver & 3rd Emily Windler Handing a Red and White Setter, both attentive to their dogs, and only separate in places my minor differences. Both with practice & experience will gain skill to finesse their handling even more. 

12-24 Years (4,1) 1st Magan Slack handing a Brittany, 2nd Meaylee Lewis Handing a Golden retriever, 3rd Jessica handing NSDTR. Three very smart young handlers, all presented their dogs well, super lines, stacks & free stacks. Only way I separated the places, was the distance and placement of their dogs after movement. Should be three paces from the judge, on the shoulder blade. 

AV Champion Gundog (10,0) A quality class of champions 1st Bradley Sh Ch Stanegate Stage Debut (AI) Irish Water Spaniel headed a star studded class. Beautiful bitch, nice head, skull, eye, good neck in to best of shoulder, balance and legs with depth of brisket. Cheeky with personality, moved sound & true, in lovely coat.

2nd Lewis Sh Ch Lovehayne Bijou Amounf Fairwinds JW - Super golden, lovely head, eye, good shape to skull, ears set on well, good neck in to well laid shoulders. Excellent return, fore chest, deep in brisket, short in back, lovely tail set, width to rear thigh, short hocks, good coat & in excellent condition. 

AV Gill Lewis Memorial Minor Puppy Stakes (25,10)

1st Short’s Toftwood Jean Genie - super young Welsh, appealing head & eye, domed skull, good stop, Excellent topline which was held on the move, balanced angles, beautiful deep rich colour, moving accurate for age & excellent reach & drive side profile showing smooth powerful movement. 

2nd Stilgoe & Fox Teisgol Morgana, A Portuguese Pointer. Nice head, neck in to good shoulders, deep brisket, plenty forechest, good topline, moved so well, balance rear end, nice feet, moved well and true. 

AV Jean Allen Memorial AV Puppy Stakes (18,10)

1st Hall Riverbrue Opheli Love At Glannara, Super young Irish, racey, beautiful head, showing unshelled almond eye, with work in head, good occiput, overall so balanced, with an air of look at me, built so right good angles, she flows from nose to tail. Beautiful rich coat, with excellent movement. 

2nd Lewis Fairwinds In Space Man, An excellent young golden retriever dog , super made, with a classic head. Super font angles again, with fore chest, depth to brisket. Short in back, nice rear, good tail set, well bodied up for one so young, moved so true, with good reach & drive. 

Claire Lewis