• Show Date: 31/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Claire Elizabeth Parker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 29/09/2023

Reading & District Kennel Association

Reading and District Kennel Association


Claire Parker

I would like to thank the Committee for the opportunity to judge at their show. I had an excellent ring steward who kept things running exceptionally smooth, many thanks. Overall general condition of the exhibits were good but I feel we are sadly losing the width of jaw.

Puppy (2, 1abs)

1. Cradock’s Gypsytart Pin Up Girl.

Although this little lady stood alone I was impressed with her features. 11 month old, red and white. Flat skull with good ear placement and fine wrinkle, not overdone. Nice clear, dark, round eyes. Good front and bone leading to neat feet. Lovely correct topline and tail set. Good tuck up. Moved okay if a little excitable. BPIB.

Junior (3, 0abs)

1. Freeman’s Testwood Total Eclipse

16 month old male, white and red. This boy caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring with his excellent movement. Correct flat skull and ear placement. Fine wrinkle with correct dark eyes and nose placement. Very good jaw. Excellent shoulder placement, brisket and bone leading to very neat feet. Good rib and tuck up. Best mover of the day. Credit to his owner and delighted to award him BOB and was pleased to hear he went on to take Utility Group 3.

2. George’s Avaword Trixie

15 month old bitch. Shorter in leg than first. Lovely flat skull with clear eyes and wide open dark nostrils. Moved well.

Post Graduate (5, 1 abs)

1. George’s Avaword Lillie

Red and white Bitch. Clear, dark eyes. Dark well placed nose. Very good front and bone. Correct top line and tail set. Good brisket and tuck up. Very good movement both coming and going. RBOB.

2. Hunter’s Huntthorn Lily of The Valley

Red and white Bitch. Good flat skull and adequate wrinkle. Clear dark eyes. Good topline and correct tail and set. Moved well.

Open (2, 0abs)

1. Stoneman’s Avaword Cherry

Red and white Bitch. This is a little lady I have had the pleasure to go over before. Flat skull with correct wrinkle. Dark clear eyes. Open nostrils. Good brisket and tuck up. Good on the move.

2. Coburn’s Bullmont Lord of the Manor

Dog. More wrinkle in the head than 1. Clear dark eyes. Neat well set ears. Good bone to tight feet. Moved well.