• Show Date: 30/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Chrys Dawson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/01/2024

Yeovil & District Canine Society

Yeovil & District Canine Society

Members' Limited Show 30-12-23

Judge: Chrys Dawson 'Carmajay'

My thanks to the society for inviting me to judge the Non-Sporting groups at their limit show. It was a pleasure to find many exhibits of quality at a Limit Show.

Toy Group

    BIG – Pawsamy's Sweet William (Pomeranian)

    RBIG – Pawsamy's Rose JW (Pomeranian)

AVNSC Toy Minor Puppy [1 (1 Abs)]

AVNSC Toy Puppy [3 (3 Abs)]

AVNSC Toy Junior [2 (1 Abs)]

    1st: Lovell, Miss A PAWSAMY'S SWEET WILLIAM Pomeranian – Shaded Sable D of 15 mths. Good head of correct proportions, foxy muzzle, with good strong jaw, ears erect, alert and lively expression. Neck and back short, giving nicely coimpact frame, well laid shoulder and correct angulation. Free and active moment. Coat well presented, would like a little more harshness to the outer coat, but that will come with age.

AVNSC Toy Special Yearling [1]

    1st: Lovell, Miss A PAWSAMY'S ROSE JW Pomeranian – Orange Sable B of 15 mths & litter sister to Junior winner and many of the same points apply. A little less confident on the table, but when stood on the floor stands well, showing the characteristic expression. Similarly good head and body, with equally moderate angulation. Very litle to split the two in the Group challenge.

AVNSC Toy Graduate [1 (1 Abs)]

AVNSC Toy Open [0]

AVNSC Toy Veteran [1 (1 Abs)]

AV Toy Imported Breed Register Open [1]

    1st: Lovell & Britton, Mrs A & Mr C RUSSIANDREAM FRODO STRUDEL Russian Toy – Black & Tan D of 18 mths. Nice head with good ear fringing and well defined stop, good length of neck and correct slope to topline. A little unsteady on the table today, but overall presented a nice outlook. Movement was slightly erratic today, but stood well on floor.

Utility Group

    BIG – Araki Krazie Maizie for Tetsikarma JW (Tibetan Terrier

    RBIG – Pure Soul Lucy's Secret at Lacoral [Imp Cze] (Tibetan Spaniel)

    BPIG – Odivane Brother In Arms (Schnauzer)

    BVIG – Tetsikarma Stargazer ShCM ShCEx VW (Tibetan Terrier)

AVNSC Utility Minor Puppy [3]

    1st: Moore, Mr I ODIVANE BROTHER IN ARMS Schnauzer – Pepper & Salt D of 7 mths, Very nice, strong head of good length, with correct eye and ear, and good strong jaw with correct scissor bite. Neck strong and of good length, leading to well laid shoulders. Well muscled throughout, particularly for such a youngster. Good depth and breadth of chest with good spring of rib. Very good topline, held well on free and active movement. One to watch.

    2nd: Bridge, Meyer & Britton, Ms LH, Ms EA & Mr G AKONI BUTTERY D'OR Dalmatian – Black Spotted B of 7 mths. Pretty head of suitable femininity without being snipey or narrow. Ear and eye of good size and shape, giving pleasing expression. Good lay of shoulder and good angulation fore and aft, but would like a little more in the way of muscle tone, but this should come with age. Level topline held well on free movement, with a tail that didn't stop wagging, clearly enjoying her time in the ring.

    3rd: Waterman, Mrs E TAZMITCH REACH FOR THE STARS Poodle (Standard)

AVNSC Utility Puppy [1 (1 Abs)]

AVNSC Utility Junior [2 (1 Abs)]

    1st: Plummer, Plummer & Bingham, Mrs K, Mr GV & Mrs K ARAKI KRAZIE MAIZIE for TETSIKARMA JW Tibetan Terrier – Gold Sable & White B of 17 mths. Very good head, of excellent proportions, holding eye and ear of good size and correct mouth. Good length and strength to neck, leading into shoulders well laid and nice straight foreleg. Excellent muscle tone throughout, giving good impression of strength, good level back and good depth to brisket. Correct large round feet, well down on pads. Coat well furnished and presented immaculately. Topline held extremely well on smooth, effortless movement, showing a clean pair of heels, and striding out gracefully.

AVNSC Utility Special Yearling [1]

    1st: Smith, Miss H TIBBIESTARS TUTTI FRUTTI at LACORAL JW Tibetan Spaniel – Gold Sable B of 19 mths. Nice head, with well cushioned muzzle, and a suitable feminine expression. Good angulation fore and aft and correct hare foot. Level topline held well on very nice movement. A little out of coat today, but beginnings of shawl just coming on. A pretty youngster who should go far.

AVNSC Utility Graduate [3 (2 Abs)]

    1st: Rutley, Mrs PA ARAKI NOT ON YOUR NELLY at JAVEY JW Tibetan Terrier – Black & White B of 22 mths, Good head overall, giving the correct expression, with good feathering to ear and held well. Good neck length, leading nicely to well laid shoulders and correct foreleg. Good muscle tone throughout, with good ribbing and nicely square withers to tail. Good level back held well with nice, smooth movement. Coat well furnished. good lay, feet, good,mtopline held well, turn stifle, square

AVNSC Utility Open [5 (1 Abs)] By far my hardest class of the day, the 4 exhibits presented to me could easily have been a group line up at an Open Show.

    1st: Smith, Miss H PURE SOUL LUCY'S SECRET at LACORAL [IMP CZE] Tibetan Spaniel  - Black D of 4 Yrs, and one I have judged before. Very nice head, with good eye and ear, clearly masculine without anything overdone, and showing his typical aloofness. Very good angulation, correct feet and well sprung ribs. Good level topline, held well on the move, which was free and active. Presented in gleaming condition.

    2nd: Plummer, Mr GV & Mrs K ARAKI DREAM PERFECTION for TETSIKARMA JW Tibetan Terrier – Black & White B of 2 Yrs. Correct head with good eye, nice length of neck of good strength, fair rib spring, and good brisket depth. Good level top held well on the move, which was effortless and smooth.

    3rd: Diffey, Mrs M MARHILWAY SPIRITED EDGE Shih Tzu

AVNSC Utility Veteran [1]

    1st: Plummer, Mr GV & Mrs K TETSIKARMA STARGAZER ShCM ShCEx VW Tibetan Terrier  - Black & White D of 12 Yrs and not showing a day of it. Good head, and still with full dentition, good strong neck, excellent muscle tone throughout. Angulation correct, fore and aft, with nothing overdone, showing good, square outlook withers to tail. Level top, held superbly on free and effortless movement. Impossible to believe he is the age he is!

AV Utility Imported Breeds Register Open [0]

Pastoral Group

    BIG – Aussiame Hot To Trot JW (Australian Shepherd)

    RBIG – Valaller The Photographer (Swedish Vallhund)

    BPIG - Valaller The Photographer (Swedish Vallhund)

    BVIG – Scullymadra Greenhill (Australian Shepherd)

AVNSC Pastoral Minor Puppy [1 (1 Abs)]

AVNSC Pastoral Puppy [4 (2 Abs)]

    1st: Howe, Ms D VALALLER THE PHOTOGRAPHER Swedish Vallhund – Grey Sable D of 10 mths. Excellent wedge of a head, with good strong jaw and correct bite. Correct ear, used well showing active and alert expression. Good length of strong neck, with well laid shoulders, and correct angulation. Good muscle throughout, particularly for such a youngster, with nicely level back, held well on very free active movement. A dog that could easily do his day's work.

    2nd: Summerley, Miss RA ACCRA THE TRIWIZARD Australian Shepherd  - Black Tri B of 11 mths. Good head length, of a suitably feminine outlook. Eye and ear good, and set well. Neck of good length, with good lay of shoulder, and body of good proportions. Movement slightly erratic, but stood nicely. Would like to see a little more body and muscle tone.

AVNSC Pastoral Junior [1]

    1st: Burt, Ms EL AUSSIAME HOT TO TROT JW Australian Shepherd – Black Tri D of 13 mths. Very good head, masculine without any coarseness. Correct scissor bite held in good strong jaw. Good length of stron neck, with well laid shoulders and good straight forearm. Good length of strong body, with excellent topline. Good angulation throughout and well let down hocks, giving drive and free and active movement. Good muscle trhoughout, giving impression of being able to do his day's work.

AVNSC Pastoral Special Yearling [2 (1 Abs)]

    1st: Webb, Mrs J ELTIMARIS HIP HIP HOORAY Bearded Collie – Blue & White D of 19 mths. Nice broad, flat head, nicely square with good eye and ear. Neck of good length, with well sloped shoulder. Good length of body, well ribbed, with good depth of chest. Level back held nicely onSmooth movement.

AVNSC Pastoral Graduate [2 (2 Abs)]

AVNSC Pastoral Open [2 (1 Abs)]

    1st: Goldie, Mr DM BLENMERROW MAZURKA Shetland Sheepdog – Sable & White D of 3 Yrs. Good wedge of a head, of good proportion. Nice dark eye, set well, and good ear used well. Neck of suitabgle length, and shoulders nicely laid. A little unsteady on the table today. Movement free and active with good reach. Would like more muscle tone.

AVNSC Pastoral Veteran [2]

    1st: Summerley, Miss RA SCULLYMADRA GREENHILL Australian Shepherd – Black Tri B of 8 Yrs. A nice head, showing a pleasing, feminine expression with ears used well. Good depth of chest, and angulation good throughout. Good, level topline held well on active movement.

    2nd: Webb, Mrs J MEGAMAREE JUST AMAZING JW ShCM ShCEx Bearded Collie – Black & White D of 8 Yrs. Nice head, with good eye and ear, and neck suitably muscled. Well laid shoulders, good length of body and good angulation fore and aft. Lost out on movement, which was slightly erratic today.

AV Pastoral Imported Breeds Register Open [0]

Working Group

AVNSC Working Minor Puppy [1 (1 Abs)]

AVNSC Working Puppy [0]

AVNSC Working Junior [0]

AVNSC working Special Yearling [0]

AVNSC Working Graduate [0]

AVNSC Working Open [0]

AVNSC Working Veteran [0]

AV Working Imported Breeds Register Open [0]