• Show Date: 19/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Chrys Dawson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South West Welsh Corgi Club

South West Welsh Corgi Club


Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Special Award Classes.

My thanks to the SWWCC for inviting me to judge the Pembroke SA classes. There were some tough decisions, with plenty of quality across the 3 classes.

Junior D/B – 5 (1 Abs)

1st: Dickenson's Brynmay Star Explosion (NBT) – 15 mth R/W Bitch with lots to like. Nice head with typical expression, correct bit, good eye and ears set well. Good lay of shoulder, with forelegs set well round chest, which had good depth. Good spring of rib and a level topline, which held well on free movement with plenty of drive. Strong hindlegs, with good bend of stifle leading down to correct feet.

2nd: Davies' Ermyn Rainbow's Gift – 11 mth Tri Bitch. Of a smaller frame to 1st, and still with plenty of maturing to do. Pretty head with good expression, nice mouth, good clear eye and ears used well. Good shoulder and angulation, with level topline. Movement slightly erratic, but clearly enjoying herself.

3rd: Wyer's Cottivy Chiquitita

Graduate D/B – 2 (0 Abs)

1st: Aylott's Barwal Bager Boy (NBT) – 20 mth R/W Dog. Nice head of correct proportions with correct ears, used well. Nice mouth with correct bite and good, strong jaw. Well angulated, both fore and aft, with good spring of rib and correct topline. Would like movement a little more free, but topline held well on the move.

2nd: Hutchings' Marvelguard Flower Fairy for Tycon – 19 mth R/W Bitch with typical expression and a nice head. Eye and ear correct and well placed. Shoulder laid well with ample bone and good body. Moved well.

Open D/B – 6 (0 Abs)

By far my hardest class of the day, any could change places on a different day.

1st: Warner's Meitza Erik the King JW – Almost 6 yr old Tri Dog, and one I have admired from the ringside. Good masculine head, with correct bite, clear eye and well set ears, used well. Good length of neck and well placed shoulders led down to correct forelegs, wrapping the broad chest well. Well sprung ribs and level topline, held perfectly on the move. Excellent rear angulation, and good straight hocks. Well driven, free and active on the move.

2nd: Webb's Corland Nighthawk (NBT) – 5 yr old Tri Dog, and another with lots to like. Of a slightly larger frame than 1st, but still well within standard. Strong, masculine outlook, lovely head and good ears. Ample bone, and correct angulation, fore and aft. Good spring of rib, chest deep and broad and good, level topline. A strong mover, fit for form and function.

3rd: Davies' Ermyn Snazzy Jazzy

Chrys M Dawson