• Show Date: 07/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christopher toynton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2023

Keeshond Club

The Keeshond Club Open Show, 7th October, 2023.

A big thank you to the Club & Committee for this invitation to judge your lovely breed, one I have had a close interest in for many years.

Thanks for the warm welcome, the generous gifts & lunch, & the pleasure of going over your wonderful dogs, also to my stewards Tina & John who kept everything running so efficiently.


Min Puppy. – 1(0)a.

1st – Gardner's - Devonia's Love Wil Find a Way For Manzanakees.

Only 6mths with a lively character & sweet boyish expression, developing evenly in all departments, short coupled body with correct amount of substance, stands well up on his tight catfeet, moved with good animation, lots to like about this youngster. Bpd.

Jnr. - 2(1)a.

1st – Lee & Matthews - Winklestar Deneb At Valindale.

14mth going through the teen stage, real livewire, difficult to assess today, superb temperament & happy character, well defined spectacles & accentuated markings, makes good use of his ears, ample bone on legs going down to tight well-manicured feet, tail well curled over his back at all times, bounced around the ring with energy & enthusiasm.

Sp Yearling. - 1(0)a.

1st – Rose's - Dianakees Inspector Morse At Esorkees.

Another teenager full of exuberance & high energy, lovely masculine expression & face showing correct facial features, short strong neck well placed on to shoulders, deep chest of ample width, shows off a good breed outline in profile with a profuse, well-furnished coat, moved with a steady gait with handler in close control.

Limit. – 1(0)a.

1st – Pattison's - Quest' Eastkees Del Monte Dragnone.

Very alert & vivacious with a cheeky face, dark eyes & with tight rims, well defined stop, ears erect & of correct size, lovely head shape, short neck on well-placed shoulders, compact body with correct amount of muscle tone, well tapered legs & front feet facing forwards, when settled he moved using good reach from the upper arm & extension from the shoulder, presented in full clean coat.

Open. – 6(1)a.

1st – Miles & Dean's - Ch. Neradmik Kiss Chase With Lekkerbek.

One with well-defined full masculine features & not overdone in any way, of sound construction & conformation in all departments, good strength of shoulder with elbows tight in to body, well developed rib & short loin, shows off a true outline with correct height & length ratio's, moved best in this class today using a positive striding action with a well-balanced even gait, shown in fully furnished coat evenly marked & well handled. Res BD.

2nd – Marshall's - Arabesque At Devonia.

One I have judged on a previous occasion & still a nice male example of the breed, has a real masculine expression about him, showing off all the breed characteristics well, correct amount of bone & with tight feet placed well under his body, moved with a steady short stepping gait & even stride, immaculately turned out in full coat & handled well.

3rd - Peck & Matthews - Ch. Keitakees To Love Somebody At Byquy.

Good male specimen of the breed, of sound development & construction, showing a typical outline, fully coated with tail curled over back, well developed thigh & second thigh, good even width of rear legs, very animated & lively but not on his best behaviour today.

Vet. – 4(2)a.

1st – Hickson's - Ch. Kichigai Only The Lonly.

8yrs young & at the height of his maturity, strong & fit with good muscle tone, elbows tight into shoulders, strong topline & firm rear quarters, on the move showed no sign of slackness but drove on with a quick stepping action, lovely tracking using good spring on his pasterns, shown in full clean coat proving he is still at the top of his game, certainly held his own today & well deserved his awards, BD, BVD, Res BiS, BoS & BViS.

2nd – Miles, Cullen, Brown & Brown's - Ch. Rossvale's Legacy For Lekkerbek.

Hard to believe this lad is 10yrs young already, held himself well & showed with a happy disposition that proves his sound breeding & healthy bloodlines, movement was steady & sure-footed with a determined gait, holds his coat well still & was shown & handled with quiet sympathy.


Min Puppy. – 3(0)a.

1st – Marshall's - Devonia's Hakuna Matata.

6 mth youngster with lots to like about her, endearing feminine face & expression, neat & compact, good depth of chest & correct tuck up of loin for one so young, stood four-square with tight feet facing forwards, everything is all as it should be for age, moved even & true which handler controlled nicely, presented in beautiful coat & condition. B. Puppy & BPB.

2nd – Pattison's - Eastkees Black Orchid.

8 mth girl just coming into coat, cheeky feminine face with lovely dark eyes fully made up nose, nice length of muzzle & defined stop, good depth of chest & tight shoulder, moved with excitable lively highstepping action & really enjoyed herself, shows promise.

3rd - Church's - Tykees Soul Searching.

Another of 6 mths with plenty of substance & nice development, has the cute factor & was a pleasure to go over, exuberant & friendly, good turn of stifle & well let down on the hocks, stands four square naturally & certainly shows potential.

Puppy. – 1(0)a.

1st – Pattison's - Eastkees Black Orchid.

Deserved her 1st placing, little more settled in this class showing off her attributes better, went over her again to give her more experience, movement was more controlled & steady.

Limit. - 2(0)a.

1st – Johnston' - Tykees Full Of Chaos.

Female of nice development & good strength, kind face with correct length of muzzle & strong jaw, lovely dark well-placed eyes with distinct spectacles, short loin, correct height & length of body with ample bone & tight round feet, shown in profuse full coat of correct texture, animated & alert, balanced & moved with good action front & rear. Res BB.

2nd – Church's - Tykees It's Just A Phase.

Endearing girl with correct face & feminine head, good width of skull between ears, good depth of chest & lovely spring of rib, legs well placed under the body & rear legs evenly spaced, correct bend of stifle, moved with surety & even tracking, appeared slightly longer in body than 1st, good tail set & carried well over her back at all times.

Open. – 5(3)a.

1st – Lee & Matthews - Ch. Winklestar Aurora At Valindale. JW.

Star of the show, she has all the qualities that cannot be ignored, typifies the breed beautifully with sound construction & conformation all round, feminine head & face with alert expression, lovely width of front with correct angulation of shoulders & depth of chest, correct length of back in proportion to height which gave her the perfect outline, movement around the ring was with drive & sure-footed precision, presented & shown to perfection. BB & BiS.

2nd – Redler's - Keitakees You Are My World.

Difficult to assess this one properly as she bounced all over the place smiling all the time, but has a superb temperament & happy disposition, shown in clean coat with tail that never stopped, nice tight cat feet & good spring on her pasterns, rear quarters well-muscled with even width between legs, certainly enjoyed her day.

Vet. – 2(1)a.

1st – Marshall's - Torrikees Made In Heaven At Devonia.

At 7 yrs young this girl is still in her prime, showing no signs of ageing apart from slight stiffness in the shoulder when moving but still moved with a fair pace, correct dentition, strong facial features & ears erect, held herself well in a very upstanding position & showing a lovely breed outline, shown in fully furnished coat with all the trimmings & handled with a free rein. BVB & Res BViS.

                                                                                           Judge. Chris Toynton.