• Show Date: 08/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Christine Schofield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Heywood & Radcliffe Canine Society


Open Show – 8th January 2023

Golden Retriever


1st Strathlon Shirli Valentine, B. Well balanced feminine head she has the most expressive of eyes. Beautifully balanced all through with nothing overdone. Good depth to chest & long sloping shoulders. Shown in great condition. On the move she was balanced with lovely reach & drive. BP

2nd Strathlon Spirit Of Ecstasy, B. Good make & shape with a very feminine outlook and has the required strength & substance to complete the picture. Balanced head with a soft eye & the best of expressions. Moved well.

3rd Akenscales Beau Baron, D.


1st Akenscales Beau Baron, D. Masculine head with a kind eye. Nicely balanced all through. Clean outline with a firm topline. Well-made hindquarters. Stands square all round. On the move he was somewhat hesitant but his footfall was correct.

2nd Astleyfold Spring Primrose, B. Typy young lady that should mature into a lovely Goldie. Balance outline, Good depth of chest and well-made hindquarters with low hocks. Moved steadily.

3rd Sybiton Ginger Nut, D.

Post Graduate

1st Largymore Line Dancer, B. . Good height to length ratio to this feminine bitch. Pretty head, kind eye. Well sprung rib with short loin and level topline. Correct underline. Excellent coat texture. She held her topline well on the move with a perfectly set, endlessly wagging tail. RBOB

2nd Scarisbrick Snowflake, B. , Presents a most pleasing overall picture with a look of balance. She is feminine and has good depth and strength of body. Moved positively

3rd Monchique Last Samurai JW, D.


1st Monchique Mrs Brown JW, B. This is such a quality bitch to go over. Super forehand with straight front, well angulated shoulders, her quarters have width & muscular definition with low hocks, straight when viewed from behind. Moved straight and true with verve and attitude. BOB

Labrador Retriever


1st Medowline Heartbreaker, D. Best of heads. Beautifully balanced throughout. Well tucked in elbows, strong bone with tidy feet. Well sprung ribs with plenty of heart room. Level topline. Moved out well using his quarters to advantage.

2nd Flyenpyg Gareth Snoutgate, D. Head well proportioned. Clean neck and good lay of shoulder. Has some depth of chest but hope he develops more. Well ribbed back. Strong hindquarters with moderate bend of stifle. Moved happily as a puppy should.

3rd Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse, B.


1st Gamblegte Tilly Tuppence, B. . What a lovely head this girl has – the kindest of eyes & good finish to muzzle, enough stop and with nothing overdone. Excellent depth of chest, short in loin and strong quarters. Handled sympathetically. On the move she was balanced with lovely reach & drive. BP

2nd Scarisbrick Spanish Storm, B. . Good overall balance with excellent head and expression. Good depth of chest and well- made hindquarters with low hocks. In excellent coat and condition. Good footfall on the move but lacks animation. I really liked this girl she just needs to gain her confidence..

Post Graduate

1st Scarisbrick Salt Marsh, D. . Loved this young man for his balance, and appealing expression. Excellent shape with elegance & strength combined. Pleasing head with a good eye & expression. Good reach of neck with an excellent layback of shoulder, firm level topline, good tailset & carriage. In good coat and muscle condition. Moved freely with reach and drive RBOB

2nd Aughtonchase Honey Pie, B. This is a very typy girl. Pleasing head, expressive eyes and good balance of skull and muzzle. She has a well laid shoulder which gives her the correct length of neck. Deep in rib, and well ribbed back. Wide in the second thigh with well let down hocks, On the move she is sound and has good footfall.

3rd Newhorizon Magneta Star, B.


1st Meadowline Mi Chico, D. Excellent overall balance. Super head with the correct head proportions and the softest of expressions. Clean neck into well laid shoulder. Level topline and well sprung ribcage. Strong hindquarters with well bent stifles. The best of underlines. Stood true and firm. Excellent coat texture. Moved strongly and with great purpose. BOB

2nd Aughtonchase Mr Sandman, D. Exuberant boy with the kindest of eyes. This boy gives the impression of robustness. Good overall balance with correct length to height ratio. Head of good proportions. Level topline. Well- made hindquarters. Moved freely.

3rd Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW, D.

Flatcoat Reriever


1st KeeperswayLive The Moment, D. Very typical puppy with good breed outline. Head is of the correct shape with a strong underjaw. Clean neck leading to well laid shoulder and corresponding length of upper arm. Good length of leg and correct depth of chest. On the move his footfall is excellent. BOB & BP

2nd Gunoak Glorius Seventy With Tarimoor, B. This girl possesses a well- balanced head. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders. Moved soundly once she got in to her stride and settled.

Christine Schofield