• Show Date: 07/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Christine Schofield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 22/10/2023

Guildford & District Canine Society


OPEN SHOW – 7/10/2023



1st Bowdonia Sky Full Of Stars, B. Long and lean in head proportions, a very expressive, alert eye. Beautfully balanced throughout showing strength and elegance. On the move she is true and shows power and energy. BP & RBOB


1st Zoraden Maserati. D. Ideal size to this very handsome boy. Loved his body shape, the correct curves on topline and underline. A very inquisitive boy that never took his eye off me. Moved on a free, long, and easy stride .

2nd Florancy War Hawk. D. Nicely made young man, a bit more scopey than 1st and therefore standing over more ground. Pleasing head with a bright eye. Moved well.

Post Graduate

1st Brochinbelle Ooh La La At Bowdonia. B. This young lady has the strong bladed bone the breed requires and excellent oval well -padded feet. Well filled front with deep brisket, strong loin and well developed second thigh. Moved freely covering the ground with power,

2nd Zoraden Maserati . D. Repeat

3rd Starceylon Spectre. D.


1st Abbeyhurst Dancing Queen JW. B. Super bitch that certainly has elegance and grace. Feminine long lean head with an alert, expressive expression. Tapering muzzle and strong jaws. Deep chest, well filled front, well- muscled hindquarters which gives her the most beautifully balanced outline. Moved true and with style due to good propulsion and excellent footfall, I just loved her !! BOB

2nd Collooney At Last. B. This young lady also has excellent movement and such animation. Lovely balance throughout, pretty head with alert expression. Just preferred 1st in strength and feet.

3rd Kelsmonk Kind Of Magic. D.

American Cocker Spaniel


1st Jaclee Preview, D, Great attitude to this 6mth puppy. A bit strong in head at the moment but I believe in will refine with age. Excellent eye and a muzzle with enough plush to it. Excels in bone and the best of feet. Lovely outline on the stack which he carries through on the move. He moved effortlessly with good reach and drive. BP

Post Graduate

1st Taramount Golden Ticket. D. Masculine boy with good head proportions, and good chiselling. Intelligent alert expression from lovely shaped eyes. Clean over the shoulders, deeply ribbed which were well sprung, Strong well- muscled quarters. Presents a beautifully balanced picture. Moved freely with purpose and drive, holding his topline throughout. BOB


1st Truly Yours Clear Magic For Taramount (Imp DNK), B. This is a very typy girl, with a non-stop wagging tail. Pleasing head, expressive eyes and good balance of skull and muzzle. She has a well laid shoulder which gives her length of neck. Deep in rib, and well ribbed back. Strong quarters that propelled her around the ring. RBOB

Labrador Retriever


1st Linthwaite Mathilda (AI) , B. Feminine baby that has a broad skull, Strong muzzle and the most expressive eye. Well bodied with good depth and decent barrel ribs. Strong in hindquarters and a good turn of stifle. Excellent coat texture - dense and slightly harsh to the touch. Moved true with good footfall if somewhat exuberant ! BP

2nd Richbourne Legally Blond At Ankari, B, Lovely typical head with the broadness required and clean cut cheeks. Well boned and has good angles and balance throughout. Moved steady but a bit proud of her tail.

3rd Rumhill Black Sapphire. B


1st Rumhill Bossy Boots. B. Stronger in head than I prefer but she has the loveliest of expressions. She excels in profile movement – great reach and drive holding her outline firmly.

2nd Huxmont I Want It All. I would prefer more substance to this ultra pretty girl. Very enthusiastic on the move, I can easily see her in the working efficiently in the field


1st Cremino Country Charm. B. Good size and balance to this black bitch. Another with the super dense and well textured coat. Pleasant head with a soft expression. Well bodied and just the correct amount of weight. This girl comes alive on the move. Effortless, fluid and excellent footfall.

Post Graduate

1st Linthwaite Arabella. Love the balance, strength and femininity to this young lady. She really fills the eye. Gorgeous head, broad, defined stop, strength to muzzle and a big wide nose. Expressive eyes and well set ears. Well laid shoulders, good bone, tight feet, level firm topline and powerful quarters. Moved fluidly, holding her topline and using her tail. I loved her. BOB


1st Eremos Moment In Thyme, B, What a character !! She certainly likes to be noticed. Beautifully balanced head with an alert expression. Excellent balance fore and aft. Straight front and good muscling to strong quarters. Moved true with good reach and drive. I would just prefer tighter feet, and her tail to be carried lower. RBOB

2nd Stellandfarm Gienah. B. Finer in head than I prefer, but has the softest of expressions. Excellent depth and lovely barrel ribs. In good coat and muscle condition . Moved freely covering ground efficiently.

Cocker Spaniel


1st Zakova Wise Guy, D. Well balanced all through presenting a typy picture. Head shape is good with chiselling beneath the eyes. Well laid shoulder with corresponding return of upper arm. Well sprung ribcage. Short loin. Well-made hindquarters. Moved well with good tail action. BP


1st Harbethol Look Magical Tyme, D. Lovely size and style to this boy. Head well proportioned. Clean neck and good lay of shoulder. Good depth to chest, and well ribbed back. Strong hindquarters with moderate bend of stifle. Moved with true action and with the verve a cocker should have.

2nd Zakova Wise Guy Repeat

3rd Esqueen I’m Iconic For Babtonkelpie (Imp Pol) B.

Post Graduate

1st Zakova Sugar Babe, B. . What a lovely head this girl has – the kindest of eyes, good chiselling & square finish to muzzle and enough stop. Excellent depth of chest, short in loin and strong quarters. Handled sympathetically. On the move she was balanced with lovely reach & drive. Definitely a merry cocker. BOB

2nd Harbethol Look Magical Tyme, D. Repeat

3rd Esqueen Following Star At Babtonkelpie (Imp Pol) JW B.

Christine Schofield