• Show Date: 15/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society


15TH JULY 2023

Judge: Christine Morgan

It was a windy and blustery day with intermittent sharp showers but we managed to dodge most of them and get through without being too wet. Big thanks to my steward Helen Stevens for keeping my paperwork as dry as possible.

Hungarian Vizslas


1. Jade Red Luna Lauren

A very raw 11 mths bitch at the first show for both her and her handler. Naturally they were both rather overawed but once they both settled they gave it a good go. She has a pretty head and good angulation, her coat is a lovely russet gold with the required greasy feel to it and once she got going she moved well and happily. BP.


1. Vizslanya Pafrany for Zinniaviz

I really liked this bitch who presented a typical Vizsla outline on the stack being robust and medium boned with a noble look about her. She has a lean and pretty head of correct proportions and has a lovely eye shape and soft expression. Although lacking a bit of forechest she has depth, a moderately long and arched neck which fits cleanly into her well placed shoulders, a short, level back, well muscled quarters and cat like feet. I loved her colour and short, greasy coat. She moves really well covering plenty of ground. Pushed hard for BOB. RBOB.

2. Nicael Coconut

A super moving dog with a long, open side gait. Slightly throaty, well ribbed back but I felt he could use a bit more weight. Handsome head, clear median line, big nose and good ear set.

3. J. Red L. Lauren

Post Grad

1. V. Pafrany for Z

2. Bitcon Jackpot at Baratja

Lovely shape to his head with moderately wide skull and tapering muzzle, clear median line and nice thick ears. Strong neck, level topline and moderately angled. He was wider in front than the winner and didn’t have such a good tail set but he moved with a lively trot.


1 Kenxtwen Chocolate Chip at Baratja

As he came into the ring he took my eye with his distinguished appearance and on the stack he looked every bit the nobleman that he should be. His head is handsome and well proportioned although a tad flewy and he has well set and thin ears. He has plenty of forechest, depth of brisket and good length and return of upper arm placing his forelegs well under his body. He was a bit wayward on the move and carried his tail higher than I would like but his excellent forward reach and powerful driving action took him to BOB.

Bracco Italiano


1. Teverlarni Stick to Ya Guns. I liked both of these youngsters so no surprise to see that they are litter brothers. He tends to look long when stacked but has a better almost square shape on the move. Long, angular head, lean cheeks and slight convergence when viewed from the side but is rather flewy and has a lot of dewlap. Strongly built with a moderately short neck, wide at top of shoulders, big ribs, long thighs with almost straight edge behind. Rather too down in pastern but moved powerfully with good head carriage. RBOB.

2. Teverlani Keep the Faith. Not as mature as his brother but he has an angular head, short, strong neck, and big deep ribs. I liked him a lot but his tail carriage was not for me.

Post Grad

1. Teverlarni Cama Da Rosas. Two more from the same litter in this class but this time sisters. This one is very impressive with her strong and almost square outline and distinguished appearance. Her head is correctly balanced with converging lines, slight stop, soft expression and chiselling. Her forelegs are straight and strong with clearly defined tendons, deep, broad chest, very well sprung ribs, short, wide loin and a typical Bracco topline. Her strong and powerful quarters drove her round the ring on an extended fast trot. BOB.

2. Teverlani Secret Dreams

She doesn’t have the head of her sister it having less stop and a more rounded skull and has a slightly more racy appearance but she does have many of her other qualities. She has good length to height ratio, a short strong neck and long well muscled shoulders. Powerful mover.


1. Valentino Rossi (Imp Ita)

He is the sire of the litter mates and has passed on many of his qualities. He has strong bone, substance and the best feet. He is excellent in front, has wide well muscled quarters and a good tail set. Strong middle piece. I loved his angular well chiselled head and long low set ears. He has a tremendous side gait and is totally effortless on the move. In the challenge he lost his topline as he tended to pull back and didn’t move as well for his substitute first time handler.