• Show Date: 03/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/12/2023

Coventry & District Gundog Society



Judge: Christine Morgan

Lagotto Romagnolo


1st Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Dick Dastardly of Pendlebriar (Imp Ita). Robustly built with sturdy forearms and oval bone. Shortish neck, chest broadens nicely behind elbows, well angulated with well developed quarters. Head of correct proportions and a lovely expression. Woolly brown coat presented naturally. BPIB, BOB and BPIS. Well done.

Field Spaniel


1st Elgert Queen of Hearts to Sparkenhoe. Soft and grave expression, chiselling coming nicely, low set ears. Very clean over neck and shoulders, good forechest, moderate spring of rib, level topline and strong quarters. Silky black coat. Moved with a typical gait and quietly handled. BPIB.

2nd Trevorsilk Blue Velvet. Presents a typical outline, long neck, good ribbing with plenty of depth. Balanced head with well defined occiput. Preferred the feet of the winner who was cleaner on the out and back.

3rd Heartwood Mishules All is Possible with Calico


1st Heartwood Mishules Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Substantially built liver/tan with good forechest and depth of brisket. Well ribbed up. Masculine head with strong muzzle. Moves with purpose. RBOB.

2nd H.M. All is Possible with C. Pretty baby with a lovely expression in her dark eyes, low set ears frame her well balanced head. Moved steadily.

Post Grad

1st H.M. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


1st Elgert Break Every Rule at Portsoy. This dog is so fit and well muscled. He has beautiful chiselling to his well balanced head with the required leanness, raised brows and a wonderfully grave expression. Balanced angles, plenty of depth and carries a level topline. Long, flat, blue roan coat with enough feathering and he has that touch of elegance to give him a noble bearing. Moved on an unhurried stride carrying his tail on a level with his back. BOB. Made the cut for BIS.

2nd Broomeece Fire Cracker over Mishules. Carrying too much weight today which detracted from his overall shape. He has a well balanced head with a long and lean muzzle and wide nostrils.

Sussex Spaniel

Puppy. A lovely class to judge.

1st Florry’s Boy Big Phil. I loved his well balanced head, frowning brows and soft expression. Slightly arched neck, well laid shoulders, level topline, well off for bone, round feet. Moved so steadily.

2nd Una Des Terres de Beaulieu. Another very promising puppy with such a pretty head. Ribs developing well, broad quarters, lovely tail action. Just not as steady on the move as the winner.

3rd Skye’s the Limit


1st Bakerscroft Beckley Belle. She has a fabulous head and expression and her strong neck carries it just above the level of her back. She holds a great shape on the move and has such excellent bone and tight feet. Displays a kindly temperament.

Post Grad

1st Meggamooch Xanadu at Rydonmist. What a wonderful temperament this girl has with her ever wagging tail and kind expression. She has good length to height, a level topline, good ribbing and strong loin. Moved well but carried her tail a bit high for me.

2nd Deckham Amber Sunrise. Up to size, big ribs, strong topline, pleasing head.

Open. A fabulous class.

1st Crumbledor Albus Dumbledor at Rydonmist. This was the last of the dogs that I judged and at last I found the Sussex roll. He is all male and presented to perfection, fabulous head with frowning brows, pronounced stop and wide skull. He has an excellent forehand with plenty of dog in front, short, strong legs, well padded feet and strongly boned well muscled quarters. His coat is flat with undercoat and rich liver in colour. The lighting in the hall didn’t do justice to the gold tipping on any of the exhibits. BOB.

2nd Harasteorra Big Bear JW. I loved his head and eye and thick low set ears. He has a very balanced outline, well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm, strong loin and moved well. RBOB.

3rd Fred Siop Ganol into Bowswizzler