• Show Date: 19/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/11/2023

North Of England Spaniel Club



Thank you to the officers and committee for inviting me and for giving me a very warm welcome; lunch was superb.

Best In Show

I considered the lovely young Cocker Spaniel Willanorah We Will Rock You, and the very typey SWD Prizelands Fondant Fancy who I now see was my BPIB from East of England 2022 but top spot went to the very eye catching ESS Sh Ch Calvdale Scaramouch Jones JW. He is striking in outline and although the ring was not a big one, he maintained his racy outlook on the move. He has a very handsome head with the kindest of expressions, is beautifully constructed and presented and handled superbly.

RBIS was the outstanding IWS Sh Ch Curlyco My Hot Rockstar (Imp Fin) who typifies the breed standard with his clownish behaviour.

Best Puppy in Show was the beautiful American Cocker Spaniel Mycalleys Koko who presents a terrific outline and has such a well worked head. RBPIS went to the lovely ESS Elazlan Coronation Day who is full of breed type.

Best Veteran in Show went to the ESS Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Ryder who powered round the ring and was presented to perfection. RBVIS was the SWD Adormidera Ziggy Stardust who impressed on the move.

Irish Water Spaniels


1st Woodrock’s Marla Mable at Foulby. I loved her. Her head is beautiful and she is so very well angulated. She has a dense tight coat and moves with a precise footfall. RBOB.


1st Sh Ch Curlyco My Hot Rockstar (Imp Fin). He is so solidly built and compact with big ribs and powerful quarters. His head is so very well balanced and gives the impression of fineness. He has a coat of dense crisp ringlets with a feel of oiliness to it and is of a rich dark liver colour. He is so very impressive on the move and has a fabulous rolling motion. BOB and RBIS.

2nd Stanegate Cast a Spell. Longer cast than the winner and slightly rounder in eye, she carries a richly coloured coat and a distinctive top knot. Moves freely.

Field Spaniels


1st Heartwood Mishules Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Mature liver and tan with a very grave expression. Well ribbed up, strong quarters and a handsome head with raised brows. Moved OK. RBOB.

Post Grad

1st Repeat


1st Diptonia Gypsy Moth. She has a very pretty head with good chiselling and leanness beneath the eyes, lovely gradual curve to her nasal bone, ears set low. Ribs carried well back, well bent stifles. She had left her coat at home. BOB.

2nd Broomeece Fire Cracker over Mishules. Giving his handler such a hard time as he had his mind on the girls. He is well made and solidly built and has an attractive head.

Sussex Spaniels

Post Grad

1st Prytaneion Lakhesis she has a feminine head with a strong muzzle, frown and well developed nostrils. She is very well boned and moved OK.


1st Ivcar Sweet Charity. Strongly built with a typical head, good ribbing, level from withers to hips. Moved well. RBOB.

2nd Crumbledore Bella Lestrange. I preferred the head of the winner who was more positive in movement but she has a level body, ribs good but could be longer, pleasing head and muzzle.


1st Sh Ch Gainsmill Lilly Luna Potter at Crumbledor. Lovely type with a feminine head and expression, good frown, long neck, good shoulders, strong quarters, well muscled. Lovely temperament. BOB.


Ellen Dobson Memorial Members Veteran Stakes

1st Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Rider, ESS. BVIS. This cracking mover headed a fabulous class. She has the typical racy appearance, great forehand, neat feet and a lovely silky coat.

2nd Sh Ch Ferndel High Fidelity with Tigerrock ShCM Sh CEx, WSS. Typical of his breeding with the ribs and bum that I look for in a Welsh. Just not in as good coat today.

3rd Adormidera Princess Leia, SWD.

AV Minor Puppy

1st Santalina Off and Running WSS. Pleasing head, strongly built and good ribs. Very merry.

2nd Beskerby Flora Finching, Clumber. Very pretty baby of excellent type, moved well.

3rd Calvdale With Respect, ESS.

AV Puppy

1st Rommy De Ubbadat, (Imp Esp), SWD. Promising puppy, handler needs to have more confidence in her. Good type, moved well.

AV Junior

1st Rommy De Ubbadat, (Imp Esp), SWD. Repeat

2nd Cravessa’s Right on the Dot by Adormidera, SWD. Presents a good shape, level back, decent angulation, nothing overdone. What Eyelashes!

3rd Pabiagas Sergio Sinduda.

AV Post Grad

1st H. Mishules Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Repeat

2nd Tigerrock Amazing Grace with Willomeana. Very pretty in head, needs to mature in body, moved OK.

AV Open

1st Chanderhill Eagle Eye Sinduda, SWD. Good head proportions, medium, oval eyes, good angles, moved well.

2nd Sh Ch G. Lilly Luna at C. Repeat.

AV RBOB Stakes

1st Chanangel Yorkshire Gold to Santallina, WSS. Taut well muscled body, good ribs and quarters, love his head.

2nd Chataway Dress Tartan at Duclurus JW ShCex OSW, Cocker. Beautiful black, compact and square, moved like a Cocker should.

3rd Churchill Moser Dog at Mycalleys (Imp) American Cocker.

Segedunum Members Puppy Stakes

1st Elazlan Coronation Day, ESS. Beautiful type, well handled and presented. Showed her socks off.

Marie MacCallum Memorial Members Open Stakes

1st Wahnahnish Superman of Hajacan (Imp Nld), Clumber. All male. Well made head with deep stop, great depth and big ribs. Moved well.

2nd Cassom Sun Dreaming over Colmeir, Cocker. Pleasing head, short body, good ribs and wide quarters.

3rd Wymeswold Verdejo at Greencourt (Imp Ndl), Clumber.