• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Irish Red & White Setter Club Of Great Britain

The Irish Red and White Setter Club of Great Britain

16th July 2023

Judge Christine Morgan

A very warm welcome awaited me at the IRWSC of GB open show. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. My stewards Rita and Karen were excellent but a very special thank you must go to Sue Graves who not only stewarded for me but also took some terrific photos.

It was not a big entry numerically and there were a number of absentees but I’ll take quality over quantity any day and I am very grateful to the exhibitors for their support.

Best in Show was Gardner’s Sh Ch Charnborough Charisma of Danwish JW with RBIS going to her kennel mate Sh Ch Alanea Game Reserve with Danwish. Best Veteran was Green’s Sh Ch Zendarric Heart Shaped Box with Viszaset. There were no puppies present.

Vet Dog

1. Sh Ch Zendarric Heart Shaped Box with Viszaset

What a start to the day; this dog set the standard that all the rest had to measure up to. On the stack he personifies the breed standard; strong and powerful, without lumber; athletic rather than racy. He has a terrific forehand with well laid shoulders, good return of upper arm placing his legs well under his body, strong bone and firm feet. He has ample forechest and plenty of heart and lung room, wide muscular loin and terrifically muscled quarters. He has a typical Red and White head and the most wonderful soft, grave expression. His coat is fine and silky to the touch and has clear solid red patches on a pearl white background. All this is topped off with effortless movement, precise footfall and great tail carriage. He had had a long day and in the challenge he lost his verve so had to settle for Reserve Best Dog and Best Veteran in Show. He’s a fabulous dog.

Grad Dog

1 Coolfin Clancy with Ferngate. I just loved this boy’s head. It is so well balanced and broad in proportion to his body, beautifully domed skull, excellent stop, dark brown eyes, soft expression and well set ears. He has some maturing to do in body and is a tad upright in front but he has depth and spring of rib and carries a strong topline. He is rather proud of his tail on the move but it is sound and effortless. Time is on his side.

2. Simply Red and White Shane. Another well balanced and typical head with clear stop and strong muzzle finishing in a big nose. He was not presented in such good condition and didn’t have such good front movement but his side gait was open and sound.

Limit Dog

1 Roanjora Jacquart with Rokeover. This one surprised me because he is a far better dog to go over than he looks on the stack. He has a masculine head with a fairly square, clean muzzle and such a kind expression in his dark brown eyes. Strong arched neck flows into well laid shoulders, would have liked him a bit more ribbed back but he has a good spring of rib and a strong loin. He is strongly boned but would benefit from tighter feet. His tail set is a tad low but he used it well on the move.

2 Daithi Shadow Dog with Ferngate. Longer and leaner in head than the winner but his expression is wonderful. He is has a reachy neck, good shoulders, wide quarters and is well off for bone. Maturity will come.

Open Dog

1 Sh Ch Alanea Game Reserve with Danwish. He is strong and athletic in appearance but I would have liked him a bit longer in body. He has a well developed and wide, deep chest, well placed elbows, well muscled neck, big ribs and bum, good bend of stifle and excellent second thigh development. His bone is strong and oval with plenty of sinew, slightly sloping pasterns and close knit feet. His head is wonderful and so well balanced without a hint of an occiput. He is striking on the move and uses his tail in a typical lively manner. His coat has a beautifully fine texture complemented with enough feathering. His happy temperament was evident as he moved effortlessly round the ring. Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show.

2 D Ch JWW18 JCH Simply Red and White Runar. Doesn’t have the conformation nor the head of the winner but nevertheless he is well muscled throughout, has good ribbing, strong loin and well bent stifles. Lovely pearl white coat with solid red patches.

Grad Bitch

1 Taxus Rising Spring. I liked this girl very much. She presents a strong yet feminine outline, has plenty of bone and substance and is very athletic in appearance. She has a decent forehand, good ribbing and wide quarters. She has a very pretty head and expression, fairly square muzzle and long, fine ears set well back. She moves very well with a lashing tail.

2 Coolfin Aoife. She is much more blanketed in red and lacks forechest but having said that she has a well muscled body, strong loin and tight feet. Her head is lovely, with round, hazel eyes, chiselling and fairly square clean muzzle. Such a happy mover demonstrating her good natured temperament.

Post Grad Bitch

1 Isleen Shadow Dog at Tatsbro (Imp Pol). She tends to stack bum high but carries a level topline on the move. She has a very pretty head and eye, domed skull with no occipital protuberance. Her front angulation is good but she could have a better turn of stifle and tighter feet. Fine textured and good coloured coat. Easy mover with a great tail action.

2 Eilley Shadow Dog Nineken (Imp Pol). She is a lovely pearl white and has solid red patches in her finely textured coat. Good forechest and decent ribbing, moved very happily and easily.

Open Bitch

Two absolutely gorgeous girls.

1 Sh Ch Charnborough Charisma of Danwish JW. There is no mistaking her make and type as she stands so comfortably on her well boned and sinewy legs with slightly sloping pasterns and close knit feet. Her balance and outstanding quality are a joy to behold. Her head is divine and beautifully chiselled with a good stop and she has a melting, quizzical expression. I love her strong, slightly arched neck and the way it fits so cleanly into her excellent shoulders. She has a well developed forechest, excellent return of upper arm and wide, powerful quarters. Her movement is just fabulous and she is aptly named as she has that ‘look at me’ air about her. I did and so made her Best Bitch and Best in Show.

2 Sh Ch Romaunt Carry on Regardless with Verrami. In an entry where feet were not a strong point this girl’s were the best of the day. She too is beautifully balanced, strong yet feminine, plenty of dog in front, deep chested with a firm topline and a fabulous flare over her hips. Her head is beautiful and typically ‘Red and White Setter’. And she made me laugh. Reserve Best Bitch.