• Show Date: 22/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Christine Clark Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Carlisle & District Canine Society

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Tervueren

G (2 0) 1 Davenport, Hawksflight Dutch Stranger 15 month old male of good type with lovely head and expression. Good planes, dark eyes, scissor bite, ears well placed and used. Nice body shape with good angulation. Moved well with level topline. Nice temperament. Well presented. Best of Breed 2 Hall, Shai Du Pre De La Sommerau At Vonondraste (Imp Fra) 23 month old male with long lean head, lovely expression, scissor bite, would prefer ears higher set. Nice front with good angulation but would prefer a shorter body. Moved ok coming and going. Lovely temperament. Well presented O (4 1) 1 Bycroft, Niavana Odyssey 4 year old female with lovely expression, parallel planes, dark eyes, scissor bite, ears well placed and used. Balanced angulation, moved well. Lovely temperament. Well presented with just enough coat left. 2 Arkley Domburg On My Mind 3 year old male with masculine head, good planes, nice expression, scissor bite. Would prefer body a little shorter. Movement ok but prefer movement of 1). Good temperament. Well presented 3 Donaldson, Fivannte Krystal Raindrops ShCM. Best Veteran in Breed

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois

G (3 1) 1 Davenport, Vegas V D Vaardekenshoeve (Imp Bel) 9 month old male with strong head, scissor bite, ears well used. Good body shape but would prefer more neck. Topline could be better. Moved well. Well presented. Best of Breed & Best Puppy in Breed 2 Grinham, Foryd Captain Soul 9 month old male – still very much a baby and all legs. Lovely head, ears well used, nice dark eyes. Movement a little hard to assess – could maybe use a little more ring training. Lacking in confidence. Well presented. O (1 1)